The Importance of First Impressions in the Legal Marketplace

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Growth is essential to the longevity of a successful law firm and a positive first impression is essential for growth. As prospects search for the right legal practice, they are largely swayed by their initial perception of a firm. These first moments can make or break a relationship, and it is extremely difficult to overcome the perception attached to a negative experience. Whether it is a lack of responsiveness, poor communication, or disorganized processes, a poor first impression can cause serious harm to a legal practice. So, how does your law firm ensure a positive first impression every time? Keep reading for a few simple steps.

Center the Potential Client

As a prospect searches for legal representation, your firm’s character is just as impactful as its professional resume. Potential clients want to feel valued and they want evidence that your firm sees them as more than just billable hours.

There are a few ways to ensure that potential clients are centered in your first impression. First, take a close look at your marketing materials and representation. What does your website look like? Is it filled with nothing but fancy design and accolades about your firm, or does it include an equal amount of client-centered content. A proclamation that your firm the best in the state means nothing without examples and specifics to support that assertion.

Next, consider your firm’s social media presence. Does it center the wants and needs of potential clients? For instance, a business law firm that uses LinkedIn should post information that potential business clients find useful. All of your marketing content should provide prospects and leads with valuable information that they actually need.

The type of data that potential clients appreciate include the following:

  • Case Studies – A compelling case study gives potential clients a detailed look at your firm’s abilities and experience with specific types of matters.
  • Client Testimonials – Prospects appreciate the client perspectives that testimonials provide.
  • Informational Blog Posts – Well-developed blog posts can educate potential clients about trends and policies that may directly affect their legal matters.
  • Firm Updates – Updates about firm members allow potential clients to experience the culture of the firm, which is an important component of choosing a legal provider.

Another client-centered aspect of your marketing is the design and functionality. Is your website easy to navigate from a smartphone? Is it accessible for differently abled visitors? Do all of your links work correctly? These small things contribute to the experience of a potential client visiting your site. If an individual cannot move through your site to find the information they need, they will likely feel underwhelmed and move on to the next firm on their list.

Strategic Branding

Your brand is often the first awareness a potential client will have about your law firm. They may see a television advertisement or come across one of your firm’s social media posts. To make that first impression a good one, ensure that your brand provides an accurate reflection of your practice and its ability to provide stellar legal service.

Consider what you want your overall marketing message to say. For instance, do you want your firm to be known as cutthroat litigation lawyers or are you more interested in being known as community problem solvers. This umbrella messaging should guide all of your branding decisions, so your content is consistent across all platforms.

Automate Processes

The connection between a positive first impression and automation may not be obvious, but automation tools can be extremely useful in helping your firm put its best face forward. Law firm members are incredibly busy, and the more they have on their plate, the higher the possibility of mistakes or missed opportunities, particularly during the initial stages of the legal client intake process.

Automation helps you ensure that tasks are handled consistently and correctly for a good first impression every time. Consider the following:

  • Client Communication tools like chatbots can be used to ensure that all prospect inquiries receive a timely response. Prospects give a lot of consideration before reaching out to a law firm for consultation. If their efforts go unanswered, they are more likely to seek assistance elsewhere.
  • Law firms that maintain a social media presence need to maintain fresh content. With automation, they can easily communicate the right content and messages to potential clients. Scheduled social media postings help firms create a consistent social media presence while also saving valuable time. Members can create a batch of social media content and program it to be automatically posted at scheduled times.

Make Your Firm’s First Impression a Priority

To grow your law firm, you must put some effort into making a good first impression with potential clients. Center your prospects at every phase and use automation tools to help streamline your processes. Law Ruler is a legal marketing software that offers a variety of automation features. To learn more, schedule a demo today!


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