What are Client Intake Templates and Why Do Law Firms Need Them

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The client intake process is the earliest phase of communication between a law firm and a potential new client, so it must be handled with careful consideration. Firms should implement procedures that encourage the best possible first impression to strengthen the chances of converting a prospect into a paying client. Unfortunately, the abundance of processes and documents utilized during the client intake process can be drawn out, leaving room for costly errors. Legal client intake templates can help firms standardize these important steps to ensure that each task is handled in a timely and accurate manner.  

Legal Client Intake Forms 

Law firms use legal client intake forms to document important data about prospects and leads. This data is used to nurture leads during the sales funnel process and to initiate representation once the lead converts. These forms are extremely useful for prescreening potential clients. The gathered data helps firms analyze the strength of the client’s case and determine whether the matter fits within the firm’s purview before too much time is spent on nurturing.  

Most client intake forms request general information, including personal demographics and contact data. This is important for law firms to run conflict checks and have the necessary information at hand to quickly contact leads when the need arises. An explanation of the potential case is also usually requested on a legal client intake form, which gives potential clients the opportunity to provide case details in their own words.  

  • Intake forms help streamline the legal client intake process in various ways:  
  • Ensures that every client provides answers to essential questions without relying on human memory, which is prone to errors.  
  • Helps build a positive rapport with leads right from the start. 
  • Maintains all lead data in a central location where it can be quickly and easily accessed by all appropriate members of the firm when needed.  
  • Greatly reduce the amount of inefficient back-and-forth communications necessary to gather relevant data.  

Intake Form Templates 

Every hour spent on the administrative tasks of client intake is an hour that law firms cannot bill to clients. That equates to less revenue, and eventually, less profitability. Law firms are also extremely busy, so they need tools in place that promote productivity and time savings.  

Templates elevate the legal client intake form to the next level. They are extremely useful as firms seek to streamline and simplify the intake process. Not only do they greatly reduce the probability of errors, but they also alleviate the hassle and time of reinventing forms every time a new prospect contacts the firm. Consider these valuable benefits:  

  • Repeatedly reworking and creating forms wastes valuable law firm time and resources that are much better spent on billable client tasks. Templates save time and money because they can be created one time and utilized repeatedly for each new prospect. This creates a defined structure that is easily used and followed by all current and future firm members.  
  • Prospects expect professionalism and reliability from the firm they retain, so it’s important for firms to present a level of consistency to potential clients during the intake process. Form templates can be customized to represent the firm’s brand across the board. But they can also be modified for use with various types of clients, while still maintaining a uniform brand.   
  • Reinventing the wheel over and over opens the door to human error. For the intake process, that may look like a failure to gather all needed lead data or the inaccurate transfer of information. People make mistakes all the time, especially when handling redundant tasks. Templates help prevent these errors by providing a consistent framework that is easy for firm members to follow. There is no more reinventing the wheel with well-thought out and designed templates. They are a convenient way to ensure that all relevant data will be collected and maintained appropriately.

Law Firms Need Client Intake Templates 

The legal client intake process is an extremely vital part of the attorney client relationship. It sets the tone for everything that follows, so it’s important for firms to approach these initial communications effectively. With client intake form templates, firms are better equipped to make a positive first impression while saving billable time and working efficiently.  

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