Start the New Year Ahead of the Curve with CRM

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For most law firms, a successful 2023 will mean positive case outcomes, increased profits, and sustainable practice growth. Luckily, there is one comprehensive tool that goes a long way in helping your firm achieve all the above. With Client Relations Management (CRM) you can strategically nurture leads, enhance conversion rates, and manage client communications to drive greater profits. Keep reading to learn more about starting 2023 ahead of the curve with law firm CRM.  

The Nuts and Bolts of CRM 

Legal CRM maintains and organizes all lead and client interactions into one centralized platform. Every contact form submission, phone call, or email is cataloged in one location to help your firm provide an enhanced experience, ensure quality legal services, and retain valuable clients.  

It is all about the streamlining of law office workflow processes, including a variety of marketing and client intake functions. From automation tools to the management of documents, CRM helps firms establish a thread of productivity that runs through marketing, lead nourishing, conversion, and client communications. In short, it organizes the intake process so that firms can do the following:  

  • Quickly follow up with potential prospects  
  • Consistently nurture leads without spending exorbitant hours and resources  
  • Create a consistent client intake process 
  • Provide potential and current clients with the level of communication they expect 

Managing the Top of the Sales Funnel  

How can CRM help law firms get ahead for 2023? Let’s start with the top of the sales funnel, which may be initiated through actions like the completion of a website contact form or a request for feedback left on a social media post.  

These seemingly small actions represent major opportunities for firms to set expectations and stand apart from their competitors. As a result, what does or does not happen next is critical to turning this prospect into a viable lead. Unfortunately, within a busy office environment, the importance of this stage can get lost among looming deadlines and the needs of current clients.  

CRM fills that gap. With tools like automated contacts and client communication tracking, automation ensures that no prospect falls through the cracks. Instead, the completion of a form signals the CRM system to automatically initiate preset communications.  

Further streamlining the process, some CRM systems allow you to choose various types of communication options. For instance, Law Ruler’s legal marketing platform includes a text messaging feature where firms can quickly send automated text messages to prospects. These types of options give your firm the ability to interact with leads through their preferred methods of communication.  

Lead Nurturing  

As an individual progresses through the sales funnel from prospect to viable lead, legal CRM helps law firms better manage the nurturing processes. Consistent communication is key during this stage. With CRM, your firm can easily provide leads with content that they will find of value. An effective campaign can establish a practice as the best option for meeting the lead’s legal needs. Some examples of law firm CRM strategies include:  

  • Automated email drip campaigns where law firms automatically send emails that are tailored to the specific legal interests of the lead. 
  • Text messages that provide information in a form that meets the preference of many clients and allows for the quick and easy exchange of information.  
  • Voice calling campaigns that use pre-recorded voice messages to automate follow-ups, while providing firms with call-tracking and recording capabilities for inbound and outbound calls. 

Managing Conversions 

At the end of the sales funnel lies client intake and conversion. The impression that your law firm makes at this stage of the funnel is also extremely important. Take it as an opportunity to set clients up for success and set expectations for their legal representation.  

Law firm CRM features can efficiently manage the numerous tasks involved during this stage. With electronic signing capabilities, firms can handle the distribution and signing of documents remotely. This equates to a faster, far more convenient process for the firm and the client. Electronic signing digitizes the execution of documents to make acknowledgements and executions as simple as one click of the mouse. 

Another useful CRM client intake feature is customizable form building that enables firms to gather necessary information through mobile-friendly intake forms. With these forms in place, new clients can quickly provide responses without having to take time to come into the law office.  

From the legal staff’s perspective, customizable automated intake firms save time and cancel the need to create client intake documents over and over again. Once the forms are in place, CRM can handle the remainder of the process by collecting and cataloging client responses. In addition, document automation helps your law firm quickly and easily handle the management and organization of these documents.  

Start the New Year Right with Legal CRM  

If your 2023 practice goals include growth and profitability, law firm CRM is the tool you need to start the year ahead of the curve. To learn more about the CRM features of Law Ruler, click this link for a free demo.  


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