Hit the Ground Running with Marketing Automation in 2023

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With 2023 right around the corner, law firms cannot afford any delays when it comes to securing new clients. They need marketing strategies that attract prospects, nurture leads, and promote successful conversions. Enter law firm marketing automation. As a key part of this success, marketing automation empowers law firms to hit the ground running by scaling all aspects of their marketing schemes, including the coordination of campaigns and lead management activities, as well as an effective client intake process.

What is Marketing Automation 

Law firm marketing requires a lot of valuable time within the law office environment. Time that is better spent on billable tasks that drive profitability. Marketing automation fills this profit gap with technology that handles tasks and processes quickly, with minimal human intervention. As a result, law firms can replace time consuming and repetitive actions with time-saving automated solutions.  

Law firm marketing Automation can be divided into two general categories, advertising and workflow:    

Advertising Automation 

Advertising automation focuses on the first stages of the sales funnel where content is published to attract potential clients. Automation can be utilized to streamline an entire marketing campaign, or it can be used in a narrower scope to only handle some of the specific tasks associated with a campaign.  

One common advertising automation tool is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is extremely helpful for the delivery of personalized content in real time. For instance, when a prospect initiates contact through a law firm website, an AI chatbot can determine their legal needs based on a series of questions. After analyzing the gathered information, the bot can then provide the prospect with content that is relevant to their legal needs.  

With this type of technology, law firms can remain consistently available for prospect responses at all times of the day and night. It is a level of responsiveness that makes firms stand out from the competition as clients weigh their legal representation options.  

Another example of advertising automation is the use of prescheduled social media posting tools. Instead of spending time each day crafting and posting to social media, firm members can spend one block of time each month crafting content. They can then use automation to pre-schedule social media postings for strategic times. The technology automatically handles the posting in accordance with the programmed dates and times. As a result, law firms can maintain a robust social media presence without unprofitable time commitments.  

Workflow automation 

Workflow automation refers to the internal processes associated with law firm marketing, where accuracy and efficiency are crucial drivers of lead conversions. But entrusting repetitive marketing duties to busy staff members could result in a workflow that lacks both. Fortunately, marketing automation can be used to handle even the most tedious tasks with accuracy and timeliness. It eliminates the risk of human error, as well as the potential for lost leads due to irresponsiveness.  

Typically, workflow automation takes place through a Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Firms can program guidelines where specific prospect and lead actions trigger automated responses from the firm. For instance, a prospect visits a personal injury firm website and leaves an inquiry related to an automobile accident. That action would trigger an automated response to the prospect with information relevant to automobile accidents.  

With law firm CRM, legal practices can significantly enhance their ability to quickly deliver content relevant to the individual’s specific needs. Email marketing campaigns offer another good example of this. Automation capabilities help firms manage email drip campaigns with minimal effort from firm members.

With workflow automation, law firms can effectively navigate the entire client journey, from awareness and consideration to conversion and long-term client relationships. This benefits the legal practice in a number of ways, including:  

  • Improved lead engagement through timely communications that target their specific legal needs.  
  • The increased revenue that results when clients receive a top-notch marketing experience that effectively drives them towards conversion. 
  • The decreased costs associated with the creation and management of successful marketing strategies.  
  • Enhanced productivity so that firm members can focus on more profitable law firm tasks.  

Marketing Automation Data 

There is one additional benefit of marketing automation that is critical to law firm success in 2023. Many automation platforms use tracking data that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of law firm marketing efforts. For example, a social media automation service may also provide analytics about specific posts. Armed with this information, firms can focus their efforts on the type of content that gets results. They can also use this data to make strategic legal marketing decisions in the new year.  

Start the New Year Right with Law Firm Marketing Automation 

With so much to do in the year ahead, law firms need the tools to hit the ground running with their marketing strategies. Law Ruler is a top legal marketing platform that offers a robust CRM feature and multiple automation options. To learn how Law Ruler can help your law firm marketing automation and start 2023 with a bang, schedule a demo with a Law Ruler expert today.


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