Top Two Rules for an Effective Law Firm Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing campaigns are an effective way to keep your law firm front and centre in the minds of prospective clients and leads. With a series of informative emails to current, previous, and future clients, your law firm can viably market in a cost-effective manner. Even if recipients never open the messages, they are still reminded of your firm’s ability to meet their legal needs as they arise.

Consider the following:

  • Research shows that the average return on investment for email marketing is approximately $42 for each dollar of investment.
  • An email campaign helps to build leads which builds business.
  • Consistent emails enhance client experiences.
  • An informative email campaign positions your practice as an authority in your practice areas.

Now that you know the why let’s get into the how. How do you maximize your law firm email campaign for a profitable return? Here are two top elements of an effective email marketing strategy:

Rule #1 Value Attracts Leads

Cultivating an email list is the first step to an email marketing campaign. That occurs through lead magnets, which can take on a variety of formats. One option is to offer a free resource in exchange for the prospect’s contact details. Examples include:

  • Printable Guides: This offers general information about some areas of legal practice, such as “A guide to the bankruptcy process” or “Understanding the steps of divorce proceedings.”
  • eBooks: These offerings can also include informative legal resources for prospects and leads.
  • Worksheets: These downloadable tools empower recipients to actively participate in their case preparation.
  • Case studies: These in-depth articles walk readers through a specific type of legal matter, providing details about the controversy, your firm’s actions to address the client’s needs, and the positive outcome.
  • Newsletter: This entails a subscription to your firm’s newsletter, which is sent on a regular basis.

When crafting a lead magnet, think about the type of content your firm’s target audience would find valuable. Then provide that content in a format that is informative but also simple to understand and engaging.

Another tactic for cultivating an email list is to fill your online presence with valuable content. That means keeping your law firm website updated with information that visitors will find useful. It also involves a robust social media presence that includes a variety of interesting content. Remember that, when people initially visit your website, they are in the stage of looking for legal representation. Give them information that showcases your firm’s skill and ability.

Here are some content strategies that get results:

  • Blog Posts – Regularly updated blogs can go a long way to answering prospect questions and demonstrating your firm’s credentials.
  • FAQs – Include an FAQ on your firm’s site to answer the questions you get on a regular basis. This strategy also helps establish your authority while building a connection with the reader.
  • Relevant Posts – Social media is a great way to address current trends within your practice areas. Is there a new regulation that affects your clientele or a recent court case that has made headlines? Use social media to publicly speak on these topics as an expert.
  • Personalization – Your firm’s social media presence is also a great way to showcase some personality. Provide prospects with a bit of informal content that may include additions to the firm, recent wins, or firm member highlights.

Remember the goal here; You want prospects to act. So, provide content that demonstrates the value of your firm and convinces them to take the next step of initiating communication.

Rule #2 Value Nourishes Leads

Now that you have an email list, it’s time to keep your recipients interested and engaged with your law firm. While some businesses choose to place quantity over quality by sending out countless promotional emails per month, this is a tactic that can quickly backfire. Recipients do not want to be inundated with useless emails. They want and expect value.

With that in mind, ensure that your firm’s email marketing campaigns target your desired audience. For instance, your personal injury prospects will not find information related to contract law valuable. Clients appreciate content relevant to their legal interests.

Here are some other tips for ensuring that your email marketing content is providing value:

  • Incorporate images and videos into your email campaigns. They are visually appealing to recipients. Not only do they make the content more interesting, but they also make the content easier to comprehend.
  • Keep your language simple. Most prospects are non-lawyers who will not understand complicated legal language, nor will they take the time to figure it out. If you don’t want your emails immediately trashed, use common everyday language.
  • Email personalization is another way to encourage recipients to open your messages and actually read them. This may sound like a huge deal, but the right Client Relationship Management (CRM) software can make this an easier task to manage. Recipients feel appreciated when emails are addressed to them and their needs.
  • Be consistent with your law firm’s email campaigns. Whether you are going to send them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, stick to your schedule. Recipients will come to expect them, and gaps will take away from your firm’s credibility.
  • The subject line is just as important as the content. Think about all the emails that never make it passed your inbox. The decision to open or delete is often based on the subject line. Your subject line needs to be interesting, so readers feel confident that the enclosed message will provide them with valuable and interesting content. Never use “clickbait” in your subject lines.
  • Don’t forget your Call to Action (CTA). The point of a law firm email campaign is to convert prospects and leads into paying clients. Make the desired CTA straightforward and clear for readers to see and act upon. Use hyperlinks and buttons to accentuate it. You should also place a CTA near the beginning of your email.
  • Edit your links. Too many hyperlinks can create a spam problem with email filters, so only use them when highly relevant to your email content or for your CTAs.

An Effective Email Campaign Benefits your Law Firm

An effective law firm email campaign is within your reach with these top rules for implementation. But here’s one more tip for consideration. Don’t forget to quickly follow up with your leads as they respond to your CTA. Your firm only has a short amount of time to secure engagement. Don’t let that lead go cold with delayed responses and ineffective communications.

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