Personal Injury Law Firm Software

For personal injury attorneys, effective client communication is critical—both current and prospective clients are dealing with challenging times. They deserve proactive legal services, responsive communication, and peace of mind.

Keeping up with clients in a competitive practice area with high intake volume and case turnover can be challenging, but LawRuler’s legal client relationship management (CRM) software keeps law firms organized and running smoothly without extra work.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Law Firms


Solidify client relationships and simplify intake

With LawRuler’s legal-specific CRM software, personal injury firms gain a competitive advantage with optimized client intake, increased efficiency, and more space in the day for billable hours involving high-value client work.


Prioritize calls and save time with a built-in softphone

With Law Ruler’s built-in, click-to-call softphone, you can automate your lead communication and increase the likelihood of connecting with prospects. You’ll be provided with a complete audit trail and recordings of all call activity to ensure that you don’t have to spend extra time tracking calls.


Optimize your client intake pipeline with intelligent intake forms and automated data entry

Use Law Ruler’s customizable intake forms and automated data entry to monitor the status of every contact and stay up to date with where they are in the intake process, right down to the moment they’re ready to close.


Acquire leads, manage relationships, and retain prospects

Take your client intake to the next level. With Law Ruler’s legal-specific software, you can attract and retain new clients with less work—while still delivering an excellent intake experience.


Build customized online forms in minutes

With the right legal client intake software, you can build intuitive, mobile-friendly intake forms with unique fields and customized branding. This conveys a professional image to prospective clients and makes the intake process easy when they decide to move forward


Reduce redundancy and increase efficiency with automation

Automating data entry can improve your firm’s efficiency by handling tedious form processing, eliminating the potential for redundant data entry, and reducing human error.


Enhance your marketing outreach with automation

Marketing outreach is a critical component of your firm’s success. Using marketing automation software gives law firms an advantage by streamlining marketing communications.


Increase visibility with automated email drip campaigns

With the right legal marketing automation software, you can keep your firm top-of-mind among prospective clients by sending them personalized, automated emails.

Level up your marketing strategy with text message marketing

Send and receive texts, emails, photos, and videos from any device. Text message marketing gives you flexibility in how you communicate with leads and prospective clients.

What Clients are Saying About Law Ruler

We are two months into our “Law Ruler Revolution” and my firm is transforming before my eyes. The immediate impact is higher lead capture through automation.

Adam Smallow

Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow

I come out looking like a rock star, so I love Law Ruler…What we liked so much about Law Ruler was it eliminated a lot of data entry errors and user errors. It really streamlined the time for the intake and offers marketing, and retention of clients. All of these things are in one place. It is your one-stop-shop for all of the things that we previously did on 10 different forums.
Samantha Stone

Supervising Paralegal, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP

Law Ruler has been instrumental in capturing ALL Leads and helping us drill down on which marketing efforts REALLY work!

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert

Founder/Owner, Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group - Gore LLC

Deliver Results for your Personal Injury Law Firm with Law Ruler

Law Ruler’s legal CRM and marketing automation features allow you to focus on the right communications at the right time. Schedule a demo and learn how to optimize your marketing campaigns today.

Personal Injury Law Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a legal CRM?

CRM stands for client relationship software or customer relationship management. While many law firms use generic CRM software, a legal-specific CRM can drive a personal injury law firm’s growth by fostering better relationships with leads, new clients, and long-term clients.

Your clients are the key to your firm’s success, and a legal CRM is one of the most powerful tools you have for managing client relations. It functions as a database that tracks information about prospects and clients, making tedious but essential administrative tasks much easier to deal with.

A great legal CRM will help you improve:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead management and tracking
  • Client management
  • Client communications
  • Client intake
  • Project management
  • Revenue tracking
  • Scheduling and follow-up
  • Document management

In personal injury law, optimizing these activities with personal injury law software will help your law firm stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of generic options out there for businesses of all types, but few of them were designed with the specific needs of law firms in mind. Law Ruler’s legal CRM, intake software, and digital marketing tools are a comprehensive solution that caters to the unique demands of the legal profession.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of technology and software to streamline and automate marketing tasks and processes. For personal injury attorneys, a great marketing automation solution helps execute marketing campaigns, nurture leads, and improve client engagement, all while reducing the time personal injury attorneys spend on these tasks.

Some key benefits of marketing automation through personal injury software are:

  • Improved lead generation and conversion rates
  • Enhanced client engagement
  • Personalized communication
  • Less time spent on repetitive administrative tasks
  • Efficient tracking and management of client relationships

When choosing a marketing automation solution for your personal injury law firm, it’s crucial to go with a solution that’s designed to meet your specific needs as a personal injury attorney. Law Ruler’s legal practice management software is designed for law firms of any size and caters to professionals in any practice area.

