Seven Tips to Upgrade your Law Firm’s Social Media Presence

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Social media has increasingly become an acceptable and even necessary aspect of law firm marketing. For years, the legal industry dismissed these platforms as more social than business tools. Yet, as social media continuously evolved, so did its usage among law firms.

But over the last decade, the evolution of social media marketing has moved beyond a LinkedIn profile and a simple Facebook business page. There are numerous options for law firms to use, and a comprehensive marketing plan should include a robust variety of them. If your law firm’s social media presence is not up to par, keep reading for some valuable upgrade tips.

Tip #1 Make Connections

The “social” in social media hints at one of the main benefits of having an online presence. These platforms make it easier to communicate with people and businesses you may have never even known about otherwise. Use these opportunities to identify individuals who can benefit your firm and whom your firm can benefit – then connect with them.

Connections extend the reach of your law firm’s social media presence so that your content is seen by more people and businesses across numerous platforms. At the very least, a simple introduction puts your firm in the sightline of the new connection should they need legal services in the future. Best case scenario, the introduction leads to additional communications and eventual conversion of the connection into a paying client.

Tip #2 Get Visual

Law firms should include visual content within their social media marketing strategies. Consumers are attracted to visual content. An interesting image catches the eye faster than blocks of content, so be sure to always include images with your firm’s social media posts.

To upgrade your visual impact even further, consider incorporating video as well. Short videos are a great way to provide viewers with valuable information in an entertaining format that keeps their attention.

By the way, you don’t have to be a video expert to create eye-catching content. While you may want to use a professional for some of your firm’s videos, you can easily create ongoing video content with a quality smartphone camera.

Tip #3 Recycle Everything

Here is a great tip to make a social media presence easier to maintain… every type of content you use can be recycled, repurposed, and reused. That includes written content, images, and videos. For instance, that blog post you created for your website can be broken down into smaller content and repurposed as numerous tweets, an Instagram image, and a LinkedIn post. With the right social media strategy, one piece of content can go a long way.

Editorial calendars and content cues, like the one offered through Clearview Social, can be extremely useful for recycling content. The right tools make posting simple so that members across the firm can feel empowered to contribute to the social media presence of the firm as a whole.

Tip #4 Center Clients

When making decisions about what content to post as a representation of your firm, keep the interests and concerns of clients in mind. Everything you post should add value to your clients, whether it is legally based or from the perspective of providing insight into your firm. Trade out complicated legal language for content that is easier to read and digest. Remember that you want to effectively demonstrate your firm’s expertise to potential clients, so craft content that consistently meets that need.

Tip #5 Take Advantage of Free Resources

The popularity of social media marketing has resulted in a plethora of free resources and tools online. When upgrading your firm’s online presence, consider some of these tools:

  • Hashtag generators provide trending hashtags based a list of provided keywords.
  • Video editing systems allow firms to create and edit videos for use on a variety of social media platforms.
  • Photo resizing tools help users resize, edit, and accentuate images, which can be extremely useful for repurposing visual content.
  • Google searches can be used to gain insight into your ideal clients for tailored social media content.

Tip #6 Consider Paid Resources as Well

While there are plenty of free social media tools, there are also some very useful paid options that may prove worth the investment for your firm. For instance, Facebook Ads allows your firm to create customized digital marketing campaigns. The tool helps you target specific audiences based on their demographics. With strategic campaigns and budgeting optimization options, your firm can maximize its social media marketing while staying within budgetary limits.

Tip #7 Strategize your SEO

Many attorneys think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) only applies to websites, but a connection also exists between SEO and your social media marketing efforts. When a prospect comes across your firm by placing keywords into a search engine, the firm’s social media profile may also appear in search results.

For example, tweets get indexed by search engines, which means that they may turn up in results. An active social media presence can take your SEO efforts to the next level, especially when keywords are used as hashtags.

It’s Time to Upgrade your Firm’s Social Media Presence

For your law firm to remain relevant and competitive in today’s legal environment, you must maintain a healthy social media presence. And when those efforts pay off, Law Ruler Legal CRM is the software your firm needs to nurture leads and convert them into clients. Click here to schedule a free demo today.


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