Tips for Setting Your Marketing Efforts Up for Success in 2024

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It’s time to start thinking about your law practice goals for 2024. For most firms, that includes growth and profitability, which requires a marketing plan that gets results. But there is much more to successful legal marketing than writing a plan on paper, you also need the tools and strategies to make it work. Keep reading for some top tips on crafting a law firm marketing plan that drives success in the new year.  

Tip #1: Check the Data 

Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for law firms is one of the most important tools in the toolbox when implementing a legal marketing strategy. Within seconds, you can access a treasure of insight into your firm’s marketing needs, with real time data related to important marketing factors like:  

  • Patterns of growth. With this data, you can make informed decisions about which practice areas of the firm are best suited for growth in 2024 and use your marketing dollars to target those areas accordingly. Perhaps your personal injury cases have increased significantly in the second half of 2023. Armed with that information, you can craft a law firm marketing plan to leverage that trend by specifically targeting potential personal injury clients. 

  • The Return on Investment (ROI) from previous marketing strategies. This valuable data set is informed by the origins of new clients to the firm. For instance, how many clients visited your law firm website after viewing one of your social media posts. With these types of analytics, you can gauge which marketing expenditures had the greatest ROI and make informed decisions that promote your firm’s legal marketing success in 2024. 

Tip #2: Legal Marketing Automation 

With marketing automation, your law firm can start 2024 with systems in place that streamline all aspects of your legal marketing plan, including campaigns, lead management activities, and the client intake process. Automation gives you the ability to scale these non-billable processes, so firm members can spend more time on the billable tasks that drive profitability.  

Law Ruler’s Marketing Automation Basics

Your law firm is 100x more likely to connect with a lead if they are contacted within five minutes of the first point of contact. See how marketing automation keeps you top of mind.

Automation also ensures that marketing is handled correctly and completely every single time, so no potential client falls through the cracks. Some of the ways that automation upgrades your marketing efforts include:  

  • Lead nurturing automation assists your firm in targeting leads with the content they will find most useful for their legal representation needs. Once prospects are evaluated, you can use automation to send content that drives conversions. 


  • Workflow automation uses legal CRM to inject greater efficiency into your entire law firm client intake process. Your firm can program the platform to recognize specific contact actions, prompting automated responses from the firm. 
  • Email drip campaigns are easily managed with automation capabilities. Content can be created ahead of time and programmed to be sent at specific times throughout the marketing sales funnel. With this innovation, communication is constant so that leads always feel seen and valued by your firm.  

With law firm CRM automation tools, your firm can efficiently manage the entire marketing journey, from creating awareness to conversion, resulting in a new year of growth and enhanced profits. 

Tip #3: AI Technologies 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a must for successful legal marketing efforts in 2024. These tools use machine learning technologies to observe human behaviors and mimic them in a much quicker and more accurate manner.  

How to Use AI to Streamline Your Law Firm Intake

Learn more about the practical applications of AI in client intake, focusing on Law Ruler’s newly integrated features, ChatGPT marketing integration, and AI for email.

Tools like chatbots have been a part of legal marketing for quite some time. When a potential client initiates contact through your law firm website, the bot automatically asks questions to determine their legal needs and sends relevant content aimed at converting them into a paying law firm client. With this technology, your firm is consistently available to always provide substantive responses. This level of communication can drive growth in the coming year by setting your law firm apart from the competition as clients weigh their many legal representation options.  

Law Ruler is a leading legal marketing service provider that is using the power of AI to help law firms increase efficiency and lead satisfaction while saving on administrative costs and enhancing profits. Some of Law Ruler’s newest AI marketing capabilities include:  

  • A ChatGPT integration that quickly generates first drafts of client communication. 
  • AI generated SEO optimization features that help firms reach a wider audience and attract more qualified leads. 
  • Analytics features that identify which content is most valued by your potential client base.  
  • Automated drafting of consultation request responses, meeting confirmations, client intake forms, and consultation preparatory instructions within seconds. 

Strategize your Law Firm Marketing for a Successful 2024 

2024 is fast approaching and time is running out to plan a law firm marketing strategy that drives success in the year ahead. With analytics, automation, and AI, your firm can reach its goals.  

Make Law Ruler CRM software a key part of your 2024 marketing strategy. With a variety of automation features and the most innovative AI options in the industry, Law Ruler will set your law firm up for a successful year. To learn more about Law Ruler’s CRM, click this link for a free consultation.  


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