2023’s Hottest Legal Marketing Trends

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If growth is a priority for your law firm in 2023, the latest legal marketing trends can be incredibly useful in helping you stay competitive in a crowded legal marketplace. A well-informed marketing plan considers what potential clients need, want, and expect from their legal professionals, while also leaving space for the constant evolution of marketing trends. By staying on top of what’s new and adapting strategies accordingly, law firms can significantly drive law firm growth.  

Keep reading to discover why five of last year’s biggest trends have the potential to skyrocket your law firm’s marketing efforts in 2023.  

#1 Podcasting 

A growing number of attorneys are using podcasts as a method of reaching a broader range of potential clients. This mimics the overall marketing industry where podcasts have maintained a popularity that largely grew during the pandemic. Their high accessibility over multiple platforms makes them convenient for consumers who seek information from experts in a variety of areas.  

For law firms, podcasts provide a tool for creating engagement with potential clients, which can be a challenge. Their conversational and laid-back format allows for the greater level of personality that prospects appreciate. You are not limited to the text of a website or blog post. Instead, you can engage in deeper discussions that showcase your passion and knowledge about legal issues.  

Your podcast audiences walk away with more insight into you and your law firm, which builds trust from the start. As such, they will be more inclined to remember your practice and initiate contact when legal needs arise.  

#2 Video and Live Stream 

Short-form videos will continue their reign as one of the most popular marketing options. Through platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, businesses will continue to use video as a viable engagement tool. Consumers of all ages appreciate the value of video and an increasing number even expect this type of content from the businesses they choose to patronize.  

For law firms, video offers an opportunity for storytelling in a manner that goes beyond written content. Like podcasts, it gives viewers a better sense of a firm’s culture and the personalities of firm members. It also allows law firms to create timely responses on trending topics with minimal cost and effort. A quality smartphone camera and some good lighting is all that’s needed to create effective video content.  

#3 In-Person Events 

In 2023, many companies are expected to make a return to in-person events as an avenue for enhancing brand awareness and reaching out to potential customers. Law firms can also take advantage of this trend by sponsoring or participating in these events, and here are a few ideas for making that happen:  

  • Host a client appreciation reception and encourage invitees to bring along a guest. Not only will this help build attorney client relationships, but it could also result in lucrative referrals and leads.  
  • Sponsor a community event or charitable initiative. These actions are extremely helpful for brand awareness. Firms can give back to important causes within their communities, while also positioning themselves as socially responsible, which is a trait that has become increasingly important to consumers.  
  • Attend and/or sponsor trade shows. This is an extremely useful tactic for law firms that focus on a particular industry or market. For example, an intellectual property law firm could benefit from serving as a sponsor at a technical conference, where attendees routinely deal with issues relevant to this area of law.  

#4 Data and More Data  

Data continues playing a key role in law firm marketing strategies, as firms use valuable information to determine what tactics are working and which should have remained in 2022. This data collection can occur in a couple of different ways:  

  • One option is Client Relationship Management (CRM) data which is gathered from a law firm marketing platform like Law Ruler. With customizable dashboards and reporting options, firms can easily evaluate the performance of their marketing and client outreach efforts. Law firm CRM provides the real time numbers that firms need to effectively promote growth in 2023.   
  • First-party data is another option for the collection of marketing information. This involves the use of tools like surveys, questionnaires, and insights to gauge lead insights. With this first-hand data, law firms benefit from a better analysis of the lead and client experience. 

#5 Inclusivity 

In 2023, inclusivity will be a must for law firms seeking to maximize their marketing efforts, particularly if targeting younger generations of potential clients. Inclusivity champions diversity and inclusion in marketing to build connections with prospects from various cultures and backgrounds.  

For instance, a law firm that centers older men in the majority of their marketing efforts may miss out on female and younger potential clients. Another example is a child custody practice that solely targets women in their advertisements. These marketing decisions may alienate entire groups of people who may need the services offered by the firm. 

When firms include various races, ethnicities, languages, genders, and ages in their advertisements, they open their services up to a more broad and diverse audience.

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Stay Competitive with the Latest Legal Marketing Trends 

To stay competitive in 2023, law firms need to pay attention to the big picture trends and incorporate them into their law firm marketing strategies. With a good understanding of your audience, some reliable data, and a baby step outside of the law firm comfort zone, attorneys can make 2023 a year of growth and profitability. To learn more about Law Ruler, click this link for a free consultation 


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