Managing the Busy Criminal Law Practice with Legal CRM

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Criminal law firms are some of the busiest legal practices in the industry. On any given day, they handle numerous cases, all with various levels of severity and at different stages of the justice system. With the end of the year quickly approaching, the long to-do lists of a criminal defense firm can, unfortunately, get even longer. But there’s good news… a busy final quarter does not have to be stressful.  

Legal Client Relationships Management (CRM) offers criminal law firms a tool for efficiently managing numerous aspects of the practice. With these systems in place, firms can spend their valuable time meeting client needs with confidence that day-to-day tasks like lead nurturing and client communications are being managed effectively.  

This post will dive into the ways CRM helps keep busy criminal law firms on track for a successful end-of-year.  

A Seamless Legal Client Intake  

When people search for criminal law representation, it generally means that they, or someone they care about, are in jeopardy of losing a lot. They may be frantic, worried, and desperate for answers. Perhaps they have a court appearance scheduled, or they need to set a bond hearing as quickly as possible. These clients want immediate assistance, so process delays and unanswered calls quickly push them in the direction of other firms.  

Criminal law firms need the ability to meet these high expectations with consistency. There is not a moment to waste when converting criminal defense prospects into paying clients. A seamless client intake process is necessary, and CRM is the tool to make it happen. Here are some of the ways these platforms can help streamline criminal defense legal intake processes:  

  • The automated collection of valuable client data from customized online intake forms.  
  • Conflict check procedures that help criminal law firms comply with confidentiality and ethics requirements from the start. 
  • The creation of an organized process that is easy to repeat and follow for firm expansion and growth.  
  • Streamlined qualification processes for quick identification of quality leads.  
  • Instant communication and/or schedule to ensure that no inquiry goes unanswered. 
  • Automation capabilities for increased productivity that free firm members to perform more profitable tasks.  

Representation can’t begin until the client intake process begins, and in an environment where delays could mean the loss of someone’s freedom, criminal law firms have no time to waste.  

Lead and Client Communications 

The stress of facing criminal charges can be extremely overwhelming, so these clients understandably need reassurance from their attorneys. They want to be kept updated on case status and informed about upcoming court appearances, which can equate to time-consuming calls and firm members sending lengthy emails on a daily basis.  

CRMs (Client Relationship Management) help criminal defense law firms manage their lead and client communications to consistently move prospects through the sales funnel and maintain strong relationships with current clients. These platforms offer numerous features to make client communications more efficient. For instance, the ability to set up automated follow-ups eliminates the need to play phone tag with clients and prospects. Instead, firms can send automated messages to communicate immediately. Leads are engaged quickly, and existing clients are kept informed. 

Law Ruler, a leading legal CRM provider, takes this valuable feature a step further by offering text & video messaging capabilities. Firms can send customized texts & video messages from a call-back number that recipients can respond to if the need arises. This feature even allows firms to text one-click e-signature requests for the execution of necessary documents in a timely manner. With these capabilities, criminal defense law firms can easily ensure that leads and clients feel consistently heard.  

 Staying Competitive 

The criminal defense field is a crowded one, so firms need to stay a step ahead of the competition to attract new leads and keep existing clients happy for repeat business and referrals in the year ahead. CRM supports this goal in a variety of ways, including:  

  • Automated marketing that optimizes firm marketing communications 
  • Email drip campaign options that help criminal law firms provide leads and clients with consistent content that is targeted to their specific needs.  
  • A streamlined legal client intake process that optimizes the lead nurturing process and converts leads to paying clients in an efficient manner.  
  • Data analytics that provide firm leaders with the information they need to determine which marketing strategies to leave in 2022 and which to carry into the new year. 

Time Management is also a crucial factor in staying competitive. Through the automation of repetitive tasks, criminal defense practices can improve productivity and the value of representation provided to clients.  

 CRM Helps Busy Criminal Law Firms End the Year Successfully 

The stakes can be extremely high within a criminal defense law firm. These practices need to spend the last months of the year providing stellar legal representation, not trying to manage daily tasks related to marketing, intake, and communications. CRM streamlines these tasks through automation and innovative features. To learn more about the CRM features of Law Ruler, click here for a free demonstration.  



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