The Powerful Solution of CRM Software

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If profitable law firm marketing is on your 2022 resolution list, client resource management (CRM) software is the solution you need to manage customer relations and fuel all of your marketing efforts. With useful functions like streamlined operations, lead tracking, and task automation, CRM helps your firm cultivate valuable client relationships, while also elevating profitability.

This post will explore the power of CRM as a viable solution for law firm marketing and explain why legal practices of every size need this technology for consistent growth.

Understanding CRM Workflow

CRM workflow processes comprise various law practice marketing and client intake functions, ranging from automated follow-up to document management. With the right combination of timing and organization, CRM workflow creates a chain of productivity where a single first step progresses towards the desired outcome.

Within the law firm environment, that first step may look like an inquiry telephone call or the completion of a website questionnaire. These events often represent the starting point for every subsequent contact with the client, so what flows from them is critical to solidifying that relationship and maintaining the client’s trust in the firm.

Every step of the lead generation process should be approached as a priority, but that’s not always possible within the time restraints of a busy law firm. This is where CRM workflows come into play. These critical organizational tools help firms efficiently take on a variety of essential tasks and procedures, including:

● Tracking client communications
● Managing vital data entry
● Providing lead feedback through text messaging and calls

With CRM workflows, law firms can create a seamless experience for new clients, as they are moved from an initial communication through the client intake process.

Automation: The Bonus Benefit

The cutting edge of CRM lies in its automation capabilities. The incorporation of automation into CRM workflows simplifies routine tasks that take up unnecessary time. This works to create greater efficiency and promote productivity by allowing firm members to spend more time on profitable matters without jeopardizing vital marketing efforts.

CRMs offer various customization options for law firms to streamline a number of marketing and intake tasks:

● Marketing automation. This type of automation manages prospect relations and interactions throughout the marketing process. Legal CRM platforms like Law Ruler help firms effortlessly keep in touch with leads with simplified outreach efforts. An email drip campaign is one example of this capability. Firms can send prospective clients automated emails that target their legal needs. This type of campaign can keep a law firm at the top of the list as prospects weigh their options, while also guiding them towards full firm engagement.

● Client Intake Automation. Comprehensive client intake software helps law firms attract and retain new clients without the burdens of task redundancy and inefficiencies. Automated capabilities can manage tedious data entry tasks so that firm members can place their focus on other tasks. The elimination of manual data entry equates to a major savings, resulting in more time for billable hours and ultimately greater profitability.

Customized online forms also improve the law firm intake process. CRM platforms may offer mobile-friendly intake form building capabilities, which include unique branding options for optimized brand recognition. Firms can build these forms quickly and easily, crafting them to fit specific practice areas. Once they are built, CRM automation can handle the rest of the process by gathering client answers and sending follow up messages. With online form customization, firms can ensure that they are gathering the information they actually need to effectively cultivate the client relationship.

Document automation makes the creation and delivery of documents much easier with document templates and virtually signing capabilities. Efforts that used to take hours and even days to complete can be done in a matter of minutes. It only takes one click of a mouse for prospective and new clients to acknowledge and sign necessary intake documents.

Stay On Top of Marketing Efforts with CRM Analytics

Law firm marketing should not be a “shot in the dark” approach. A successful campaign requires planning and strategies that are backed by data. With CRM analytics, firm leaders have access to the information and statistics they need to best grow and manage their legal practices.

Law Ruler integrates analytics right into the platform dashboard to provide users with data related to ROI, lead engagement, and overall marketing performance. Leaders can easily use the platform to create customized reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. These reports can be done on an as-needed basis or scheduled for recurring updates. The provided information helps lawyers make informed decisions about what is working to secure new clients and what is not.

CRM analytics is the final key for lawyers that recognize the importance of critically evaluating their firm’s current prospective client outreach efforts and making informed strategic adjustments when necessary for firm growth.


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