Ten Tips for Improving Law Firm Website Contact Forms

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The website contact form should play a vital role in your law firm’s lead generation strategy. It provides potential clients with a quick and simple way to get in touch with your firm and initiate a potential working relationship. In general, consumers have come to expect access to contact forms on all websites, both in and outside of the legal industry. So, in order to meet client expectations from the start, law firms need this tool… and they need it to adequately serve its intended purpose.

Unfortunately, many law firm leaders fail to recognize the value of an effective contact form. They mistakenly believe that simply having a general form on the website is sufficient to gather leads, but numerous experts warn that all content forms are not created equal. Even the simple use of words like “download” or “register” on your form can prevent some potential leads from completing it.

This post will provide 10 tips for upgrading your law firm contact form to generate the client leads you need to drive profits.

Tip #1 – Strategic Placement

The placement of your contact form can have a significant impact on conversion rates. A form that is buried at the bottom of page three may go completely unnoticed by website visitors. Instead, your form should be highly visible from the initial page interaction. For example, “above the fold” is the area that a visitor immediately sees when your website loads into their screen. It is their first impression of your site, and sometimes your firm. Therefore, your contact form should be featured “above the fold.” It may come in the form of a sidebar, a moving footer, or even a pop-up. But you do not want visitors having to search for your contact form because most will just move on to the next firm website.

Tip #2 – Make It Visually Appealing

Website visitors respond better to features that are visually appealing to them. You put a lot of time and effort into creating your firm’s brand and integrating it into your website. Why stop at the contact form? Make sure it continues with the same branding colors, fonts, and layout. Yes, you want to call attention to the form, but it can still flow with the remainder of your website instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Tip #3 – Get Rid of the drop-down menus

Experts have found that conversion rates are substantially lower when forms include drop-down options. What do prospects have against drop-downs? Remember that many visitors access your site from their mobile devices and drop-down menus can be difficult to navigate on a smaller screen. In addition, the options may not format correctly on the mobile device making it impossible for visitors to choose the appropriate responses.

Tip #4 – Be Judicious with the Fields

It’s understandable that you want to gather as much information as possible, but too many form fields can send prospects elsewhere. Again, visitors want a quick and easy communication process, and completing 10 form fields does not fit the bill. Be thoughtful about the number of fields you need to turn visitors into viable leads without overwhelming them. Only request the information needed to weed out poorly matched prospects and follow up with feasible ones.

Tip #5 – Some People Hate CAPTCHAs

Yes, your firm needs and wants to reduce spam, and yes CAPTCHAs are a great tool for doing so but be forewarned that many website visitors hate completing them. Studies find that CAPTCHAs can reduce conversation rates, likely because people find them too time-consuming or just plain frustrating to complete successfully. Consider researching other, more user-friendly, ways to reduce spam.

Tip #6 – A Clear Call to Action

Don’t make website users guess at the action you want them to take. Include a crystal-clear call to action within your contact form to prevent any potential confusion and drive leads. Use large buttons that are visible and easy to follow. Phrases like “Submit” or “Click Here” guide visitors in the right direction without taking away from the overall theme or your site. A simple “Go” can have a significant impact on driving action, as well as more detailed phrases like “Subscribe to Free Newsletter.”

Tip #7 – Ask for Communication Preferences

Not everyone wants to provide their telephone number and requiring one as part of your law firm’s contact form could cost you some leads. Instead, ask for visitors’ preferred methods of communication for follow-ups, and make sure you have a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system in place to effectively manage various types of communications, from emails to text messages to telephone calls. Give potential clients a choice in the method of communication they receive from your firm.

Tip #8 – Make them Feel Secure

In this world of constant cyber threats, some site visitors may be hesitant to provide their personal information through a website contact form. Make them feel more secure by providing your firm privacy policies and including credentials that add legitimacy and credibility to your website. Law firm clients need to trust their attorneys and you can start building that trust from the very beginning.

Tip #9 – Provide Confirmation of Receipt

Always provide users with confirmation that their contact form was properly submitted. They want the assurance that they have successfully started communications with your firm. It is also a perfect opportunity to start showcasing your firm’s commitment to client satisfaction. Provide some general information about the firm’s qualifications and reputation, along with expectations about when follow up contact will occur and through what contact method.

Tip #10 – Follow Up

What good is a contact firm if your firm is not following up with leads in a timely and professional manner. So many law firm leads are lost due to inadequate follow up procedures where the prospect waits days to hear something, or never hears anything back at all. The quicker your firm responds to completed contact forms, the more likely to turn that lead into a paying client.





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