Why is marketing automation so important for personal injury litigation?

Personal injury law firms typically have a large volume of cases in various stages of intake, settlement negotiations, or litigation. It’s a busy and fast-paced practice area, which means that the tools you use should help move matters along without requiring more effort from your team.

CRM automation via personal injury software helps reduce the time personal injury lawyers spend on hands-on, tedious data entry tasks using a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as document generation.

This frees up your team to spend more time on the litigation process while nurturing leads, communicating with prospects, and converting qualified leads.

Why does a personal injury law firm need client intake software?

Client intake software can be a game changer for any personal injury practice that’s looking to take on new clients, increase efficiency, and make sure they’re attracting qualified leads for conversion. Here are a few ways intake software can help your firm and personal injury lawyers.

Less time spent on client intake

The intake process can be time-consuming, and sometimes you discover that a lead isn’t the right fit for your firm after days or even weeks of contact and follow-ups. Personal injury law firms don’t have that kind of time to lose.

The right client intake solution should provide smart intake forms that allow you to pre-screen your personal injury clients as they answer questions in the contact form. These forms can adapt your follow-up questions based on responses, freeing you from administrative work.

If a lead answers questions that indicate they’re not a good fit, you can automatically send a personalized message from your firm or refer them to a colleague who can help them.

On the other hand, if a potential client is a strong fit for your firm, the best case management software, like Law Ruler’s CRM, also streamlines the client intake process to build a strong initial relationship and move through the onboarding process quickly to sign with a personal injury attorney.

Great client experiences

Using top-notch client intake software gives your clients a great impression of your firm from the first point of contact by providing automatic responses immediately. You can send intake forms, schedule appointments, and start cultivating relationships without feeling strapped for time. For busy personal injury lawyers, this is a must-have.

What is included in client intake software?

Law Ruler’s CRM empowers personal injury law firms with logic-based client intake software. Client intake software is designed to help your law firm acquire qualified personal injury cases and manage relationships without losing billable hours or adding headaches to your workflow.

Logic-based intake forms

A key component of client intake is custom forms, like a logic-based intake form—one that adapts to each client to present them with the questions most relevant to their legal needs.

Law Ruler’s form builder allows personal injury attorneys to build custom interest forms tailored to your firm. Based on the answers leads provide and your input, the logic-based intake form can quickly eliminate cases that are outside of your practice area, saving your firm time.

Automated data entry

A legal CRM’s intake form automatically gathers client data via the client intake form. The personal injury software then directly imports this information into your CRM and other case management software. This reduces the risk of human error and saves your firm significant time on data entry.

Document automation

With custom document templates and online editors, law practice management software makes document assembly easier for everyone involved. Personal injury attorneys and legal professionals can access documents and assemble files by importing client demographics directly from the CRM case management software, which saves time and avoids human error in document assembly.

One-click eSignature

It can take a lot of back and forth to get handwritten signatures from personal injury clients on every required document. Luckily, Law Ruler’s personal injury software features one-click email signatures to instantly secure legally binding client signatures via email or text message.

How does client intake software provide a better client experience?

Potential personal injury clients are often in a state of duress and need legal counsel as quickly as possible. Client intake software and practice management software streamline onboarding new clients with immediate follow-ups and mobile-friendly client intake forms.

More time to focus on high-value tasks

A law firm’s bread and butter is the billable hour, but many attorneys often miss out on billable hours because they’re stuck doing time-consuming administrative tasks like document assembly, sending and receiving contracts, sifting through multiple claims from potential leads, and chasing down clients for signatures.

With client intake software tools, you can use data records to automatically input information about your client’s case in custom document templates. This drastically reduces the time you’ll spend behind a screen entering data and frees you up to focus on client-facing work.

How does case management software help manage ongoing client relationships?

When attorneys get back non-billable hours previously spent on marketing and client outreach through practice management software, they can devote more time to advising clients and supporting personal injury clients and personal injury cases. But in addition to the time saved, a personal injury software suite like Law Ruler’s CRM also features tools that your law practice can use to strengthen client relationships and keep your firm top of mind, such as automated email drip campaigns, text message marketing, and robust data analytics.

Automated email drip campaigns

Utilize repetitive task automation with automated email drip campaigns. A feature of case management software, automated email drip campaigns are a series of emails and communication tools that your firm pre-writes, which can later be personalized to the recipient and used to move potential personal injury clients through the sales funnel or remind current clients to do certain tasks like leave reviews or schedule follow-up appointments for their personal injury case.

