How Automated Marketing Drives Law Firm Profitability

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Marketing automation involves the use of software to handle tasks related to law firm marketing goals. Through advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation helps law practices streamline the numerous aspects of marketing with minimal direct human action. The major benefits of law firm marketing automation are twofold. First, it enhances productivity, which saves valuable time. Second, it allows for the concentration of resources towards the tasks that drive revenue. Together, these benefits help law firms drive growth and increase profits.  

How Law Firms Use Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation has grown within the legal community over the last decade, as attorneys have increasingly recognized its value. A growing number of firms now use these technologies to keep their marketing efforts performing in an organized and beneficial manner, without overburdening firm resources.  

It all starts with the use of automation features, such as those offered by comprehensive legal marketing software platforms. Firm members can easily program these systems to automatically handle specific parts of the marketing process, which may include tasks such as:  

  • Email marketing campaigns, where targeted emails are automatically sent to the leads that will find them most relevant to their legal matters. 
  • Automatic collection of data from website visitors and potential clients who contact the firm by telephone or email.  
  • Cataloging and organization of all collected data for easy access and use within other automated task functions.  
  • Automated data collection that can be quickly accessed for the purpose of analyzing the effectiveness of marketing efforts in real time.  
  • Disbursement of automated SMS messages to conveniently communicate with leads and clients about follow-ups, consultations, and intake procedures.  

The Benefits of Automated Marketing  

Almost any repetitive marketing task can be improved and streamlined with marketing automation, which equates to improved productivity and greater efficiency in general. But let’s dig more deeply into the many ways that automated legal marketing points law firms in the direction of greater profits.  

  • Greater Organization – With automation, law firms can assemble all marketing-related data into a centralized database. This creates a system that is easily accessible and organized into categories corresponding to various marketing demographics. 
    For instance, think about the various practice areas handled by a business law firm. With automation, lead data can be quickly and easily separated according to specific legal issues. As a result, leads with contract issues will receive contract-based content instead of content related to some other area of business law.
  • Positive Lead Experience – The timeliness that comes from automation means that leads receive relevant information quicker. As such, they gain trust in the law firm’s ability to address their needs without delay. With automated marketing processes, law firms can craft a positive experience that promotes higher conversion rates.
  • Less Human Error – Errors in the delivery of marketing materials can be detrimental for law firms as they try to impress leads and move them through the sales funnel. One missed communication can be all that competing law firms need to slip in and take the attention of a potential client.
    Without automation, lead inquiries often go unanswered. In addition, there is a greater opportunity for error when the wrong type of content is  delivered to a lead. In addition, lead data may be lost or placed in a location that cannot be easily accessed. Each of these human errors can   be avoided with marketing automation.
  • Reduces Overhead Costs – Marketing can be an expensive task for law firms to take on because of all it entails. From posting social media content to managing email drip campaigns, a firm could realistically have an entire team dedicated solely to marketing. Automation reduces the amount of manpower needed by streamlining processes with little manual input.   

Driving Law Firm Profits with Automated Marketing  

Effective marketing doesn’t just happen overnight. To see a significant return on investment, law firms must be willing to devote time and resources into the procedures of marketing, management of the sales funnel, and the processes of conversion. It’s not an easy endeavor, and without the right strategies in place, firms can quickly find themselves spending more than they are bringing in.  

With automation, law firms can take many of the mundane marketing duties out of the hands of firm members. This frees up their time to handle billable work and other revenue-producing tasks, which ultimately drives profitability. But a major component of this equation is having the right technology in place to properly automate marketing processes.  

Law Ruler offers law firms a marketing software platform that streamlines processes for the maximization of billable time. From automated email drip campaigns to text message marketing tools and automated workflows, Law Ruler helps law firms maximize billable hours for greater profitability. To learn more, click this link for a free consultation.


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