Putting the “Relationship” in Law Firm CRM (Client Relationship Management)

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Attorney client relationships are integral for successful legal representations, and their mismanagement can have dire consequences. Trust and communication must be present, but these things don’t just automatically appear without time and effort from firm members. Client Relationship Management (CRM) helps law firms effectively navigate client relationships to get the most out of all interactions. With the right processes in place, firms can center their clients right from the start in preparation for a positive representation experience. What follows are some tips and steps for prioritizing the “relationship” in your law firm Client Relationship Management through the benefits of law firm CRM software 

Legal CRM and Client Relationships 

Law firm Client Relationship Management (CRM) software provides legal practices with the tools they need to keep lead and client satisfaction at the forefront in the following ways: 

  • Personalization – All clients, both potential and current, expect a personalized experience when receiving legal representation. They want to feel valued and treated with a high level of service that makes them feel like much more than a billable hour.

    With law firm CRM systems, attorneys can quickly and easily gather necessary data about all leads and clients. This enables firms to send targeted communications that take particular client needs and preferences into consideration. For instance, a business client dealing with a complicated merger can be sent content about potential tax implications or other related matters. It is this level of personalization that leads to meaningful engagement between a firm and its clients.  
  • Consistency – The consistency of law firm communication should begin at the moment a potential client initiates contact. From the lead nurturing of the sales funnel to the interactions required for completion of a matter, firms need to ensure that the lines of communication are constantly open.

    Legal CRM software helps with effectively navigating the communications of an entire client journey, from beginning to end. With automated legal intake, firms can ensure that all inquiries are answered in a timely manner with relevant follow-ups. The benefits of CRM also extend to the representation phases, where firms can automate communication tasks that manage client concerns and expectations. With innovative CRM features like click-to-call softphone capabilities, firms can build more consistent relationships. 
  • Repeat Representation – Law firms can use legal CRM software to generate all types of customizable reports, including those related to lead nurturing, sales funnel status, marketing ROI, and current client case status for current clients. This data makes it easy to quickly identify where leads and clients are in their respective law firm journeys.

    For waning leads, firms can use this data to proactively send content that keeps their services top of mind for short- or long-term legal matters. For former clients, firms can program their legal CRM software to automate communications in furtherance of subsequent representation. This is a strategy that promotes the longevity of client relationships and increases the likelihood of repeat business.  
  • Streamlined Document Management – The document storage solutions of legal CRM give firms the ability to quickly access necessary files from virtually any location. Clients benefit from these capabilities due to the ability of firm members to easily collaborate with other firm members or opposing counsel, which makes for more organized and efficient representation.  

Some of the relevant document management benefits of CRM include:  

  • Secure access and sharing of necessary documentation with clients a staff mend credentialed staff members. 
  • Text-based search options that help users easily find specific files, documents, and data.  
  • Promotion of confidentiality and transparency between the firm and its clients 

With the document storage features of legal CRM software, attorneys, clients, and their firm staff can access important documents and details related to each lead and current client. This promotes a seamless delivery of legal services, translating to a high level of representation for clients.  

The Right CRM Software Streamlines Client Retention

Effective legal representation must include viable client relationships, and legal technology remains key to this cornerstone. It is a key driver for keeping law firm clients informed and updated throughout every milestone of their legal services. Law Ruler offers a CRM system for law firms that assists with building stronger client relationships and increasing growth opportunities. To learn more, click here to schedule a free demo.  


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