What We Learned in Legal Marketing in 2022 (And How to Apply it to 2023)

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It’s hard to believe that 2022 is coming to an end. But before the New Year’s celebrations begin, let’s take a look at the trends that dominated legal marketing in 2022 and consider how they can help your law firm in the year ahead. Keep reading for six of last year’s best marketing trends.  

#1 Personalization  

The average consumer is inundated with advertisements each day, so personalization is an effective way to make your law firm stand out among the noise. Tailored marketing enhances a prospects’ experience by customizing their content and communications to match their interests, demographics, and needs. They feel seen and heard, which builds trust in your firm. 

The goal of personalization is to improve the lead experience and drive client conversions. Some examples of legal marketing personalization include:  

  • Using law firm specific Client Relationship Management (CRM) software to quickly collect and analyze lead data 
  • Utilizing social media and website analytics to guide your content 
  • Location-based marketing strategies 
  • Content marketing targeted to specific practice areas 

#2 Social Media Presence 

There is nothing new about social media marketing, with many consumers buying products introduced to them through social media accounts. But the most successful companies employed a variety of platforms in crafting their social media presence 

For example, a LinkedIn presence alone may not be sufficient to reach younger prospects, which may be a target audience for your practice areas. Instead, reaching these potential clients may require the addition of Instagram, or even TikTok, to your firm’s social media marketing efforts.  

As important as your social media presence diversity is content diversity. Not all content is appropriate for all mediums, so steer clear of a cookie cutter approach. Make sure that you are presenting content that fits in with the voice and feel of the platform. For example, Instagram is not the right place to post a case study or an entire webinar. Those types of lengthy content are best suited for a more business-minded platform like Linked In. However, a firm can take a snippet of a webinar or one screenshot from a case study and turn it into an effective IG post.  

#3 Video Content  

The use of video continued to grow in 2022. Studies show a greater ROI on video marketing efforts, which makes it worth the extra effort. But creating quality video content does not have to be difficult or expensive, and here are some tips to incorporate it into your 2023 marketing plan:  

  • Micro videos are short and to the point. Lasting no longer than three minutes, they give firms an opportunity to quickly provide prospects with valuable information packaged into a bite sized presentation that is easy to understand.  
  • Going Live was a big marketing trend in 2022. This simply involves logging into your firm’s social media account and going live for followers to view in real time. As a law office, you must be very vigilant about what is visible and audible during the live to ensure confidentiality, but there are numerous scenarios and activities that law firms can safely stream in a live setting.  
  • The world may have been open for business in 2022, but many people still value the option to attend events virtually or view them later through recorded videos. If your firm is holding an open house, a webinar, or some other public event, be sure to offer a video link.  

#4 Social Responsibility  

In 2022, consumers remained extremely sensitive to the social responsibility taken by the brands they patronize. They wanted to spend their money with firms that demonstrate a commitment to important social causes and will likely continue in the year ahead. In 2023, highlight efforts made by your firm to positively impact the world. Whether that involves pro bono work, firm member volunteering, or environmentally aware policies, let potential clients know what actions your firm is taking for an effective marketing boost.  

#5 Technology and Automation 

Legal technology continued to expand in 2022 offering law firms even more marketing options. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) helps law firms manage their marketing campaigns during every stage of the legal client journey. Its predictive qualities can be used to create more targeted marketing options. It can also be used in the form of a chatbot that interacts with visitors to a firm website.  

CRM also took center stage in 2022. With a variety of features and options, CRM helps law firms nurture leads and communicate with clients to drive satisfaction, growth, and profits.  

#6 Maximized Search Results  

Searches remain the top way that consumers look for legal representation, so here are a few takeaways to keep in mind. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continued its reign as a marketing must-have in 2022, a title that will likely remain in 2023. Firms that consistently used SEO to create value packed marketing content saw higher levels of engagement, lead responsiveness, and ultimate conversions. If extra support is needed with these tasks, there are plenty of SEO experts on the market to fill in the gaps.  

Mobile-based searches also maintained their popularity in 2022. Today, a large percentage of potential legal clients start their searches from a smartphone or other mobile device. So, it’s important to ensure that all your legal marketing content is optimized for mobile viewing.  

Apply these 2022 Legal Marketing Successes for Greater Growth in 2023 

These legal marketing 2022 trends offer a lot of insight into what may work for law firms in 2023. As you look for ways to amplify your firm’s marketing plan, take some tips from what’s been working and make it your own.  



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