How Law Firms Benefit from Automated Lead Nurturing

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Capturing new legal clients is no simple task. It requires a level of consistency, specification, and timeliness that many law firms just don’t have the resources to handle. Done manually, a comprehensive process can result in far too many nonbillable hours. Fortunately, there are tools on the market to help law firms manage leads efficiently. Automated lead nurturing is one of them, and this post will introduce ways that law firms can benefit from this innovation.

What is Automated Lead Nurturing?

Automated lead nurturing streamlines lead nurturing tasks, such as follow-up emails, using automation technologies. Law firms can seamlessly move leads through their sales funnels to keep them engaged and ultimately convert them into firm clients.

Though many law firms rely on staff members to manage their lead nurturing processes, these efforts often fall short of the intended goal of maximizing conversions. Obstacles like human error, missed opportunities, and inconsistent follow-up can get in the way. For instance, consider the following scenario:

A law firm delegates all sales funnel efforts to one legal secretary within the firm. A large litigation matter comes up for trial and the secretary is swamped with work from the supervising attorney. To meet the demands of the urgent matter, they are forced to move their sales funnel duties to the bottom of their to-do list. As a result, lead inquires go unanswered potentially costing the firm thousands of dollars in new revenue.

Situations like this happen every day in the legal community and they demonstrate how costly a mistake it can be for firms to rely on the manual completion of lead nurturing duties. By automating these tasks, firms can ensure that every lead receives the proper follow up while also freeing firm members to work on more profitable tasks.

The Benefits of Automated Lead Nurturing

Reach leads at the right moment with the right information

Every prospect takes their own path to becoming a legal client. They don’t all enter the sales funnel in same way or at the same entry point. As a result, one lead nurturing strategy will not fit all, and that is where automation can play an important role.

Firms can use automated lead nurturing to address the many paths that a lead may take through the sales funnel. Whether they viewed a specific page on the website or downloaded an information sheet from a social media account, the firm can follow up with information and resources that are relevant to that initial contact and the lead’s demonstrated level of interest.

Stand Apart from the Competition

The law firm universe is crowded by multiple firms competing for the same leads. As a result, prospects may receive information from numerous legal practitioners. This is why firms need a lead nurturing strategy that reaches prospects quickly before a competing practice catches their attention.

With automated lead nurturing, prospects enter the nurturing stage sooner. They can be quickly qualified so that firm resources can be dedicated to leads most likely to convert. This can be extremely time-consuming when done manually, resulting in delayed nurturing and opening the door for other firms. Automated lead nurturing accelerates the process for better conversion rates overall.

Ensure a lead nurturing process

Lead nurturing must play an essential role in any law firm’s marketing plan. As stated above, when handled manually, it may not occur for many reasons, from human error to lack of time. Inadequate follow-up communications can result in leads losing interest and moving on to firms that are actively engaging with them.

Automation provides a consistency that rarely occurs with a manual process. The system can automatically take steps to nurture leads at every stage of the sales funnel without the need for intervention by firm members. In addition, supplied information and feedback can be easily tailored to speak to each lead’s interests specifically. With automated lead nurturing, firm leaders are assured that this important part of the process is consistently taking place.

Detailed evaluation of marketing strategies

Automated lead nurturing platforms typically provide users with reporting capabilities that allow for a real-time evaluation of which marketing tools are successful at moving leads through the funnel and which ones are not. Armed with this accurate and up-to-date performance data, firms can quickly make critical changes to their processes before missing out on any additional leads.

For instance, the Analytics Dashboard offered through LawRuler Legal CRM features a customized report builder that can be modified for various frequencies and indicators. These types of features help firms monitor and strategically tweak their lead nurturing processes. That can result in the capturing of more leads and increased conversions.

Automated Lead Nurturing for Enhanced Law Firm Marketing

It’s simple to implement automated lead nurturing within your law firm sales funnel. From capturing more new prospects to reviving leads that may have been previously missed, automation makes it easier for your firm to meet its goals. Leads receive the data they need to make decisions at the time when they need it without any additional efforts from law firm staff or members.

Law Ruler’s automation capabilities help law firms take their marketing efforts to the next level. Learn more and schedule a free demo.


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