Leveraging AI for Greater Law Firm Productivity

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Within a law firm, productivity is measured by the efficiency and quality of provided legal services. High productivity means that your legal practice is maximizing its time and resources, which can translate to higher profitability. Low productivity typically indicates a problem within your processes. Time and/or resources are not being utilized to the best ability, which can negatively impact profits.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers an innovative way to increase productivity in a variety of ways, and this post will give you some tips for leveraging it within your firm.  

How AI Works  

AI software observes and mimics human actions to create humanlike behaviors. Within your practice, that means that computer software systems can perform many of your law office workflows with minimal to no input from your firm members. In other words, instead of spending hours each day on non-billable tasks, your attorneys and legal professionals can devote their time and resources to the work that brings more revenue into the firm. This all equates to greater productivity, better client relations, and increased law firm growth.  

Legal Marketing Automation  

From the very start of your legal client intake process to the final conversion of viable leads, AI helps your firm streamline its workflow of administrative and non-billable tasks. Work that generally requires hours of valuable time and resources can be automated for greater efficiency.  

Client Relationship Management (CRM) for law firms is a key software during this stage. These systems automate the time-consuming tasks of the legal sales funnel to make client intake more efficient for your firm and more meaningful for potential clients. Consider these AI benefits of CRM for your law firm:  

  • Automated Follow Ups – AI can send automatic follow ups to new prospects, so that no inquiry goes with a response.  
  • Automated Form Completion – Customized intake forms can be automatically completed through intuitive AI capabilities.  
  • Automated Email Drip campaigns – The right CRM software can automatically send marketing emails that are tailored to the legal needs of individual leads. 

Legal CRM leverages AI capabilities to improve your law firm’s client intake process and craft a seamless conversion process.

How to Use AI to Streamline Law Firm Intake

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Document Organization 

How many documents do your firm members handle on any given day? Chances are, there are too many to count, which is why document management AI capabilities are a valuable asset for law firm productivity. This technology allows you to create and maintain a paperless law firm environment where files are virtually stored for unlimited space, enhanced security, and easier access by credentialed firm members.  

AI can automatically categorize pages and pages of client documents and organize them into searchable files. Productivity is enhanced because law firm members can easily find the documents they need, while also keeping track of all document changes, and securely sharing files when necessary.  

Case Preparation 

Unfortunately, case preparation can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to law firm productivity. It is not uncommon for firm members to spend hours and hours conducting legal research, reviewing volumes of documents, and routinely updating their research to ensure its relevance. AI technologies helps with the productivity of case preparation in a number of ways:  

  • AI technologies can be used to automate the creation of documents like emails, memos, contracts and even some court pleadings. With collected data and minimal direction, these technologies can draft documents in a fraction of the time it would normally take law firm members, greatly increasing firm productivity.  
  • AI can search through large volumes of documents in a fraction of the time it takes firm members, even if you need to identify something as small as a specific date, or as complex as recognizing a pattern. Firm members can simply program an AI powered search to receive an accurate and specific reporting of the requested data.  
  • Predictive case analysis is another benefit of AI technologies. Using algorithms, these software capabilities can analyze the past rulings of judges in conjunction with the past behaviors of opposing counsel to provide your firm with an in-depth analysis of possible case outcomes. This increases productivity by helping your firm attorneys more efficiently prepare their cases.  

Leverage AI to Increase Your Firm’s Productivity 

With AI capabilities, your law firm can be completely transformed with greater productivity, which can lead to increased profitability. CRM software for law firms is the best option for seamlessly incorporating AI into your law firm.  

Law Ruler CRM software for law firms is constantly working to help law firms improve productivity through the latest in AI technologies. From automated follow ups to communication automation and maximized legal client intake workflows, Law Ruler helps your law firm easily leverage the newest AI innovations. To learn more about Law Ruler’s AI features, click this link for a free demonstration.  

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