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Why use Law Ruler’s ChatGPT integration?

Reduce the mental load of legal work by leveraging AI to summarize data, create templates, and create shortcuts for tedious tasks like drafting emails. You can increase your team’s work effectiveness and efficiency by empowering it with the latest AI tools right within the tech solutions you already rely on for day-to-day law firm operations.

Every hour your law firm spends on non-billable tasks is an hour that could have been spent advancing your profitability. With the ChatGPT integration offered by Law Ruler’s robust legal client relationship management software, your staff can get more done, compose draft responses to important legal questions in minutes, and effortlessly find the answers they need when they are facing tight deadlines.

How can I use ChatGPT as part of law firm operations?

You can use the ChatGPT integration in a client relationship management solution like Law Ruler to get answers to questions (always fact-check the output!) and compose first drafts of social media posts and emails to clients. Leverage ChatGPT to create rough drafts of legal documents, which you can then review and edit for accuracy and tone.

These functions can certainly bolster your firm’s productivity, but they are only the beginning. Just as AI is quickly improving, the software solutions that legal professionals rely on are being adapted and improved at a steady pace to help firms modernize their workflow.

Law Ruler’s ChatGPT integration is an example of these exciting advances. We are continuously working on more robust features that will allow users to generate insights from the business intelligence they gather with the latest legal practice management tools.


Is my law firm’s data safe when I use ChatGPT in Law Ruler?

Yes, you can rest assured that when you use the ChatGPT integration in Law Ruler, you’re using a premium version of the tool that’s more secure than the ChatGPT interface freely available to the public from OpenAI. Law Ruler’s ChatGPT API protects your data and doesn’t allow the model to access and “learn” from it.

Your sensitive client information, including Social Security numbers, is safe with our API, which uses the latest cybersecurity best practices. This helps you maintain compliance, preserve your firm’s reputation, and fulfill your duty to your clients.

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