Top Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Client Intake Software

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The client intake process sets the tone for attorney-client relationships by crafting client expectations about the legal representation they will receive. Done correctly, it is the first step in a positive direction towards client satisfaction. But one misstep can threaten client onboarding or create problems that persist throughout the duration of representation.

Legal client intake software offers law firms a viable tool to ensure that every client has a positive intake experience. With features designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and consistency, a client intake system should be at the top of your firm’s technology to-do list.

Client Intake Complexities

Client intake is the process of onboarding new clients into the law firm. From a general perspective, it involves collecting personal data and case-related information. But it actually includes much more, from attracting new leads to onboarding new clients.

Consider these stages of the typical client intake process:

  • Attracting Prospects – Law firms need a consistent influx of new clients to drive growth. The intake process may include systems that attract potential clients and identify viable leads.
  • Lead Nurturing – Leads do not automatically become clients without effort from law firms. The nurturing process guides them through a sales funnel towards conversion into a paying client.
  • Pre-screening – Pre-screening allows firms to better assess which leads are most likely to convert for the best allocation of time and resources.
  • Initial consultation – The first meeting between your firm and a new client is essential for fully screening the matter and setting expectations.
  • Personal Data Collection – Firms need to collect client Information in an organized, accurate, and complete manner to ensure that the correct data is accessible for firm members throughout the representation.
  • Form Execution – Client intake requires collecting signatures on forms, fee agreements, and representation documents.
  • Onboarding – This part of the process involves providing new clients with the information they need to manage expectations and navigate the attorney-client relationship.

Why your Law Firm Needs Client Intake Software

Reason #1: Improved Efficiency

Each segment of legal client intake can be extremely time-consuming. In addition, most of them are not billable, so the time spent completing these tasks equates to time not spent on revenue-driving tasks. That’s why it’s important to handle intake as quickly and simply as possible.

Many law firms maintain client intake procedures that are bogged down with complex internal steps, which can make the process much longer than necessary. The right software technology can help alleviate this problem by helping your firm craft a more streamlined intake process.

Client intake software manages and automates the workflow to significantly reduce the number of valuable hours spent on these non-billable activities. Faster turnaround times and greater efficiency free up firm members to handle more profitable tasks while also ensuring that these essential processes are properly handled.

Reason #2: Drive Firm Growth

Some client intake software options include automated marketing technologies, such as email drip campaigns, test message marketing, and automated workflows. With these valuable tools, your firm can put its marketing efforts on autopilot while firm members spend their valuable time and efforts serving clients and driving profits.

Reason #3: Enhanced Client Relationships

A comprehensive client intake process provides clients with all of the information and guidance they need for a seamless and effective experience. The right software uses innovative technology to provide a high level of service, so clients are not left with questions about what to do or how to do it. Instead, they are walked through every step of the intake process, from document delivery to signatures and meetings. This level of service improves a client’s experience with the firm by going above and beyond their expectations. This could also lead to referrals from clients.

Reason #4: More Organized Representation

Organization is key to properly managing a legal practice, and client intake is no exception. Bottlenecks and ineffective processes can slow down client intake and leave attorneys ill-prepared to provide quality representation. Client intake software gives your firm the tools to greatly reduce or even eliminate these challenges for a more successful process and comprehensive process. Staff members can confidently work on client matters, knowing that the file includes all necessary data organized in a way that it can be easily located.

Client Intake Software Helps Law Firms Drive Growth and Client Satisfaction

With efficient and simplified intake operations, your firm is better positioned to drive growth and profitability. Client intake software offers everything you need to upgrade your firm’s intake process.

Law Ruler’s legal CRM software helps law firms streamline their client intake procedures with tools that assist with every stage of the process. To learn more, click here to schedule your free demo.


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