In a landscape filled with law firms, a successful legal practice must maintain a vigorous marketing strategy to maintain a steady stream of prospects and leads. This post will highlight some of the marketing trends that law firms are utilizing in 2022. Keep reading to explore each of them and consider whether one or more could be helpful in maximizing your firm’s marketing efforts.

Offer Valuable Content

Law firms must embrace content as a major component of their marketing plans in order to establish themselves as thought leaders within their areas of legal practice. Original content that offers in-depth analysis of relevant legal topics and addresses the common concerns of a firm’s ideal clientele can go a long way to building confidence and attracting prospects.

Website content, like a regularly updated blog or an FAQ section, are good examples of value-packed content. They are even more effective when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is utilized to create content that stands out and results in higher search engine result rankings. Additional strategies, such as strong keyword research and optimized images also work to drive traffic to your firm’s website.

Incorporate Video

Video marketing offers another tool for creating valuable law firm content. Law firm clients are also consumers within a wider business world. They have become used to seeing video marketing and some even prefer it to written marketing formats. Consider these video options:

  • Explainer videos that break down complex legal concepts
  • Client testimonials
  • A firm member answering common questions
  • Firm updates about new staff additions, case successes, and community outreach

Each of these video options can communicate a message quickly while simultaneously introducing potential clients to your firm’s brand.

Social Media to Further your Brand

You don’t often hear conversations about branding within the law firm space, but every firm needs a brand to attract the types of clients needed for sustained growth. If you don’t already have an established brand, start with developing a mission statement and consider the following questions:

  • What is the long term vision for your law firm?
  • What are the core values that your firm seeks to uphold?
  • What makes your legal practice stand apart from the competition?
  • Why is your firm the best option for your ideal client?

Once you get clear on your law firm brand, it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing efforts, and social media can be an extremely useful tool for doing so. Because platforms differ greatly, you should place your focus on those most utilized by your ideal clientele. For instance, LinkedIn can be a valuable social media resource for law firms that chiefly represent business clients. Using the same strategies described above, build a social media brand based in value packed content.

Showcase Firm Value

Far too many law firms underestimate the power of client reviews and recommendations. Prospects love to see that other individuals have had positive experiences with your firm. To encourage more reviews, ask clients to leave written reviews or video testimonials as a routine part of closing a matter.

Case studies are another way to showcase the quality services provided to your clients. A case study gives an in-depth look at a particular firm success. They demonstrate expertise and build trust, especially for clients who have legal challenges similar to those showcased within the case studies.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Though it has been around for a while, email marketing remains a viable tool for law firms as they market in 2022. These targeted and comprehensive emails can heighten your firm’s credibility, which results in the greater conversion of leads. Create an email list and organize it according to where clients and potential clients fall within the marketing funnel. You can then utilize the list to send targeted email messages that get results.

How to Grow Your Legal Practice with Email Drip Campaigns

Did you know that your law firm is 100 times more likely to connect with a lead within five minutes after the first point of contact? Email drip campaigns are highly effective to stay top of mind with prospects and leads.

Automated Marketing Processes

While email marketing may sound like a lot of work, another 2022 marketing trend can be of great assistance in making this task run smoothly with little contribution from law firm staff members. Legal practice management software helps law firms better manage business operations as well as client services. Tools like time tracking, streamlined billing and communication management save law firms valuable time and resources.

Client Relation Management (CRM) tools infuse a similar level of automation into the law firm marketing process. With the right CRM, firms can automate many marketing and lead nurturing tasks to ensure timely follow up and lead nurturing. Automation has spread throughout the legal industry, so why not use it to maximize your firm’s marketing efforts?


SMART goals can be used by your law firm to assess whether the results of your marketing strategies adequately match the investment. As you establish marketing objectives for your firm, make sure that each meets the following criteria:

  • S – Specific accomplishments
  • M – Measurable outcomes
  • A – Achievable and doable
  • R – Relevant to broader goals
  • T- Time frame for accomplishment

With SMART goals in place, you can better differentiate between what part of your marketing strategy is working and what is not so that necessary pivots can occur.

2022 Legal Marketing Trends for Law Firm Growth

These 2022 marketing trends provide viable options for law firms as they seek to maximize their marketing strategies. Whether you implement all of them or only one, each of these trends can help take your law firm to the next level.

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