Streamlining Your Social Security Disability Client Intake

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The growth of your Social Security Disability (SSD) law firm requires that you handle every case with skill and expertise. But your commitment to success should start much earlier in the legal client intake process. Every step your firm takes can have long-term effects, from your presence within the marketplace to your ability to craft impactful client relationships.  

This post will explore some simple strategies to effectively streamline your SSD law firm client intake process.  

The Client Intake Process 

Though your law firm focuses on helping people navigate the SSD practice area landscape, it is also a business at its core. As such, you must implement a business mindset to drive consistent profits. Doing this involves getting your firm’s brand in front of potential clients, nurturing viable leads, and converting those leads into paying SSD clients. This is the process of legal client intake, and its impact on your law firm is just as important as effectively handling SSD legal matters.  

Results-Oriented Content   

The SSD legal client intake process must begin with effective marketing that makes your firm stand out from the crowd and attracts potential clients. Content is a large part of this equation. When consumers search for legal services, they prefer firms that offer answers to their questions and provides information that eases their concerns. The right SSD law firm marketing content meets those needs. Some potential examples include:  

  • An educational website with detailed SSD content  
  • Case studies from past and current clients  
  • A detailed FAQ 
  • A thriving social media platform that addresses SSD practice area trends 
  • The use of various media options like pictures and videos 

Another viable marketing tool for your SSD law firm is the drip email campaign. This involves a series of emails targeting leads at predetermined intervals of time. A law firm email marketing campaign can keep potential clients interested in your legal practice, as well as re-engaging leads that may have left the sales funnel.  

Why Your Social Security Disability Law Firm Needs a CRM

Learn how a CRM can help you find, sign and build relationships with more clients in less time—all while streamlining and optimizing your marketing and intake workflows.

Stay Organized 

Disorganization is the enemy of an effective SSD law firm client intake process. If you operate without a sensible system in place, your firm could experience lost leads and missed opportunities. To drive high conversion rates, firm members must be able to keep a pulse on the status of each viable lead within the sales funnel.  

An organized SSD law firm client intake can address this challenge through a process that is divided into defined stages, such as:  

  • Phase I Contact Initiated – This stage is for prospects that have taken some form of action to communicate their legal needs with your SSD law firm. 
  • Phase II Follow-Up – These leads have been contacted by your firm at least once and have been placed within the sales funnel for targeted marketing content.   
  • Phase III Conversion – These leads are within the conversion process of engaging the firm. They may need to sign the engagement agreement or finalize the retainer payment.   

Your SSD legal practice should include as many or as few stages as necessary to maintain a consistent understanding of each lead’s status within the law firm client intake process.  An organized legal client intake process provides your firm with a high level of consistency that is easy to follow for any member of the firm. It provides a strong foundation that can be implemented as you grow your firm and add new firm members.

Automation Is a Must  

Many SSD client intake tasks are more administrative than legal, which makes them nonbillable. The time spent on these tasks cannot be billed to clients, potentially resulting in a negative impact on law firm revenue.  

In addition, these tasks may be handled more hastily when completed manually by firm members, resulting in human errors and the potential for costly mistakes. Whether it is a simple typographical blunder or a major error, these problems can negatively affect the legal client intake process, making your firm look unprofessional and opening it up to liability. Legal automation helps your SSD law firm eliminate the risk for human error in the client intake workflow.  

Many Client Relationship Management (CRM) software systems include automation features. With these tools, client intake templates can be created and customized to address common SSD legal case details. They can then be easily and quickly populated using data collected through automated lead contacts.   

With automated legal client intake systems in place, your law firm can easily nurture leads through the sales funnel towards their conversion into paying clients. It saves valuable hours for your SSD law firm, so more time and resources can be dedicated to profit-driving tasks.  

Make Technology a Part of Your Legal Client Intake Process  

Your SSD practice needs the right law firm CRM software to elevate your legal client intake experience. These technologies use innovative workflow tools and automation capabilities to streamline processes. With law firm CRM, your SSD law practice can sustain a client intake process that successfully nurtures leads into paying clients.    

Law Ruler offers a robust CRM platform that is designed to expand your SSD law firm’s reach. With a variety of intake tools, marketing features and automation capabilities, Law Ruler offers solutions for your firm’s enhanced growth. To explore all that Law Ruler offers, click this link to learn more.  

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