Automated Emails & Texts With Law Ruler’s Legal Marketing Software

Take your law firm marketing to the next level through email and text message marketing automation. Start streamlining your operations today!

Legal Marketing Software Features

Keep in touch with clients and simplify your outreach efforts with automated marketing. From automated email drip campaigns and text message marketing to automated workflows, legal CRMs help law firms improve their marketing techniques and results. With robust data analytics, law firms can identify and iterate their ideal marketing strategy for better results and improved client relationships.

Automated Email Drip Campaigns

Heat up your leads by staying top-of-mind. Send prospective clients personalized emails tailored to their needs. Email drip campaigns are an effective content creation and content marketing tool to introduce your team to qualified prospects. Email marketing helps demonstrate to potential clients that your law firm has the expertise they need.

Your prospective clients will be guided along the path to engage, and nurture them into successful clients.

Text Message Marketing

98% of text messages are read by clients and prospects. Keep in touch by sending targeted texts, emails, pictures, and videos.

Create automated SMS messages to communicate with law firm clients for:

  • Follow-ups
  • Consultation information
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Court date reminders
  • Trust fund replenish requests
  • eSignature requests

This key communication tool is built directly into Law Ruler, meaning texts can be read and sent right from your computer by multiple users.


Voice Calling Campaigns

Send pre-recorded voice messages with built-in call tracking and recording to further your marketing efforts or automate your follow-ups, freeing up much-needed time. Utilize automation tools to send appointment reminders and other updates with minimal effort.

Automated Workflows

Streamline your processes by applying workflows that manage your leads and prospects through your pipeline. Know the status of all contacts at a glance. Stop painstakingly tracking every law firm client and keep your entire marketing team on the same page. Reduce redundant administrative work during client intake.

Bring In New Leads with the Right Software

In addition to email and text message marketing, our CRM features an automated click-to-call dialer and call center features. Follow-up calls are one of the most crucial aspects of acquiring new clients — so free up some of your valuable time by automating the process. Our reporting and analytics dashboard allows you to track and timestamp inbound and outbound calls so you can further optimize your marketing strategy.

Why Use Automated Emails & Texts For Your Law Firm?

When it comes to client interactions for law firms, time is often of the essence. Legal services are typically time-sensitive, and it’s imperative to keep contacts up-to-date on upcoming appointments or outstanding documents. Use automated texts and the right email marketing software to stay in touch with clients, and even generate leads.

Law firms can use email marketing software and texts to:


Send important reminders


Keep current clients engaged


Re-engage previous clients or clients who failed to convert


Build your firm’s reputation by sharing news, blog posts, interviews, and other content


Request reviews following completed legal matters

Legal Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

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Should your CRM include SMS messaging? What about email marketing?

Yes to both. Your CRM should allow you to send and receive texts, emails, pictures, and videos. Need accident photos? Copies of prescription bottles or workplace injuries? Streamline those communications with the right tools for your team.

Moreover, every client has their own preferences. Today, many individuals communicate primarily via text and SMS messaging. Law firms that use marketing automation platforms should be able to communicate with clients based on each individual’s preferences. Legal CRM software should absolutely include SMS messaging to provide this option for law firms.

How do I use SMS and email marketing automation to sign more cases today?

Most prospects fall into a few different categories and understanding the profile of each potential client is the key to winning them over to your firm. There are “window shoppers” who are afraid of commitment, “fence-sitters” who struggle with deciding to hire a lawyer, and, the worst kind, the “ghosts” who disappear after they contact your firm for the first time.

SMS and email marketing software are essential tools to keep your firm’s brand top of mind and demonstrate expertise while prospects are in this decision phase.

Why is marketing outreach so time-sensitive? Are automated responses really necessary?

When it comes to first contact, your law firm is 100 times more likely to connect with a lead within five minutes after the first point of contact. Ideally, your email marketing software should function independently with minimal oversight, so your law firm can focus on what it does best—practicing law. That’s where having the marketing platform can make all the difference.

