Boost Your Law Firm’s Productivity with Legal AI Software

AI is changing the way we work. Get ahead of the curve (and a leg up on the competition) with AI tools that enable your firm to increase efficiency and client satisfaction while saving on administrative costs.

With Law Ruler’s new ChatGPT integration and AI Email Assistant feature, law firms can streamline marketing and communication tasks. The outcome: better results in less time.

AI is going to transform law firms, making them more profitable and efficient virtually overnight.

– Colin Walsh, GM & SVP of Law Ruler

Expand Your Law Firm’s CRM with Law Ruler’s ChatGPT Integration

Leverage AI to summarize data, create templates, and create shortcuts for tedious tasks like drafting emails.

With Law Ruler’s ChatGPT integration, law firms can:

Expand Your Law Firm’s CRM with Law Ruler’s ChatGPT Integration
Convert More Clients in Less Time<br />

Convert More Clients in Less Time

AI has the power to accelerate ROI at every stage of the client journey, especially the conversion from lead to client.

Use AI to optimize your SEO to reach a wider audience and attract more qualified leads.

Law Ruler’s AI integration can help your firm attract more leads via:

Draft Emails in Seconds with Law Ruler’s Email Assist AI

Gone are the days of tedious first drafts and hours spent on email composition. With the Email Assist AI feature, leverage AI to create your rough drafts faster than ever before and eliminate writer’s block for good.

Draft communications in seconds, including:

Boost Your Law Firm’s Productivity with Industry-Leading AI Tools
The Power of AI Delivered With Industry-Leading Security<br />

The Power of AI Delivered With Industry-Leading Security

Law firm and client confidentiality is paramount. AI and ChatGPT are fully integrated on Law Ruler’s API for a safer way to access the advantages of AI for your law firm.

With our API, ChatGPT cannot access and “learn from” your data. Your sensitive client information is protected using the latest cybersecurity best practices. This helps you maintain compliance, preserve privilege, and fulfill your duty to clients.

Get the Most Out of Your Marketing with AI-Powered Legal CRM

Ready to step into the future of communications with Law Ruler?

Schedule a demo today to see how our AI and ChatGPT integrations integrate seamlessly with our legal CRM to streamline workflows, boost lead conversions, build relationships, and grow your firm.

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We are two months into our “Law Ruler Revolution” and my firm is transforming before my eyes. The immediate impact is higher lead capture through automation.

– Adam Smallow, Managing Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions About Law Ruler + AI

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What are examples of use cases for Law Ruler’s ChatGPT integration?

ChatGPT is an easy-to-use generative AI model built with a conversational format. Firms can leverage ChatGPT through LawRuler’s secure API to create an endless amount of content to meet your firm’s goals.

Sample prompts include:

  • Draft a reply that is less than 200 words or less to this customer email: “PASTE EMAIL HERE”
  • Write a social media post of 50 words or less about why you should hire my firm as your personal injury legal counsel
  • Regenerate your reply but make it shorter
  • Regenerate your reply but make it more casual
  • Can you provide a summary of the legal implications of [specific business decision or action]?
  • What are the best practices for drafting [specific legal document]?
  • What are the key provisions of [specific law or regulation] we need to be aware of?
  • What are the potential risks and liabilities associated with [specific legal issue]?
  • Can you provide guidance on how to handle [specific legal situation or scenario]?
  • Can you help me prepare for the upcoming [specific legal event or proceeding]?
  • What are the potential consequences of [specific legal action or decision] for our clients?

Why is it helpful for a legal CRM to have AI and ChatGPT integrations?

Law Ruler’s legal CRM is already designed to streamline the way you track and communicate with your clients, through features like email drip campaigns, automated follow ups, document automation, and dashboard analytics. These tools save you time, eliminate pain points, and enhance client relationships. 


AI and ChatGPT integrations take this one step further by empowering legal professionals with advanced automation and efficient client communication. These technologies streamline various processes, reduce manual efforts, and drive better decision-making.  


As a result, law firms can experience increased productivity and profitability and greater client satisfaction by executing high-quality work in less time. Legal staff have more time to dedicate to client matters and billable hours, while clients continue to feel seen and heard through personalized communications.  

What advantages do Law Ruler’s AI integrations offer law firms?

Law Ruler’s AI integrations enable law firms to connect with more clients in less time. Time-sensitive responses are critical to growing your law firm.  

Your law firm is 100 times more likely to connect with a lead within five minutes of the first point of contact. Ideally, your communications and marketing software should be set up to function independently with minimal oversight, so your law firm can focus on what it does best—practicing law. A marketing platform with AI integrations can make this possible. 

Automation tools like the ChatGPT integration provide customizable drip campaign options to define, target, and attract your ideal clients. Unlike generic CRMs, a legal CRM with ChatGPT integration includes the tools you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level, all in one easy-to-use platform. 

How does AI make a legal CRM even more effective?

With AI integration, such as Law Ruler’s AI Email Assistant feature, law firms can use the most powerful aspects of legal CRM more efficiently than ever before.  

The AI Email Assistant allows you to create automated drip campaigns in minutes, potentially saving you hours each month. Create custom emails tailored to every event, holiday, campaign, and step of client intake to build and maintain stronger relationships. 

Communication is critical for a law firm’s success, but legal staff rarely have enough time to stay on top of calls and correspondence with every single client without working overtime. With the AI Email Assistant feature and ChatGPT integration, law firms can draft messages in seconds and add their law firm’s unique voice and brand. The result is tailored communications in less time.  

Are Law Ruler’s AI integrations priced separately from their tiered services?

No, all paid tiers will be able to enjoy our integrated AI ChatGPT features. 

Are there use limits for the ChatGPT integration?

Similar to ChatGPT v4’s limits, there will be hourly rate limits per company for this feature. Currently, this is 80 messages per hour, per user (subject to change). 

Does Law Ruler’s ChatGPT integration save responses to go back to review?

The ChatGPT integration saves the history for the last 30 messages. You can review your history or clear your entire conversation at any time. 

Who can view my conversations?

The AI feature within legal CRM leverages the OpenAI API, which offers more data privacy than using ChatGPT directly. Legal professionals who go directly to ChatGPT and enter sensitive information will have less data privacy than with our use case via API.  

Unlike unlicensed ChatGPT, OpenAI does not use data submitted by customers via their API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering. 

Where do you save my personal and conversation data?

OpenAI retains API data for 30 days for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes. A limited number of authorized OpenAI employees, as well as specialized third-party contractors that are subject to confidentiality and security obligations, can access this data solely for the purposes of investigating suspected abuse.  

Do documents upload directly to ChatGPT?

Documents are uploaded directly to Law Ruler’s Legal CRM. However, to analyze and provide a response for each document, they are passed through the OpenAI API, so they may be subject to the security policies and disclosures referenced above. 

What types of documents can be uploaded?

Users can upload PDF, .doc, and JPEG files to inform their requests in LawRuler’s AI integrations and generate more accurate responses.  

Once enabled, can I disable the feature?

Yes. It is easy to enable and disable LawRuler’s AI integration. To disable the feature, have an admin user go to setup > global settings and toggle off the AI assist option.