2022 Marketing Trends – How Automation Helps Law Firms Navigate Legal Marketing Trends

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Automation has become a valuable tool for law firms as they work to improve productivity and drive profits. By automating standard tasks, firms free up time and attention for more profitable ones while also enhancing their marketing efforts. Keep reading to discover how your firm can better navigate legal marketing trends through automation.

Streamlined Business Operations

Time is a constant concern for law firms as they seek to balance the many nonbillable (but important) tasks of practice operations with the billable ones that generate greater profits. Recognizing this prevalent industry dilemma, many legal management software tech companies include automation tools within their platforms. These resources assist firms in streamlining various aspects of their operations including these important tasks:

  • Time Tracking

Time tracking is a thorn in the sides of many law firm administrators. Getting timekeepers to consistently and accurately track can be a serious challenge. In response, many firm leaders have chosen timekeeping software options that include automated time entry. These tools are programmed to capture many of the smaller tasks that often get overlooked by timekeepers but are still valuable to the practice. That equates to more accurate and complete time records, which can lead to improved productivity, simpler invoicing, satisfied clients, and increased profits.

The artificial intelligence (AI) that drives automation can also help firms strategically manage the amount of time spent on client tasks. These tools use the firm’s historical data to determine the likelihood of a client paying a bill amount. When timekeepers go above identified thresholds, the software automatically sends an alert so that immediate adjustments to service times can be made.

  • Improved Billing

Invoicing errors can have detrimental effect on attorney client relationships. Mistakes can breed distrust and a loss of credibility. Automation helps law firms prevent these issues by effortlessly turning tracked time records into client invoices without the high risk of human error. These systems are also much more time sensitive, leading to faster invoicing and faster client payments.

Another essential aspect of accurate billing is invoice review. This involves taking a close look at invoices, identifying any errors and correcting them before they are delivered to law firm clients. With automation, this important part of the billing process can be done quickly and efficiently with AI.

  • Client Communications

As legal clients have become more accustomed to online communications, it has opened the door for technologies that automate these interactions. Attorneys are no longer expected to physically appear for proceedings or make a telephone call every time client communications become necessary.

Automated client communication tools give law firms the ability to streamline these processes. For instance, a chatbot can be used to update clients about their matters including notification of case changes or reminders about upcoming deadlines. While all attorney client communications are not appropriate for automation, law firms can save a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere.

So, what do these tech innovations have to do with law firm marketing? With legal practice management automation, law firms can better manage many day-to-day tasks, resulting in more time for valuable marketing efforts. But let’s take it a step further.

 Automated Marketing Efforts

In addition to law firm administrative and client tasks, automation can also be used by law firms to enhance their marketing efforts. These tools can be extremely beneficial to firms, helping to drive significant growth. They offer valuable insights into prospects behaviours and expectations, so that firms can take strategic steps to attract and nurture leads.

The following are some examples of the ways that automation helps law firms with their marketing efforts:

  • Initial outreach is the first step to attracting new clients into a law firm. Automated workflows help law firms communicate the right content and messages to potential clients at predetermined times throughout the marketing process. For example, marketing materials like social media posts and newsletters can be automated for publishing with minimal staff effort. Law firms need consistently fresh content to attract prospects and automation helps make that happen.
  • Law firms also need an effective way to identify marketing trends and gauge whether marketing efforts are providing a return on investment. The data that can be collected through automation platforms lets firm leaders evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing actions. This allows for better navigation of law firm marketing in the future.
  • Through automated alerts, law firms can customize client actions that trigger certain law firm actions. For instance, a prospect’s completion of a website contact form alerts the firm to send a follow-up email or initiate a telephone call.

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