Spring Ahead with a Marketing Refresh Checklist

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Spring is fast approaching, and this season of new beginnings is also a great time to review your current law firm marketing plan and identify what has worked so far this year and what has not. A strong start to the next quarter requires a thorough review of the present quarter so that necessary adjustments can be made, and this is time to get it done. As the clocks move forward to spring ahead, use this law firm marketing refresh checklist to ensure that your firm’s marketing strategy stays fresh and highly effective in the months ahead.

Why Refresh Your Marketing

The legal landscape is constantly evolving, which can put an expiration date on some types of law firm content. Whether it’s modifications to law and precedent, or changes to firm dynamics, a lot of legal content gets stale over time. Outdated content can lead to poor search engine rankings and less than desirable engagement, which translates to fewer conversions and diminished profitability.

Regular refreshing breaks the negative cycle of aging content, which is essential to the long-term health of a viable legal practice. As such, firms should review current content to analyze the relevance and accuracy of what’s there so that important decisions can be made to enhance firm marketing.

The Review Checklist

☐ Ensure all marketing goals are still relevant. For firms with a current marketing plan in place, this is a simple review. Look over your plan to determine whether the stated goals are still relevant to where the firm presently stands and where you want it to go over the next few months.

For firms without a marketing plan, this is a great time to create one as a roadmap for firm growth. Your firm’s plan may include goals like sales numbers, client retention, market share, and cost efficiency.

☐ Determine if marketing plan goals are being used as a guide. Once you have stated goals in place, you want to ensure that all marketing actions fall in line with meeting them. Maybe one of your firm’s goals is to expand your family law practice area, but you have no social media posts related to divorces or child custody. This is a disconnect between your goals and actions, which is a marketing deficit that needs to be addressed.

You may also find that, though some of your current content is relevant, it could be expanded or refreshed for greater engagement. By taking a good look at your content and comparing it to the firm’s overarching goals, you can make sure that it is working as intended.

☐ Analyze content performance. Top-of-funnel content plays an extremely important role in the legal client intake process. Poor traffic numbers and low search rankings could mean that your firm is not attracting as many potential clients as you may have thought.

Middle-of-funnel content performance should also be reviewed. Low call-to-action responses or inadequate click through rates could mean that your firm’s website or email campaign content could use some tweaking. Look at these performance measures to identify where changes should be made.

One additional tip. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that older content performs the worst. There may be one older post that consistently performs well, even years after it was published. Conversely, you may have a newer post that has never attracted adequate engagement. Prioritize changes based on the engagement data, not just the age of the content.

☐ Ensure accuracy of content. Part of a successful client intake process is building trust in your firm. Outdated or incorrect content can frustrate these efforts, causing leads to question your firm’s skill and knowledge.

Make sure that all content is accurate and timely. This is particularly important for updates in areas of law or procedures relevant to your firm’s scope of representation. 

The Refresh Checklist 

Once the review is complete, it’s time to do some refreshing. Here is an easy checklist to make the process easier: 

Ensure that all content can be ingested quickly and easily by using smaller paragraphs, lists, and various types of formatting.

Supplement or replace text with a variety of visual media options to attract more prospects and potential clients. 

Include clear and direct calls to action to ensure that prospects have no question about initiating contact with the law firm. All links and behind-the-scenes processes must work properly. 

Intentionally promote all new content through strategies like featuring refreshed content on your firm’s homepage, sending it to your email list, or pushing it on social media. 

Spring Ahead with a Content Refresh 

The start of the new quarter is a great time to refresh your law firm content. Law Ruler is a comprehensive legal marketing software system that offers law firms a variety of marketing tools and resources, including this useful legal marketing plan guide. To  learn more about Law Ruler, click here to schedule a free demonstration 


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