How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Scale Your Practice

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Growth is typically a top priority for law firm leaders, but scaling a legal practice is no easy task. It takes vision, a comprehensive marketing plan, and the systems in place to effectively implement each of the necessary processes. Whether you are a solo practitioner who wants to explore a new practice area or a mid-sized firm leader seeking to level up quickly, scaling requires the right strategy with the right legal workflow tools, and one of those tools should be law firm marketing automation.  

The most effective legal client relationship management (CRM) software systems include legal marketing automation features. As the name suggests, automation uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks otherwise handled by firm members. These technologies can be game changers for firms. By handling repetitive non billable tasks, automation allows firm members to devote their valuable time and skills to billable client tasks.  

But administrative and client duties are not the only viable uses for law firm automation. Marketing and scaling can be greatly enhanced with the use of automated technologies. From the improvement of marketing efforts to the efficient handling of legal client intake tasks, automation helps law firms drive growth and level up.  

This masterclass will examine the ways that law firm marketing automation can help you scale your law firm through the elevation of your legal marketing methods. 

Establishing a Presence 

The first step in legal practice scaling is making potential clients aware of your firm’s presence and abilities. This is the initial marketing stage, where you are sharing content that draws attention and begins the relationship building process.  

Automated workflows can help you scale by communicating effective content and messaging at strategic times. Marketing materials, such as website blogs and social media posts, can be programmed for automated publishing to ensure a consistent flow of the timely and relevant content that prospects want to see.  

Measuring ROI 

In addition to getting content out there, legal marketing automation also helps your firm measure whether or not the content is providing the desired return on investment. Automated marketing software for law firms may include insight reporting that gives you a better understanding about which content strategies are yielding the best results.  

This helps with scaling in two ways. First, it provides an awareness that can guide your marketing strategies for law firm growth. Secondly, it gives the real time data you need to make quick pivots when necessary for greater growth.  

Law Ruler’s CRM software for law firms provides users with a customized report builder that can be modified for a variety of marketing indicators. These types of law firm analytics can be used to monitor and strategically tweak marketing processes to capture more leads.  

You cannot drive firm growth if you are blindly following legal marketing trends, with no clue about which efforts are attracting potential legal clients and which are just taking up space on your marketing plan. Automation helps to provide the clear view that you need to effectively pursue profitable law practice scaling.  

Outpacing the Competition 

Once you get the attention of a potential client, your firm essentially enters a race with the competition. Potential clients generally reach out to multiple firms when making a representation decision. They narrow down their options based on the responses they receive. This means that your firm needs to show up in a timely manner, with content that showcases skill, knowledge, and client service. A lackluster follow up may cause a lead to lose interest in your firm and move on to the firms that actively engage with them.  

Legal marketing automation helps your firm master this important step. For instance, you can set automated alerts that are triggered by certain client actions. The completion of a website contact form or the download of a marketing info sheet would alert the CRM system to automatically send a response, whether through a phone call, an email, or even a text message. This type of immediate response capability makes you stand out from the other firms, making you more likely to convert the prospect into a viable lead.  

Lead Nurturing  

Automated lead nurturing streamlines marketing tasks to seamlessly move leads through your law firm sales funnels. It helps you keep them engaged and more likely to ultimately convert into firm clients. Many firms rely on their staff and employees to manage lead nurturing tasks, but this can impede your scaling efforts due to potential problems like human error, missed opportunities, and inconsistent follow throughs.  

Law firm leads can take various paths in their decision to hire a firm, so they may enter your sales funnel at different entry points. If your firm is dependent on one static nurturing strategy, you will likely miss out on one or more prospects.  

Automation helps your firm nurture leads regardless of where they enter the sales funnel and which path they take. Through legal marketing automation, you are always ready and able to address the specific needs of the lead with content that is relevant and appropriate for the lead’s demonstrated level of interest. Automation gives your firm the level of consistency it needs to adequately nurture leads and guide through to conversion.  

Legal Marketing Automation Drives Law Firm Scaling 

With the enhancement of marketing efforts and the efficient handling of lead nurturing tasks, law firm marketing automation helps your law practice drive growth and level up through the elevation of your legal marketing methods. 

Law Ruler Legal CRM helps you scale and elevate your marketing efforts with a variety of innovative legal marketing automation features. Get on the path to scaling your firm today by scheduling a free demo. 


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