Top Legal Marketing Trends for 2024

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This post has been updated on December 26, 2023 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

It’s the time of year when law firms strategize their plans to maximize their legal marketing efforts in the year ahead. Preparation is key for a successful 2024, and a major part of preparation is staying on top of biggest and best legal marketing trends.  

This post will bring you up to date on where legal marketing is headed in 2024 and provide simple ways that your law firm can implement these trends for a greater ROI of your marketing dollars.  

Prioritizing the Client Experience 

As the client experience remains front and center in 2024, some trending tools and technologies will help law firms handle lead and client interactions in more efficient and effective ways. Client Relationship Management (CRM) for law firms has been an integral tool for some time now, and top legal CRM providers like Law Ruler are constantly innovating their offerings to elevate the lead and client experience in 2024.  

With fully customizable automation tools, your firm can easily tailor your legal client intake processes to meet any changing needs that the new year may bring. For instance, perhaps your personal injury firm will expand into the mass tort practice area. With adaptable automation tools, you can quickly pivot firm procedures to meet the unique legal marketing needs of mass tort law. Your firm can center client experiences and enhance growth while maintaining billable hours and streamlining administrative work. 

A robust legal CRM platform can transform your law firm’s management of relationships with leads and clients for effective client relationships, new growth opportunities, and a referral network that gets results in the year ahead.  

Marketing Automation Basics

Timely responses are key, and marketing automation will help. Learn how to move potential clients through your sales funnel so you can make an immediate impression.


Webinars have become a viable marketing option for law firms, particularly for practice areas that cater to business clients and those that represent numerous clients with similar injuries. Potential clients appreciate the value of information they receive through webinars, and many will use this type of marketing content as a factor when making representation decisions.  

Webinars offer law firms a platform for information sharing that goes beyond written content and one-sided written communications. They give viewers a better sense of your law firm’s culture and the personalities of firm members. Webinars also offer the opportunity to create timely content for trending topics with minimal cost and effort. Firm members can tailor content to the most relevant information and answer questions in real time.  

Your firm can greatly benefit by incorporating webinars into its legal marketing plans for 2024. It is a proven method for reaching more viable leads and maximizing the client intake process.  

Showcasing Social Responsibility  

ESG marketing promotes the environmental, social, and governing commitments of your law firm. Current trends suggest that ESG marketing will continue as a legal trend with potential clients expecting some demonstration of it, particularly leads from younger generations.  

As your law firm seeks to boost its marketing efforts in 2024, it will be vital to showcase your ESG initiatives through marketing strategies like: 

  • The implementation of diverse marketing campaigns that include people from various cultures, backgrounds, abilities, genders, and ages.  
  • Showcasing member and firm contributions to the community, including pro bono work, volunteering, financial donations, and other acts of philanthropy. 
  • Demonstrating law firm commitments to environmental concerns, such as recycling programs or efforts to reduce your firm’s carbon footprint.  
  • Transparent content related to your firm’s adherence to professional ethics and industry standards.  

AI Technology 

The use of Artificial Technology (AI) will continuously evolve the legal marketing space in 2024. These tools use machine learning technologies to streamline the workflow of the entire legal client intake process, from the initial marketing campaign to a seamless conversion process.  

For instance, an automated email drip campaign can be coupled with AI technology for the more efficient drafting of email content. Your firm can effortlessly draft marketing emails tailored to the needs of individual leads. This marketing trend will help nurture leads by keeping them engaged throughout the legal client intake.  

Law Ruler recently introduced its ChatGPT integration, an AI technology that helps firm members quickly draft a variety of legal marketing lead and client communications, including: 

  • Consultation request responses 
  • Appointment confirmations and preparatory instructions 
  • Client intake questionnaires 
  • Onboarding documentation 
  • Deadline and court appearance reminders 

Your firm can also use AI technologies to generate automatic follow ups, resulting in a level of immediate responsiveness that potential clients appreciate. With AI legal marketing capabilities, you can rest assured that no prospect will fall through the cracks in 2024.  

How to Use Marketing Automation to Drive Business

Marketing automation platforms take the marketing load off your shoulders. Accelerate your law firm’s growth and get time back for your billable hours with marketing automation.

Grow Your Law Firm in 2024 with the Latest Legal Marketing Trends 

Marketing trends constantly evolve, and the legal marketing space is no exception. So why go into 2024 with an outdated plan that doesn’t take advantage of the latest in legal marketing trends? Stay informed and adapt your law firm’s marketing strategy for a year of growth and profitability ahead. To learn more ways that Law Ruler can keep your firm ahead of 2024’s legal marketing trends, click this link for a free demonstration.  

Transform Your Law Firm

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