Supercharge your law firm’s intake workflow in 2020

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Now that we are officially in 2020, isn’t it time you supercharged your firm’s legal intake workflow? Continue reading to see how Law Ruler will help supercharge your law firm’s intake workflow. Managing a law firm is a hard job. Clients are a critical part of your practice, and your firm can’t run itself if you are busy juggling case intake. Not having a  good law office management system is a missed opportunity for your practice and can lead to disaster if ignored. Assuming you’re looking to build your law firm, you should treat your law office with love, attention, and care. Attracting clients is an important concern for small and large law firms alike. As your practice begins to expand, you will realize that organizing existing clients and leads is just as difficult as getting them in the first place. An effective legal CRM solution can help simplify this process in more ways than you might expect.

Supercharging Your Firm – Intake and Beyond…

To get ahead of your law office management needs in 2020, focus on a few important principles: clear, documented systems and procedures that include both administrative and client services, workflows that you have a system for regularly reviewing, and opportunities to improve them. Managing your office doesn’t have to take all your time. With proper law office management, and a mind open to a cloud-based system, you can run your practice with efficiency and get back to doing what you do best: practicing law.

A good law practice management software is a platform designed to more efficiently manage legal cases along with billing, legal client records, and bookkeeping. Running a law firm involves more than just representing clients. By using legal management software, you will be able to optimize legal workflow with proper time tracking, payroll processing, case management, intake leads and much more.

Attracting clients is a major concern for both small and large law firms. As your practice grows, organizing existing clients and leads is just as difficult as getting them in the first place. An effective legal CRM solution will help streamline this process in more ways than you might expect. Legal CRM solutions store all client information in one easily accessible place. When information is securely stored in a CRM, it can be quickly retrieved at any future point. Legal software will also reduce the number of redundant processes performed by employees of the firm, saving time and money. Thanks to state of the art technology, every piece of information is at your fingertips allowing both you and your employees to engage more thoroughly and accurately with your clients. Clients will appreciate that you know their name and the specifics regarding their case. Doing so builds client-attorney trust which is a necessary attribute that all successful law firms master. Let’s face it, happier clients generate more referrals and are the cornerstone of your growing firm.

The information your firm collects from a prospective client during an intake call or initial meeting can help you for the duration of their case. Proper intake will help you to not only evaluate each case more effectively but to also avoid costly mistakes down the line, like missed deadlines and appointments.

Get a Helping Hand with A.I.

Any law firm can go through the basics at intake but taking the extra steps will help your law firm eclipse the competition. Law Ruler is an AI-powered, cloud-based CRM as well as client intake software. Law Ruler software was designed specifically for use by lawyers and law firms. Law Ruler software will transform and grow your practice by automating many of the human processes which can be prone to error. Often, attempts to track a lead’s status is only as good as the employee inputting the information. Human error can be costly and frustrating. By removing the human element from the lead intake process, there will be better customer experiences, better close ratios, and a better return on investment. Your firm, with greater accuracy, will be able to handle more volume than ever before. One of its notable features is the personalized text messaging that can be used to increase communication and engagement with prospective clients. Now you can send a welcome message to new clients that include an intake form. The ability to correspond via text will tremendously increase client communication, retention. In a mobile world, a communication delay often results in lost clients and revenue.  A comprehensive legal CRM platform makes creating online intake forms quick and easy. You can build your forms to include the custom fields you need. As a result, each practice area will have its own form and custom fields, supercharging your law firm’s ability to process leads. Law Ruler can help to Supercharge your law firm’s intake workflow. The online intake forms will sync with Law Ruler and populate data automatically and then the software will deliver reminder messaging via text and email to remind clients of incomplete online intake forms that need addressing. Automated reminders can significantly improve conversion rates! The result – countless hours and money will be saved by eliminating manual, error-prone data entry. Additionally, Law Ruler also lets your staff know about client calls. Law Ruler will help you supercharge your intake workflow in 2020 by delivering every client interaction with a personal touch. Along with the welcome texts and emails, legal CRM from Law Ruler will manage appointments, text e-signs, documents, and invoices and more. Follow-ups through automated campaigns will save untold amounts of time  which can be spent on other aspects of your business helping it to grow while still maintaining the personal touch your clients deserve. There is also a mobile version available with complete access from anywhere when using a Mac, PC, or other mobile devices when using Google Chrome. The Law Ruler mobile edition is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android, and runs unobtrusively in the background.

Law Firm Intake Software

Legal CRM will streamline the firm’s approach to new intakes, fast client interviews, and instant contract delivery. Call recording and complete marketing source tracking are also part of the package. With Legal CRM, your employees can, with one glance, check the status of client contracts in process and who the process owner is. This all equates to full team accountability. If any member of the team encounters a problem with the software, technical support is fast and knowledgeable, usually resolving issues within a few hours or one business day depending on the urgency of the matter. Law Ruler can help to Supercharge your law firm’s intake workflow.

Law Ruler software will transform your practice by automating many of the human processes which can be prone to error. Law Ruler developers constantly listen to their users, and periodically issue code updates to make improvements. But more importantly, the software help desk is extremely responsive to all issues.

If your law firm is committed to making 2020 its most efficient and profitable year yet, let Law Ruler set you up today with a seamless process for your new and existing clients as well as your staff. To learn more about Law Ruler and everything it can do to add efficiency by automating processes that ultimately affect your bottom line. Learn how Law Ruler can help to Supercharge your law firm’s intake workflow! Click here to start a live demo or call +1 (954)-371-2300 today.


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