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A modern legal practice management software solution like Law Ruler will allow you to handle everything on one platform. Is your current legal case management software automatically creating new leads whenever the phone rings or a text message alert pings? Does it create new legal leads automatically when you receive a referral or fresh lead? Does it tell you where your best cases came from and how much they cost you? And lastly, does your legal case management software enable you to seamlessly manage everything from intake to settlement? Your firm should be implementing one system for everything to keep it simple and to reduce undue staff hours by eliminating double data entry. One more question – is your current workflow approach requiring you to send email newsletters and follow-ups from still another program? How about time and billing? 

     As the coronavirus spreads through one community after another, public health officials have begun placing the responsibility for health safety on individuals to help slow the pandemic. Social distancing, the term used as a recommended strategy to slow the spread of the disease which can be spread easily from person to person, is being implemented all over the globe. Basically, it means that people need to stay far enough away from each other to keep from catching and spreading this viral contagion. When done correctly and on a large scale social distancing can slow the chain of transmission and hopefully limit the number of people that an infected person comes into contact with, potentially spreading the virus to before they even realize they are ill.

     By managing your legal cases and clients easily and efficiently from the cloud you can practice social distancing while carrying on most of your daily caseload and collateral work and get back more of your day in the bargain. How can CRM help? Client Relationship Management (CRM) is a solution that is tailored to accommodate the way in which legal and professional services firms build their business. Your practice has worked hard building a client base and contact list. With growth, managing those contacts becomes increasingly difficult: Why?

  • People change jobs or move.
  • Firms and companies grow, and their relationships become more complex.
  • Client information may become more sensitive as you work to protect relationships.

     Trusted by the biggest names in legal and professional services, Law Ruler, an industry leader in legal CRM and legal case management software, partners with its clients to make sense of how technology can help them uncover the value in relationships. With legal CRM software, your firm will get an overview of all case information from one dashboard letting you link each contact, document, calendar event, note, time entry, and bill to its appropriate case. You can now reduce redundant tasks and maintain social distancing with your clients because now your staff can:

Enter data once.

  • Use our legal case management software as your law firm’s hub for generating documents, managing projects, tracking deadlines, and sending bills.
    •  Good CRM legal software will deliver every client interaction with a personal touch including the emails, text messages, text e-signs, appointments, documents, and invoices generated from your office all with powerful automation that works silently in the background.
    •  Once your contacts have been tagged, you can run a search and easily populate every client with a specific tag or add multiple tags to contact and find specific contacts quickly.

Access every case detail from anywhere

  • Log in to your case management software from any computer that has an internet connection.
    • Complete access can be obtained from anywhere using a PC, Mac, or any mobile device using Google Chrome. You will find that our mobile edition is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android, and other smartphone devices. Simply download the mobile app.
    • Collaborate on cases in real-time.
    • Secured with the latest technologies and A-Rated security features and enterprise-grade security as well as 24/7/365 intrusion detection. All data is always hosted at the highest quality Tier IV data centers.

Add case information from existing software

  • Log emails, file legal documents, and sync case details from other apps and software including GSuite, Outlook, and Dropbox enabling you to get an overview of all case information from a single dashboard.
    • Link every document, contact, note, calendar event, time entry, and bill to the appropriate case.
    • Track your client’s history of interactions with your firm across phone, email, and in-person meetings.
    • Notes, Tasks, & Reminders will boost productivity, while managing deadlines, and help you to remember what is on the to-do list with notes, tasks and reminders.

Track and grow your base

Market, track and attribute your efforts to make your best months repeatable with complete integration of all your firm’s calls, digital marketing, websites, and social media with the click of a mouse.

  • Track Marketing Sources and easily identify which marketing sources are converting into clients and cases providing you with critical marketing intelligence moving forward. 2-Way Outlook Calendar & Email Sync.

Create and sync meetings and reminders

  • Create meetings and associated reminders from your Outlook email and calendar with Law Ruler. Law Ruler features a 2-Way Sync that will automatically save the client email replies from Outlook and put them into the intake/case file.

Now that it has become necessary to social distance ourselves, it is time that the legal industry embraces this new reality and initiates new and innovative ways to connect with existing and potential clients. The need for the option to manage your cases anywhere anytime is greater than ever. With the advent of good legal CRM software, law firms have started to look toward to working both remotely and virtually. Understandably, the change can be daunting and a bit intimidating. Yet,  technology is available to enable face-to-face interactions with your clients and fellow law associates on a daily basis when your law firm is working remotely. With the aid of communication tools such as Skype or Google hangouts, combined with good legal CRM like Law Ruler, you and your team will be able to successfully work remotely and continue to engage with new and existing clients. Check out Law Ruler for a free demo by clicking here and keep your firm and your clients safe while continuing to serve them successfully.


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