Increase Your Law Firm’s Revenue with the #1 Legal Intake and Marketing CRM / Workflow and Follow-Up Automation

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          Did you know that Law Ruler offers an easy-to-use solution that will help increase your firm’s revenue? It’s our Intake Automation, Marketing Automation Software that is part of our Legal CRM, has integrations with over 1,500 vendors, spanning the legal industry and offering a variety of services that complement Law Ruler’s legal intake and case management solutions. Law Ruler is a driving force of communication and reporting. Combining powerful case management tools with a streamlined intake system to keep you more organized, more efficient, and more profitable, Law Ruler will provide the legal case management and CRM tools that will ensure every relationship is managed efficiently while increasing revenue for your practice.

          Is your practice struggling to get work done on time? If so, you need Legal Case Management Software and Legal CRM in one system.  Your staff has better things to do than making double data entry. By combining Law Ruler’s legal case management software with their legal CRM features you will give your firm a competitive advantage. Before Law Ruler, law firms were forced to purchase separate case management and legal CRM systems. But with Law Ruler, everything can be done in one solution making your firm ready to grow and to increase revenue.

          Lawyering is a challenging profession. We can help increase your firm’s revenue. With each case comes a warren of steps, which equates to near-infinite opportunities for bureaucratic interference. So how do you fight such inefficiency without cutting crucial corners?  Is it possible to save your firm and not sacrifice the quality and security of your work? Is it possible to make your firm even more financially efficient in the process? Yes, you can! How? Workflow automation. By using workflow automation tools to streamline your firm’s efforts to save time, money, and dig you out of that mountain of excess paper.

Streamline Intake: Law Ruler allows intake teams to streamline the intake process as much as possible = helps to increase your firm’s revenue

 While you may not be able to rid yourself of preparing standard documents such as client letters, basic legal documents, and legal services agreements, entirely, there are ways to make the preparation of standard documents quicker and easier. On average, it can take up to 30 minutes to add client information to a legal document or retainer agreement. With Law Ruler, you set each document up one time as a template and you are finished! Because you do not want it to take too much time to add client information to each document, a few seconds instead is ideal! Any legal document can be made into a reusable easy-to-complete template. Using Law Ruler online intake document templates and automation will make the process fast and simple. Law Ruler helps you build your forms with the custom fields you need. Using Law Ruler document templates and automation is a hassle-free, time-saving strategy for speeding up your workflow. The first thing to do is open any document from Microsoft Word and then sign into Law Ruler and go into the Document Templates and Automation screen. Next just set it and forget it. Done and done. After you set up the template you can reuse it as many times as needed. By adding this part of our legal CRM to your toolbox, you can add automated document assembly to all your firm’s documents.

Automated texts and email reminders.

 Because potential clients generally require a minimum of 5 to 7 follow-ups before retaining a lawyer, how can your intake staff manage more follow-ups with less time?  By automating them with texting and email marketing automation.  Every time you automate follow-ups, you outpace the competition. Law Ruler technology can be used for sending your e-Signs via text message to potential clients. The time saved by using Text E-Sign will change the flow of the workday when it comes to client intake. Your intake staff can send reminder messaging via text and email to prompt clients to complete online intake forms. Reminder automation improves conversion rates by saving your staff from trying repeatedly to connect with those potential clients to get them to finish filling out necessary forms while also keeping you from losing prospective cases to your competitors. Here’s another bonus:  Law Ruler intake forms are mobile-friendly and can be viewed on laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, Mac and Windows devices, pretty much any device. The goal of any firm and practice is to keep things as streamlined as possible. To do that as efficiently as you can, you need a system that will simplify complex tasks.  With Law Ruler Legal Practice Management Software, you can create and send secure online intake forms easily and become virtually paperless. As you can see, the system is really useful for helping to increase revenue of your law practice.

Drive More Revenue and Get Paid Quicker

 Putting your legal billing software on the same platform as intake and case management is the way to win. With Legal Case Management Software, you will find it easier to leverage marketing automation to increase client intake by 20-30% or more. Legal billing for flat fee firms, hourly and contingency, including invoices and closing statements can be automated as will increase office efficiency exponentially. Rather than using an app for intake, another for case management, and yet another for legal billing software, a  labor-intensive and inefficient task,  it is better to have one reliable platform that can do all three of these core features in one solution and eliminate redundancy. The best solution is to have one platform for legal billing software, intake/CRM, and case management.  When you are ready to invoice a case or create your closing statement, Law Ruler will automatically pull all applicable time entries and expenses and make it easy to decide what to do next. As a result, our approach saves your firm hours’ time after time and making you more profitable.  After creating your invoices, they need to be delivered in a way that your clients can access them and read them easily. With Law Ruler Legal Billing Software, you can share invoices via email, text messaging, or if necessary for a particular client,  traditionally on paper.  Because of the technology used, our invoices even know when a client views an invoice.

          The most important thing to remember today if you want to increase your law firm’s revenue with the #1 legal intake and marketing CRM /workflow and follow-up automation software – is that Law Ruler offers an all-in-one solution that is easy-to-use, includes SMS Text,  phone, SMS and email marketing automation, unlimited e-signatures and online intake forms. Stop letting leads and potential clients slip through the cracks. Now you know what you didn’t know! Call 1-866-603-5233 or click here for more information. You’ll be glad you did!


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