Marketing automation tools make it possible to define your audience, create triggers, and customize drip campaign options with ease to attract more clients. Unlike generic CRMs and other solutions, our multifaceted legal CRM includes all of the features you need to manage email marketing drip campaigns in one easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

What do all of these types of potential clients have in common?

Potential clients can require a minimum of 5-7 follow-ups to be receptive to hiring a lawyer. Using the tools available means automating much of these follow-ups, allowing your firm to market at scale and accelerate growth.

Furthermore, time is an important factor in many potential clients’ decisions. The best email marketing software and CRMs enable firms to follow up with qualified leads immediately. This way, even smaller law firms can stay on top of potential client outreach and follow-ups to generate more business. Legal CRMs can also assist with contact management and separate qualified leads from clients who may not be the right fit for your lawyers at the time.

How is it possible to manage A LOT more follow-ups with less time?

When you automate follow-ups and templates, you win. SMS and email marketing automation allow a larger volume of touches with your leads. You can automate communications in a way that looks like you wrote a personal email or text.

You do less work following up, and you get more cases.

A law firm can tailor and customize email marketing campaigns and SMS messaging to address common FAQs about services or topics. Teams can drag and drop clients into multiple email marketing campaigns, ensuring that clients stay up-to-date with any information they need to know. Future campaigns can be planned out well in advance, so when the time is right, all you need to press is click to send.

How can small firms without a dedicated marketing team benefit from marketing software?

A small business or mid-sized law firm may not have the capacity for a dedicated marketing team or sales team. For smaller firms, email marketing software and the right practice management software can augment your team’s efforts for improved efficiency and close the gap between your marketing goals and your team’s limited bandwidth.

For example, marketing automation can decrease the time you need to spend on marketing while delivering optimal results. Robust analytics can help you identify which practice areas and clients deliver the most ROI for your practice. Moreover, with intelligent client intake forms, you can reduce the staff time required to run the intake process for expert results without the budget for a sales team or legal marketing experts.

Why is Law Ruler better than email software (or SaaS email services)?

A complete audit trail of all client communications is a smart play for anyone, especially attorneys. Every communication is recorded, including messages sent and received via SMS or email. Additionally, your lawyers can see every client interaction, increasing efficiency in serving clients and letting your entire staff collaborate with transparency.

Because our email marketing solutions integrate with a powerful CRM platform, your team experiences a seamless integration that facilitates deeper and more accurate data analysis and KPI integration. A robust platform means more efficiency on your part, with even better results.

How does data analysis benefit a marketing strategy?

Dashboard Analytics allows you to track key performance indicators like click-through rates, conversion rates, and average time to conversion.

We make it as easy as possible. You can even schedule recurring reports, eliminating the need to be a constant campaign monitor. With data analysis, your firm can assess the efficacy of your current automated marketing campaign and make adjustments as needed. It can also highlight which individuals are converting at the highest rates and for what practice areas. This information lets you focus on audiences and areas with the highest ROI, so you can save time and keep converting leads.

Does the legal CRM integrate with other tools?

Yes! Our platform integrates with dozens of legal vendor tools to make sure you’re not entering data twice and you stay lean and efficient.

We integrate with top legal industry tools, including but not limited to:

  • TimeSolv by profitsolv
  • CosmoLex by profitsolv
  • RocketMatter by profitsolv
  • HelloSign
  • Smith.Ai 24/7 virtual receptionists
  • ApexChat
  • Gmail
  • Zapier
  • Twilio
  • Office 365
  • Clixsy
  • Mailgun email automation
  • CallRail
  • Scorpion internet marketing
  • Ngage
  • Mass Tort Nexus
  • LeadRival
  • MTVA Member
  • XSocialMedia
  • Case Legal Media
  • Intake Desk
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Alert Communications
  • The Sentinel Group
  • Trivent Legal
  • Nolo
  • Newman Settlement Services Group
  • American Law Firm Capital
  • National Record Retrieval
  • Case Acquisition Efforts
  • LS5

CRM integration can help streamline processes, improve customer service, and boost revenues. It can also help in identifying potential clients. CRM integration is one of the best ways to improve workflow and increase productivity.

What if I don’t see an integration option for the platforms we use at our firm?

