How to Grow Your Law Practice with Legal CRM

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Traditionally, attorneys have practiced law comfortably with the idea that their firm would organically grow. They may not have recognized the need to search for clients but believed the clients came to them. Yet today, a shift has occurred in how intake grows, necessitating a change in the way a firm expands. There are more lawyers practicing than ever before as well as alternative sources of legal advice that are readily available, giving clients more power to choose and change how they want to be represented and by whom. 

Thanks to the internet, clients can search for lawyers and make comparisons of knowledge and price and even propose alternative fee arrangements. If law firms do not accept, they simply go on to a firm that will. Nevertheless, it is more than possible to compete and grow your law firm. The important thing is to use your strengths as a legal professional to focus on good business, client engagement, development and marketing strategies and a streamlined workflow at the office.

Like any investment made in business development or marketing, legal CRM is only as good as the ultimate return that it earns for the firm.  Modern law-firm marketing focuses on the tools and processes to land clients. The Ackert Advisory states that” 70% of law firms are using CRM systems to grow”.

As you grow your practice, organizing existing clients and leads is almost as difficult as getting them in the first place. A good legal CRM solution will help streamline this process in more ways than you might expect. A good legal customer relationship management solution will store client information in one  accessible place. Once it is stored in a CRM, it can be referenced at any point while also reducing the number of superfluous processes performed by employees resulting in less time being wasted and a more streamlined contact management, all while improving the efficiency of your law firm.

Many CRM systems are not tailored to busy lawyers. A lawyer may have limited technical knowledge and some legal CRM systems for attorneys can be cumbersome, requiring disproportionate data entry. But there are alternatives on the market that are simpler and cost-effective. If you are considering a CRM-type system for your law firm Law Ruler is a good option. Law Ruler is dedicated to serving the needs of volume litigation practices that are focused on mass tort, personal injury, bankruptcy law, civil litigation, family, employment, and criminal defense. Because your leads are better organized using a CRM solution, you have better insight into your data. With a streamlined system from Law Ruler your firm will have faster client interviews and on the spot contract delivery, call recording and complete marketing source tracking. Law Ruler’s good legal CRM software also contains follow-up automation, online forms, text messaging & email marketing, social media, and a click-to-call auto dialer.

         In addition to these features, a good legal CRM should also provide contact management and sync with your calendar and email.  It should allow for tagging of each intake to make them easy to find later.  Finally, a good legal CRM should be mobile device friendly letting your staff get to data from anywhere, on any given day.  These features are all included in Law Ruler’s legal CRM and legal case management software. The simple truth is that a powerful CRM solution will make your law firm more efficient from the bottom up.

         During the current health crisis, rest assured that Law Ruler is 100% operational and wants everyone to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Working virtually, they are continuing to deliver top notch support. Feel free to reach out to them at 1-866-607-7796 and follow them on Facebook for more information.


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