What is a Softphone and Why Does Your Legal CRM Need One?

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In the age of COVID, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has become much more popular within the legal industry. As firm members left the physical offices for work-at-home arrangements, they needed a way to maintain a cohesive system for communicating with clients and third parties. VOIP offered a viable solution to these problems, and softphones took that usefulness even further. But the usefulness of these technologies can extend to even more, including a law firm’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, which can be key in converting a lead into a paying client.

What is a Softphone

With VOIP technology, law firms can make and receive calls through a broadband Internet connection instead of an analog telephone line. VoIP converts the voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet and converts back to a regular telephone signal before reaching the final destination. Calls can be completed using a special VOIP phone, a traditional phone connected to a VoIP adapter, or directly from a computer, which is referred to as a “softphone.”

Softphone applications can be installed onto a computer or device. Users will typically see a window and dial pad displayed directly on the device screen. This technology offers a highly portable experience because it can be installed on virtually any device, even if firm members are working from numerous locations. They can contact firm clients, third parties, or one another all through a centralized platform. Call recipients see a common firm telephone number, so they have no idea where the caller is physically located, promoting a sense of professionalism for the firm.

Another benefit of softphones is cost savings. It is an extremely affordable technology that gives law firms a bang for their buck in terms of usability and effectiveness. There is no expensive hardware to purchase and the technology can be moved to different locations when necessary.

CRM and Softphone Integrations

The growth of your law firm depends on its ability to convert leads into paying clients. So, when new prospects come along, you need tools that allow for an immediate and effective response. If you simply take a note and wait for some free time to call back, you create an opportunity for the prospect to move onto other law firms for their legal needs.

CRM software is a great first step for lead management and follow up. It allows for a more efficient lead process while also providing the means for detailed tracking. But it’s important to do your research when choosing the best CRM option for your firm. A softphone feature allows your firm members to contact leads right from their computer or device. There is no need for a physical phone or some special equipment, they can simply make the call from the screen for a more streamlined approach to converting leads into clients.

Here are three good reasons why your CRM should have a softphone integration:

Reason #1 Ease of Use – Softphones are extremely easy for your law firm members to learn and put into practice. They do not require a lengthy training process, so they can be put to use quickly with little effort.

Reason #2 Improved Responsiveness – Many leads want and expect a virtually immediate response when making a web inquiry to a law firm. With a softphone, that response can easily happen in a matter of minutes, which leads to more captured business for your firm.

Reason #3 Valuable Tracking – With softphone technology, firms can maintain a complete log of various types of valuable data, including outcomes about lead contacts. A transparent audit is created for leads, so that firm members can quickly ascertain which leads need to be contacted, as well as which ones are no longer viable. The availability of this data is critical for successful lead conversion. You can spend valuable firm resources more effectively by concentrating on those leads that are more likely to convert instead of wasting time on those that are not.

Law Ruler’s Softphone Feature Helps Your Law Firm Boost Conversion Rates

The Law Ruler law firm CRM system offers users a click-to-call feature that promotes a more efficient and easy method of communicating with leads, prospects, and clients. Not only does it save time by automating the dialing process, but it also helps your firm maintain a comprehensive audit trail complete with call activity and call recordings (as permitted) to improve your law firm’s intake process and convert more leads to paying clients.


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