Coronavirus Survival Guide for Law Firms

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Protecting you and your employees

  • If needed, practice social distancing. Reduce in-person contact – This an effective way to limit the transfer of sickness between employees.
  • Be prepared to work virtually if needed – Using online conference software like “Zoom Meeting” is an effective way to have ‘face-to-face’ meetings virtually.
  • Real-time 2-way texting
  • Notes Tagging
  • E-Signatures / Documents

New! 2-Way Real-Time Text Messaging – Manage clients with no ‘face-to-face’ interactions

Live chat with your clients with 2-way real-time text messaging conversations in Law Ruler. Share pictures and collaborate in new ways never imagined before. Great for intake, sign-ups and case questions, all with no face-to-face interactions.

Real time notes tagging and automated email notification if you have been tagged. First image shows the @Tag followed my a photo of the email notification. This is an essential part of the coronavirus survival guide  for your law firm.

Notes Tagging

With real-time notes tagging and email notifications, you can ensure that your team can collaborate in real-time in the event that they are not physically in the work environment.

Person is using a tablet device to easily digitally sign a contract. E-sign is an essential tool for your survival toolkit.


Using E-sign in Law Ruler will allow your firm to continuously send retainer contracts and other legal documents to clients and potential clients in the event that travel to and from the office becomes restricted.

Also in the Coronavirus Survival Guide for Law Firms:

Remember, Law Ruler is the #1 Intake and practice Management all-in-one system. With all of the essential tools for running your law firm effectively and efficiently, Law Ruler should be in your tool-kit for Coronavirus Preparedness.

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