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Content is king when it comes to law firm marketing. When done correctly, it gives your firm valuable credibility and provides prospects with the information they need to initiate engagement. For most law practices, content is showcased through website pages and blog posts. Some also elevate their reach with social media and email content. But whatever the platform used; the vast majority of law firm content is in written form.

Though written content is extremely useful and offers a great way for law practices to market their services, it can also require a lot of time to read and comprehend. Law firms operate within a society where people want to receive their content quickly and text-based marketing often misses that mark. There’s a lot of written content out there for prospects to sift through. With most firms using the written word to convey their message, how does your practice stand apart in a crowded field?

Video marketing is the answer. It’s a powerful digital marketing tool that offers attention-grabbing and useful content to boost engagement.

How Video Marketing Benefits Law Firms

Put yourself in the position of a prospect seeking legal representation. You’re visiting websites and viewing the social media posts of various law firms in hopes that their content will help with your decision-making process. Essentially, you are reading a lot of content from many firms.

Now imagine that within this sea of written content, one firm’s website welcomes you with an eye-catching video that offers valuable information in a format that stands out from the rest. Is that firm going to leave an impression on you? Absolutely! Video is all about the viewer’s experience. It makes the receipt of content quicker, easier, and much more convenient in a highly mobile world.

How to Incorporate Video Marketing

Virtually every marketing vehicle that your firm currently uses can be enhanced with video marketing, from blog posts and webpage content to social media and email campaigns. This task is even easier with assistance from a company like Clearview Social, an employee advocacy platform that helps law firms increase revenue through a more effective and systematic use of social media. Their team can help incorporate video into your law firm’s marketing strategy in a variety of ways, including:

  • Client testimonials – Consumers love reviews and testimonials, and legal prospects are no different. They want to know what other clients think about your firm and how they rate their experiences. A short testimonial video can showcase your firm’s top-notch legal services in a relatable and effective way.
  • Explainer videos – These educational tools provide an explanation of an issue or process that potential clients may be facing. For instance, a domestic relations firm may create a video explaining the process for securing a divorce in their jurisdiction. A transactional law firm may offer an explainer video about sales contracts. These tools help cement your firm as an expert within your practice area.
  • Employee Spotlights – Personality plays a part in catching and keeping the attention of prospects, so it is important to include a bit of that within your firm’s content. Employee spotlights can be a great way to do this by allowing prospects to see the people behind your law firm brand. These spotlights can take on various formats, such as welcoming new members into the firm or recognizing significant case wins.
  • Firm Culture – Videos that showcase your firm’s culture are also useful in making your services more personable and attractive. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few suggestions:
      • Firm charitable efforts, such as volunteering at legal clinics or monetary donations to food banks
      • Office celebrations of birthdays or promotions
      • Team building exercises
      • Participation in community-based events or fundraisers
      • Out-of-office gatherings

These videos also offer an opportunity to get creative with the presentation. If you have a firm member who spends their evenings editing their personal social media posts, why not let them bring some of that creativity to your firm culture videos. Coupled with the algorithmic expertise of Clearview Social, your firm could experience a significant upgrade to its social media presence.

  • Firm Value Statements – Over the last couple of years, consumers have become increasingly concerned about the values of the companies they choose to patronize. As such, your firm’s value statements should be prominently displayed within your marketing materials. While there is nothing wrong with a detailed written statement, the personalization of a video can be much more effective.

Mission and value statements tend to be somewhat lengthy, which translates into the necessity for more reading and time on the part of prospects. Watching a video is much faster, making it more convenient for most audiences. But even more importantly, a video statement allows your firm to better connect with its audience. It’s a direct communication from a firm leader, which can serve as a strong representation of your firm’s brand.

  • Webinars – Webinars offer an effective vehicle for law firms to demonstrate their expertise, explain their offerings, and demonstrate thought leadership. They are useful for nurturing quality leads for conversion into paying clients and can be used as an incentive for prospects to answer a call to action.

Webinar videos can also be repurposed for other content venues. One webinar can produce numerous smaller videos for social media, website pages, and blog posts.

Video Should be an Integral Part of Law Firm Marketing

If you want to elevate your law firm’s marketing efforts, consider integrating video into your platforms. Clearview Social helps law firms extend their marketing through video sharing to reach more quality leads through social media. To learn more about their video marketing offerings, sign up for a free demo.


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