Document Templates and Automation

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  • Reduce resource requirements with document templates and automation
  • Eliminate costly mistakes
  • Improve compliance

Easy Creation & Customization with document templates and automation

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  • Automate all of your letters, motions, forms via email or to our print queue
  • All documents will automatically save to the client file
Document Templates and Automation

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You need Legal Case Management Software and Legal CRM in one system. No more double data entry for your staff. Combine Law Ruler's legal case management software with our legal CRM features to have a competitive advantage. Because, before Law Ruler, law firms had to purchase separate case management and legal CRM systems. Now, with Law Ruler, you can do it all in one solution. Thus, your firm will be ready to grow. Finally, use our data-driven approach with a click to call dialer and the very best in reporting to increase profits.

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