Don’t see an integration you’d like? Ask us! Contact our support team with any questions.

Is text messaging covered under attorney-client privilege?

All communications with your attorney are privileged, and yes, that includes text messages!

That said, this only applies if your client has retained you as their attorney. Emails and text messages are written records that could exist forever, so it’s important to remember that if they are only a potential client, text messages are not privileged.

What do I need to know about ethics in emails and texts at my law firm?

With email marketing and SMS messages, it’s important to keep ethics in mind.

Per the American Bar Association, client communication must be protected, and that includes electronic communications. Law firms should make “reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.” (ABA)

Assuming your firm employs proper security to protect your clients’ information, texts and emails can help keep your clients informed, which is an ethical obligation under the ABA.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Our experienced support team guides each client through the implementation process. We’ll help you integrate with your website, migrate from your previous software, and customize automation tools to fit your firm’s workflows.

We also provide your team with comprehensive training to ensure you feel fully comfortable with the software before starting.

What kind of technical support do you offer?

LawRuler offers 24/7 live chat support for all of our clients.

Our platform also provides detailed user manuals and support articles available 24/7 for common troubleshooting questions. Additionally, we offer many guides in our resource library to assist with everything from email templates and marketing strategies to client intake how-tos and strategies to build constant contact for potential clients and ongoing relationships.

Marketing strategies can be overwhelming—where’s a good place to start?

We are dedicated to providing legal professionals with the latest educational resources for growing and managing their law practice. From blogs and guides to on-demand webinars, our Resource Library provides insightful tools for gaining clients and building a profitable law practice.

Our resource library offers dozens of guides to break down common concepts related to email marketing platforms, growing your firm through marketing, client intake strategies, data analysis, referral marketing, and marketing automation. Don’t let jargon like “email marketing solutions” or “drip campaigns” scare you away—we break it down so you can confidently plan and execute strategies.

I work for a small law firm. Can we afford a comprehensive CRM software?

Yes. As a fully-featured law firm CRM with both legal case management software and intake software features, we accommodate the needs of firms small, medium, and large. We offer affordable pricing for every type of law practice, including small businesses. Start with only what you need and grow with us.

Learn more about our pricing here.

Do your marketing automation solutions work with different legal specialties?

Yes. Our clients span a wide sector of law specialties, including but not limited to:

  • Personal injury law
  • Criminal defense law
  • Consumer protection law
  • Mass tort law
  • Business law
  • Social Security Disability law
  • Immigration law
  • Employment law

Have questions? Just ask. Our live chat agents are available on our website 24/7.

What does “CRM” stand for, and what is a Legal CRM?

CRM stands for client relationship management or customer relationship management. As the name suggests, the best law firm CRM tools will drive your firm’s growth by fostering better relationships with leads, new clients, and existing clients.

Client relationships are the center of your practice, and a law firm CRM solution is one of the most crucial tools at your law firm’s disposal. It functions as a centralized database that tracks information about clients & prospects, making mundane yet significant administrative tasks much easier to handle, including:

  • Client intake
  • Client communications
  • Contact management
  • Document management
  • Lead management & tracking
  • Scheduling & follow-up
  • Revenue tracking

There are many CRMs on the market, but few that cater specifically to your needs as a legal practice. Our contact management, client intake, and digital marketing automation tools are all fine-tuned to serve the unique needs of law firms better than any other CRM available, all featuring an intuitive user interface.

What Clients are Saying About Law Ruler

We are two months into our “Law Ruler Revolution” and my firm is transforming before my eyes. The immediate impact is higher lead capture through automation.

Adam Smallow

Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow

I come out looking like a rock star, so I love Law Ruler…What we liked so much about Law Ruler was it eliminated a lot of data entry errors and user errors. It really streamlined the time for the intake and offers marketing, and retention of clients. All of these things are in one place. It is your one-stop-shop for all of the things that we previously did on 10 different forums.
Samantha Stone

Supervising Paralegal, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP

Law Ruler has been instrumental in capturing ALL Leads and helping us drill down on which marketing efforts REALLY work!

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert

Founder/Owner, Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group - Gore LLC