Why Trial Lawyers Need CRM

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Successful trial lawyers provide clients with stellar legal services in the courtroom, but maintaining that success starts long before they set foot into a courthouse. Just as clients expect skill and expertise in the handling of their legal matters, they also want the positive experience of an organized legal client intake process, starting with their very first outreach to a law firm. To meet that expectation, trial lawyers need to efficiently manage communications with both potential and existing clients. Client Relationship Management (CRM) for law firms is the tool for getting it done.  

The trial law firm field is a crowded one, which means that potential clients have options when seeking legal representation. Setting your firm apart requires a system that effectively manages every aspect of the legal client relationship, from crafting a marketing plan that offers potential clients useful content to seamlessly converting leads into paying clients.  

Legal CRM for trial attorneys maximizes the client intake process to attract prospects, enhance lead nurturing, and drive more conversions. For litigation law firms of all sizes and practice areas, legal CRM streamlines the client intake process from beginning to end.  

Law Ruler’s Marketing Automation Basics

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Crafting a Marketing Plan 

When crafting a new litigation firm marketing plan, it is useful to evaluate the effectiveness of current marketing efforts. Law firm CRM offers robust data collection that can be quickly organized into informative marketing reports. Armed with this information, trial lawyers can identify which strategies have resulted in the greatest return on investment and make informed decisions about the best use of future marketing dollars. 

CRM analytics can also be used to analyze client behaviors relevant to marketing decisions. The software can help answer questions about the most practice areas and lead sources. For instance, do more potential clients initiate contact through the law firm website or in response to social media posts? With the right CRM software for law firms in place, litigation attorneys can use past data to determine which marketing tools have proven most effective and confidently craft future law firm marketing strategies  

Consistent Follow Up 

Potential clients want a personalized experience when seeking legal representation. They reach out with the expectation of being treated in a way that makes them feel valued, and they often base their final decisions on these initial interactions. This is why consistency of communication must start with the initial contact. Legal CRM software helps trial lawyers navigate the communications of an entire client journey, from beginning to end. Automation features ensure that all inquiries are answered in a relevant and timely manner. Potential clients do not have to wait for days for a call back because substantive follow ups happen immediately, no matter how busy the law firm is at the time of their outreach. 

Prospect data management is another legal CRM benefit for trial attorneys. Important data about prospects and leads can be quickly collected from the initial contact and organized into a user-friendly platform for follow ups and eventual lead nurturing. No time is wasted searching for lead or client information because it is all there in the legal CRM platform.  

Why Responding to Prospect Emails is so Important

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Nurturing Leads 

Legal client intake tasks are typically unbilled, so litigation law firms need time-saving procedures for handling them. The analysis of leads is one important part of the process where trial attorneys consider whether potential clients are a good fit for the firm. With the information gathered through law firm CRM automation, firms can easily analyze leads to quickly identify which are most likely to convert into paying clients.  

This high level of lead and client data management also helps litigation firms send targeted communications that take specific details into consideration, such as where litigation clients are in their legal representation journeys. For instance, when dealing with waning leads, trial attorneys can proactively send targeted content that keeps their services top of mind. Legal CRM software is even useful for marketing to former clients in furtherance of repeat litigation business.  

Lead nurturing is essential to growing a successful litigation practice, but it can also be extremely time consuming. CRM for trial lawyers automates these systems, so that trial attorneys can concentrate their efforts on billable tasks while still growing their firms.  

Law Ruler CRM for Trial Lawyers 

Law Ruler offers CRM software for trial lawyers that improves the client intake process. By offering a variety of automation features, with many supported by innovative AI technologies, Law Ruler provides trial lawyers with the client relationship tools they need to keep their litigation practices thriving. To learn more, click this link for a free demonstration.  

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