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Law Ruler combines powerful intake and practice management features to keep you more organized, more efficient, and more profitable!


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What our clients say about Law Ruler:

Potts Law Firm (Nationwide)

Dangerous Drugs, Defective Products, Personal Injury

“Law Ruler has increased our capacity to intake new clients 5 times over. Their support is top notch and they will go above and beyond for you and your company. Through their fast response and highly professional project managers, Law Ruler gets the job done.”

Davtyan Law (Los Angeles, CA)

Employment Law

“Law Ruler software has transformed my practice by automating a lot of the human processes which are prone to error. Text message capability has tremendously increased client and potential client contacts. Follow-ups through automated campaigns have saved us a ton of time which we can spend on other aspects of our business to grow better. Law Ruler developers constantly listen to their users, periodically issue code updates to make improvements. But most importantly, the software help desk is extremely responsive to all issues usually resolved within hours or within 1 business day, depending on the urgency of the matter. Overall, I highly recommend the product.”

Hickey Law Firm, P.A. (Miami, FL)

Personal Injury, Maritime Law

“LAW RULER IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY LAW FIRM. We are a personal injury firm with a significant amount of leads. We needed a program that could help us keep track of our leads in order to provide the best service possible. Ever since we started using Law Ruler our law firm has been more efficient than ever before. We no longer have to worry about any leads slipping through the cracks because with Law Ruler we have an implemented system that allows us to keep track of our leads and follow up on a timely basis.”

Salter Ferguson (Alabama)

Personal Injury / Mass Tort

“Law Ruler Rocks! Pros: Automated emails and texts to clients. Depending on client status, automated contract, intake forms and medical release sent to clients. Auto alert when forms are completed and returned. We are VERY pleased with Law Ruler and highly recommend this system to law firms who desire automation, organization and maximizing client contacts.”

Robert J. DeBry & Associates (Utah)

Personal Injury

“Finally something to fully automate the new client intake process. Pros: Streamlined approach to new intakes, fast client interviews and on the spot contract delivery. Call recording and Complete marketing source tracking. At a glace status on client contracts in process and who the process owner is which equates to full team accountability. Technical support is fast and knowledgeable, we have not had a technical question or issue that has not been immediately answered or resolved.”

The Sampair Group, LLC (Arizona, Statewide)

Family Law, Custody, Divorce

“Great Software, Even Greater Support!!! The Law Ruler software beats our old software hands down. It is so much easier to use then our old software and at a fraction of the cost. We really like the fact that we can now see where each client comes from and now have a much better idea of how they got here. The Support has been awesome, even outside of the promised support hours.”

“Prior to Law Ruler, leads were always a complete mess…. attempts to track a lead’s status was only as good as the employee inputting the information. Human error was rampant and cost my firm a fortune. Taking the human element out of 90% of the lead process has resulted in a better customer experience, better close ratios, and a better return on investment. We can now, with great accuracy, handle far more volume than we could before. I am very pleased with the software. Dan and his team have been fantastic to deal with and are very responsive whenever we had an issue.”

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All-in-One solution

Manage Your Firm From Intake to Settlement

You need Legal Case Management Software and Legal CRM in one system. No more double data entry for your staff. Combine Law Ruler's legal case management software with our legal CRM features to have a competitive advantage. Because, before Law Ruler, law firms had to purchase separate case management and legal CRM systems. Now, with Law Ruler, you can do it all in one solution. Thus, your firm will be ready to grow. Finally, use our data-driven approach with a click to call dialer and the very best in reporting to increase profits.

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