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Time and Growth are two very important components for managing a successful law firm. Time is always of the essence in a legal environment, with deadlines constantly looming and a consistent influx of daily tasks. In addition, firms bill according to time increments, which means that every minute spent on administrative duties is a minute not spent on billable tasks.  

Growth means that the firm has a successful marketing plan in place. It is one that produces a steady influx of leads, along with a track record of converting those leads into paying clients.  

The right combination of time and growth can be the key to success for a law firm. This post explains why a streamlined client intake process is the right vehicle for law firms to save time and push growth.  

Disorganization is the Enemy 

One of the most common causes of an ineffective legal client intake process is disorganization. A haphazard operation leads to inefficiency, lost leads, and missed opportunities for growth. Firms need an organized legal client intake system that is divided into distinct stages, each with designated tasks.  

  • The initial contact phase includes prospects who have completed a website contact form or made an initial inquiry with the firm. This phase requires a quick response system that starts the process of turning prospects into viable leads before they go looking elsewhere for representation.  

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) software can be useful during this phase. For instance, Law Ruler legal CRM includes a texting feature that can be automated to send text messages quickly and efficiently during the initial contact phase. It is a fast and often preferable method of communication that gets results.  

  • During the second stage of the intake process, your firms should strive to move leads through the sales funnel with regular communications and consistently valuable marketing content. Here again, a law firm CRM can be of assistance by maintaining organized updates on where leads fall in the sales funnel and automating the necessary steps to reach them. 
  • Another important phase of an organized process is conversion, where leads ultimately become paying clients. This stage typically requires a lot of paperwork and numerous communications between the firm and its new client. With the right tools in place, like customized form builders and eSignature capabilities, attorneys can make the conversion process easier for themselves as well as their clients.  

Positive Client Relationships Drive Growth  

Clients value communication and transparency in a legal representation relationship. As such, prospects and leads place a lot of emphasis on follow-up times and responsiveness. They use those initial interactions as indicators of what to expect should they choose your firm for their legal needs.  

Therefore, it is important to craft a positive client intake experience. From the very start, leads should be provided with the information and guidance they need for a seamless transition into paying clients. That means consistent communications and the provision of content that they find valuable.  

Law firm CRM software helps firms ensure that no client is left with questions about what to do or how to do it. Instead, they are walked through every step of the intake process, from the first communication to signing the engagement agreement. A high level of service drives client satisfaction, which translates into firm growth because not only do satisfied leads convert into clients, but they are also more likely to refer other prospects.  

Legal client intake sets the tone for attorney-client relationships by crafting lead expectations. Done correctly, it is the first step in a positive direction toward client satisfaction.  

Automation Saves Time  

Non-billable tasks take up a lot of time and resources within a law office, and client intake typically falls into this category. Without proper systems in place, firm members may spend hours each week trying to manage marketing plans, nurture leads, and complete lengthy engagement processes.  

Automation addresses these issues by providing law firms with a variety of tools designed to lessen the need for hands on task handling. For example, customizable forms can be created and automatically populated with necessary information from prospects and leads. With automation, leads are effortlessly kept at the forefront as technology guides them through the tunnel to conversion. The firm saves time and resources can be diverted towards more profitable tasks.   

The Right Technology Streamlines Legal Client Intake 

The right law firm CRM software helps attorneys streamline their legal client intake processes. Innovative workflow tools and automation capabilities provide firms with the tools they need to can save time and increase growth. To learn more about how Law Ruler legal CRM can save your firm time and push growth, click this link for a no-obligation demo  


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