Text message marketing

Text message marketing is a feature in your practice management software that allows legal staff to create automated SMS messages and send them right from their computer to multiple users for personal injury cases. These messages can be used to follow up with clients on:

  • Consultation information
  • Appointment confirmations
  • eSignature requests
  • Court date reminders
  • Trust fund replenishment request

Best of all, the communications are built directly into your personal injury software, so everything you need stays all in one place.

Robust data analytics

Combine data with your practice management software to improve your practice’s task management and marketing efforts through a personal injury software suite.


With our personal injury case management software, legal practices can build custom reports regarding their personal injury cases in seconds and schedule recurring reports for regular review to monitor your firm’s KPIs. You can track productivity and case metrics to guide your firm’s strategic marketing decisions over time.

Firms can use data analytics within the personal injury software suite to evaluate marketing and client outreach efforts.

For example, you can review how leads find your practice and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly within your case management software. Are most of your qualified leads coming to you for medical malpractice or issues with medical providers? Consider adjusting your marketing to focus on relevant concerns as you continue to iterate strategy based on the data from your personal injury case management software.

What are some marketing KPIs that a personal injury law firm should track?

Whether you’re a solo practice or a large law firm, KPIs and injury law software are critical to growth. A legal CRM’s data analytics and tools can help your firm track tasks and monitor KPIs to pivot or adjust strategies as needed to achieve your goals. These KPIs for personal injury case management include:

  • Leads: how many new leads do you get per month? How many of these leads convert into clients? How many of these leads are qualified leads?
  • Acquisition costs: how much are you spending on advertising, promotions, and marketing campaigns? How much are you spending for each new client acquisition?
  • Revenue: Which marketing efforts have increased revenue? Which marketing efforts have the best ROI, and which ones should you swap out?
  • Website conversion rate: How many people visit your website, and what is the ratio of website visits to leads who fill out an interest form? Which pages do people spend the most time on? This can help determine what content brings in the most leads, and where you should develop your website further.
  • Response time: How long does it take for your company to respond to a lead’s first contact? Leads often go with the first law firm that responds to their inquiry, so timely response is critical to success.
  • Conversion time: How long does it take for interested parties to become clients? Are there extended conversion times? This could indicate an internal workflow issue that is impacting your client experience.
  • Email open rate: How many people are opening your email drip campaigns? Is one campaign performing better than another? What can you see in the differences between campaigns that you can use to improve open rates across the board?
  • Sales funnel completion rate: How many potential leads start the sales funnel process, and how many become clients? Is there a particular spot in the process where most leads drop off? This could indicate an issue with certain workflows or communications.

Is Law Ruler secure?

Throughout a personal injury case, personal injury attorneys protect their client’s personal information and sensitive documents, like their private medical records and medical bills, and so does personal injury law software. Law Ruler’s practice management software and injury case management software are tailored to the legal industry and designed to prioritize security and client confidentiality in compliance with the American Bar Association.

For personal injury attorneys and personal injury cases, our legal CRM and case management software leverage state-of-the-art security measures to make sure that client privacy and information, like private medical records and information about your client’s health, remains protected at all times before, during, and after a personal injury case.

Contact our support team to learn more about the security measures our injury case management software uses to protect your firm and client data.

What integrations does Law Ruler’s CRM offer?

Law Ruler’s contact management platform integrates with dozens of legal vendors, including law practice management software and communication tools, to ensure your practice operates at peak performance. These personal injury case management integrations include:

  • TimeSolv
  • CosmoLex
  • Rocket Matter
  • Hellosign
  • Smith.AI
  • ApexChat
  • Gmail
  • Zapier
  • Twilio
  • Office 365
  • Clixsy
  • Mailgun
  • CallRail
  • Scorpion Internet Marketing
  • Gage ICS
  • Mass Tort Nexus
  • LeadRival
  • MTVA Member
  • X SocialMedia
  • Thomson Reuters
  • And more!

Visit our integrations page to see our full list of integration solutions for personal injury matters. Don’t see an integration that you’d like? Contact us!

How can Law Ruler’s integrations increase personal injury matter productivity?

When personal injury practices use a CRM that integrates with their preferred personal injury software, it eliminates inefficient workflows and system disconnects. CRM integration is one of the best ways to increase productivity, improve workflows, and boost your practice’s growth when resolving a personal injury case.

What is the best legal CRM for small personal injury law firms?

As a practice management tool, Law Ruler offers different solutions that cater to law firms of all sizes for their personal injury case management. Law Ruler’s Pro and Premium subscriptions allow for up to three users with the option to add members at an added fee per user, which is great for small firms that work in personal injury case management. Contact our support team for a personalized quote or to answer any personal injury CRM software FAQs.