In order to get ahead as a productive and successful law practice and retain more clients, many firms find that they require a more powerful document management system coupled with template software to boost its legal intake and client conversion numbers. An effective increase in client numbers cannot happen without effective document production.

Think about this: How capable would you consider a lawyer who created individual intake forms every time he had a new client?

  • This is where document management software comes in. Document management software is designed to deliver a built-in organizational system. With a document management solution in place, you will be amazed at how you will become more efficient at keeping projects organized. Use it to manage submittals, RFIs, punch lists and more.
  • A firm’s document management needs are dependent in large part on the size of the law firm and the practice areas handled by each firm.  Document management features built into law practice management software most often include the ability to store and associate documents with basic document versioning, client matters, and the ability to share documents using protected online portals.
  • Since stand-alone and built-in software options are cloud-based, mobile document access is easily accessible as well as practical. When a firm’s documents are securely stored in the cloud, information can quickly and securely be accessed from any location via the mobile app of a smartphone or tablet program using any internet-enabled device. Now it is easier than ever to create, view, edit, and share documents anywhere without having to be concerned about putting your data at risk. Additionally, in a society that is constantly on the go, mobile access is a must – not just for your law firm staff but for your clients a well.

How can a law firm turn almost any document into a reusable legal document template to save time?

  • Almost any document can be turned into a reusable document template. Document templates and automation will streamline the process. Open a document from Microsoft Word. Sign in and go to the Document Templates and Automation screen. Next, locate a mail merge code for each field that must be added to the document. For example; Client Name, or Address, or Court.  Paste the mail merge codes into the document, save your work and a document template is created.

Here are a few ways that neglecting to use the most effective software could negatively impact your ability to provide knowledgeable legal services:

  • Data entry errors. Many law firms still use systems that require them to input core information multiple times. Unfortunately, the more you rely on data entry, the more errors will occur in the forms. Therefore, using automated legal document software that auto-fill core data improves accuracy.
  • Loss of productivity. The most up-to-date law firm management software is more effective and efficient than sticking with familiar and outdated systems that are unable to serve the needs of a modern law firm. When law firms insist on using outdated software, or no software at all, they could be losing 20 – 35 percent of their profitability. Document creation takes hours instead of minutes when law firms fail to embrace the utility of document automation.

How much time will the firm save with Document Templates and Automation?

  • On average, for each client, between 15 and 30 minutes are needed to add client information to a legal document or retainer agreements. With a document template and automation system on hand, each document is set up once as the template and the initial process is finished.  Going forward it will take only seconds to add client information to each document.  This same technology can be used to send e-Signs via text message to potential clients as well. Stop losing potential cases to your competitors who already use this technology.

What is the bottom line?

  • Any legal document can be changed into a document template saving untold amounts of time and effort as you move forward. Repeatedly editing client information into the same document is a waste of your staff’s time and the firm’s resources. By using legal document templates and automation, there can be an increase in revenue by as much as 20%. Doesn’t it make sense to use legal case management software to streamline your firm’s workflow each day?

The pros of using automated legal document software are as follows:

  1. Much of the lead nurturing and conversion process is automated.
  2. The best software includes text messaging, email marketing, click-to-call dialer, text e-sign, and phone call tracking.
  3. Client sign up is simplified and includes referral management.
  4. Most major case management software easily integrates with it.

By automating a lot of the human processes which are prone to error, automated legal document software is the only practical solution to generating more business while keeping your law firm ahead of its competition. A good legal software developer always listens to their users, and periodically issues code updates to make improvements. More importantly, the software help desk should always be responsive to all issues and resolve them within hours depending on the urgency of the matter. The power of having the best legal document software inside of your case management system means you will never have to re-type an address into a document again.

The faster your team can build automated legal forms and get documents to your clients with the help of legal document software, the more volume you can process, the higher your retention rates will be, and the more profit you will accrue for your law firm. Fortunately, technology has evolved and adapted to changing times. Using state of the art technology and having access to a highly skilled team is essential. Implementing a comprehensive legal CRM & contact management software platform that enables you to easily streamline your client intake reporting process and automate many manual functions including legal documentation, is sure to help you effectively work for and with your existing and potential clients to grow your firm.