How Click-to-Dial Elevates your Law Firm CRM

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Client Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful law firm tool for the organization and automation of prospecting, lead follow-up, and closing the deal. But it is a tool that can be elevated through the integration of Click-to-Dial technology. A simple to use software, Click-to-Dial saves time while providing valuable information to your practice and improving the experience of the prospect when interacting with the firm. CRM Click-to-Dial is a key ingredient for turning more leads into clients.

How Click-to-Dial Works

Click-to-Dial transforms the telephone numbers of law firm leads into clickable links. Firm members can then click on those links to be immediately connected with the lead using an integrated phone system, such as a softphone or VOIP. Click-to-Dial is a seemingly small detail that can make a big impact by saving time and increasing productivity. Communication with firm leads can happen quicker, leaving a good impression and making your firm stand apart from its competition.

When reaching out to prospects, most law firms rely on manual dialing. Members must pull up CRM records and dial the lead’s telephone number on a keypad as it appears on the screen. It may sound easy enough, but this can lead to mistakes that waste time and may even cost the firm potential new clients. With CRM Click-to-Dial, firm members can simply click the phone number link to quickly communicate with the prospect.

The Benefits of Click-to-Dial

The general salesforce industry has been increasingly utilizing CRM Click-to-Dial as an essential part of increasing their workflow. They recognize the connection between reaching more prospects and closing more deals. Click-to-Dial offers a seamless integration into their CRM platforms, enabling a faster turnaround between each call.

Law firm leaders should have a similar view of lead management, with the goal of reaching more clients for more conversions. With Click-to-Dial, firms can prioritize calls to leads who are most likely to convert and save time calling them directly from the CRM. Both call volumes and prospect calls can be improved, resulting in the following benefits your firm:

  • Faster Lead Response Time

Legal prospects have a lot to choose from when considering potential law firms. The crowded field means that they can easily keep looking until they get the response they desire. Click-to-Dial helps law firms effectively deal with this dynamic by allowing for a faster response time.

As an essential metric of sales performance, lead response time represents the time between the law firm’s receipt of a lead and the prospect receiving a follow-up call. Marketing experts state that conversion rates improve with shorter lead response times, and CRM Click-to-Dial is the tool to make that happen. All firm members must do is click the link to be connected to the prospect. There is no need to hold off because a number is unavailable or staff members lack the time to prepare for the call. With the right processes and tools in place, law firms benefit from improved conversion rates.

  • More Comprehensive Follow-Ups

With the right CRM system in place, law firms can access background information about prospects as they utilize the Click-to-Dial feature. Members have access to a complete audit trail that includes all call activity, and call recordings (where permitted) to improve the follow-up conversation with information specific to the prospect. This promotes confidence in your firm and makes the prospect feel heard right from the jump instead of being treated as just another telephone number on a list.  It can mean the difference between securing and losing a new law firm matter. With lead access to lead data, your firm members can maximize the follow-up call for better overall results.

  • Enhanced Client Service

One of the most common complaints about law firms is the failure to communicate and return telephone calls. So, when prospects are looking for a firm, they are looking for one that prioritizes communication from the start. Forgetting to make those follow-up calls can prove problematic. When your firm fails to follow up with a lead, it essentially tells the lead that it does not want their business. CRM Click-to-Dial makes the follow-up call easy to complete, demonstrating a commitment to quality client services.

Enhance Law Firm Lead Conversion Rates with CRM Click-to-Dial

If CRM is already a staple of your law firm’s lead management system, take it a step further with the Click-to-Dial feature offered by Law Ruler. This simple solution can have a major impact on your prospect follow-up, resulting in the conversion of more leads into profitable law firm clients.


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