Meeting the Unique Goals of Mass Tort Marketing

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Marketing is always a formidable aspect of managing a legal practice, but it can be exponentially more challenging for mass tort law firms. These firms need to reach the maximum number of people who qualify for their relevant claims. Otherwise, they are not able to keep their client roles consistently full.

The mass tort practice area has become competitive over the last decade with many personal injury attorneys adding this specialization to their practice offerings. Therefore, mass tort firms need proactive steps and strategies to maintain effective marketing techniques. Mistakes like targeting the wrong clients or offering insufficient incentives can prove detrimental to the growth and profitability of the practice.

This post will explore some proven marketing techniques for helping mass tort practices attract viable leads and convert them into paying clients.

The Difference Between Marketing for Mass Torts and Personal Injury Claims

Marketing strategies are key to attracting quality mass tort leads. Firms need to combine the right amount of aggression with valuable content in order to stand apart and gain the trust of leads. To their detriment, far too many mass tort firms make the mistake of treating their marketing efforts like those of a personal injury legal practice.

Tort is a broad term for a wrongful act against someone. It could include a physical injury or an infringement on someone’s rights. As such, a personal injury is a more specific subset of a tort. Though the two concepts fall under the same umbrella, they require different marketing techniques.

Personal injury marketing generally involves a broad strategy to reach leads that may have suffered a wide range of injuries for a wide range of possible remedies. These cases require a wide net, which means that personal injury firms are more successful when using general language. For instance, a personal injury marketing campaign may ask a broad question like, “Have you been injured in an automobile accident?”

Mass tort marketing works with a different outcome in mind. Instead of seeking singular clients with specific claims of action, these strategies focus on attracting multiple leads who have experienced similar injuries. Rather than casting a wide net, mass tort firms should be more targeted and specific in their marketing. An example of mass tort marketing content could be “Did you suffer an injury after taking this medication for migraine headaches?”

Types of Mass Tort Marketing

Like other legal practice areas, mass tort law firms may use a variety of marketing techniques to attract and nurture leads. As they seek to reach as many potential leads as possible at the top of the sales funnel, they employ content marketing techniques. Content is crafted with the purpose of educating leads about mass torts, the related legal processes, the firm’s skills, and the potential benefits of participating in a mass tort claim. This stage of the process may include such content as:

● Articles
● Blog Posts
● Video Explainers
● Infographics
● Email Campaigns
● Webinars
● Social Media Posts

Oftentimes, mass tort leads have no idea that they have a potential case. They don’t keep up with product recalls or stay abreast of the tortious acts of businesses. It is the role of the firm to inform them of the case and their potential participation in it.

As leads move through the sales funnel, content becomes more focused on converting them into paying clients. This includes more targeted strategies that provide information specific to the mass tort case. Communications with these leads should be personalized and sent with consideration to proper timing.

Mass tort cases can be time-consuming. It can take months and even years to conclude one matter. Therefore, it is extremely important for law firms to convert leads into clients as quickly as possible. Delays may result in the client joining the case through another law firm or deciding not to pursue compensation for their injury at all. Targeted email campaigns, newsletters, case studies, and consultations are all viable marketing options for moving leads to conversion.

The Right Legal Technology for Mass Tort Marketing

An effective mass tort marketing campaign requires the right legal tools. Mass tort law firms can be extremely busy, so they need systems in place to streamline these processes. Legal client relationship management (CRM) is a viable tool for meeting this goal. It includes features to help firms automate their marketing processes and consistently manage lead communications with minimal effort from firm members. An organized client intake process is also part of law firm CRM, along with value-packed data analytics.

Law Ruler CRM software offers features that mass tort law firms can use to meet their unique marketing needs. For instance, some mass tort law firms use call centers to quickly reach a wide range of potential leads. Some of these centers use Law Ruler as a vehicle for following up and communicating with potential leads. With features like a built-in softphone, text messaging, and automated follow-ups, Law Ruler helps mass tort law firms master their marketing needs.


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