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Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. What fits the needs of a large corporation may prove too expensive and complicated for the needs of a small or medium-sized law firm. Salesforce has established itself as a go-to marketing tool within the sales space, prompting many attorneys to choose their Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform for their law practice marketing needs. However, after trying out the system, many of these legal professionals report that the expansiveness of Salesforce is just too much for their small and midsized practices. They find themselves disappointed and looking for a legal CRM solution that better meets their firm’s unique needs as they find that there are some challenges of Salesforce.

Law Ruler is a top legal marketing platform that provides law firms with a viable alternative to Salesforce. It offers the benefits of Salesforce packaged within a platform that is tailor made for the needs of the average sized legal practice. If your law firm needs to move from Salesforce to a more suitable option, keep reading to learn why Law Ruler is the solution you seek.  

The Challenges of Salesforce

The purpose of Salesforce is to help businesses maximize sales by reaching as many potential customers as possible. It is essentially a strategy where the more people reached, the more likely a sale. It makes a lot of sense in the typical sales environment, but there is nothing typical about the provision of legal services.  

Effective legal marketing is not about reaching as many random people as possible. It is a more strategic approach that involves the communication of skills, experience, and expertise to people with particular legal needs. Like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, the sizable nature of Salesforce is not well suited for most legal practices. Law firms need a legal marketing and CRM system that helps them efficiently target viable prospects, nurture leads, and analyze marketing data with the goal of driving conversions.  

The Benefits of Law Ruler  

Law Ruler was created with the specific needs of a law firm in mind. Its features are streamlined to enhance productivity and manage legal marketing tasks effectively. Consider some of Law Ruler’s numerous benefits:  

  • Automated email and text message marketing capabilities help law firms stay in touch with leads and effortlessly nurture them through the sales funnel for maximized conversions.
  • A streamlined client intake process that includes document automation, e-signatures, and form customization.
  • The Law Ruler team provides an intuitive experience that seeks to enhance law firm productivity.
  • With maximized reliability through the use of seamless software updates, firms can maintain consistent lead and client communications.
  • Upfront monthly and yearly subscription tiers help firms manage expenses for greater profitability. After paying the one-time set up fee and choosing a subscription package, your firm has access to a variety of included features, such as live support, virtual training, and numerous integration options, with no hidden costs on the backend.

With additional features like customized data analysis and numerous integration options, Law Ruler offers your law firms a tailored marketing experience.  

The Conversion Process 

The Law Ruler team understands the value and importance of your law firm data. That is why they make the migration from Salesforce to Law Ruler as seamless as possible with minimal disruption to your firm operations. First, the Law Ruler experts work directly with your firm to establish your specific needs and customize a process that meets them. They then schedule a convenient time to export your firm’s data from your Salesforce system.  

After exporting the data, the team strategically performs the onboarding process to ensure two things:  

  • None of your valuable law firm data is lost.  
  • Keeping interruptions to business as quick and convenient as possible.  

Your role in the process is virtually hands free as you turn the reigns over and let Law Ruler do the heavy lifting. Once you are up and running, the company ensures that your firm members have a good understanding of the platform through their top-tier customer support. Available services include a robust resource library, an online user manual, and extensive training options.  

Leveraging Law Ruler CRM to Overcome Challenges of Salesforce

Your law firm deserves a legal CRM platform that is both effective and efficient. Law Ruler is that combination. To learn more about switching from Salesforce to Law Ruler, click this link to schedule a free demonstration.  


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