Attracting prospects to your law firm is only half the battle. You must also put in the time and effort to move those leads from considering your firm to making a final decision to engage. This is lead nurturing, and it is critical to the success of your legal practice. Without it, leads may quickly grow cold as potential clients look elsewhere for their legal services.

This post will provide six strategies that your law firm can easily implement for nurturing those valuable leads. Keep reading to learn more.

#1 Use Multiple Platforms

Many law firms turn to standardized emails as their go-to method of communication when following up with leads. But in today’s market, relying solely on email is a big mistake. There are numerous options for follow-up communications, and a viable nurturing strategy should include several of them, if not all.

Multi-channel lead nurturing can enhance a firm’s current email efforts. This may include social media posts, marketing automation, telephone outreach, and even text messaging. But don’t let this advice turn you away from email marketing altogether. A few tweaks can turn a generic email campaign into one that leads find valuable with useful content like firm updates, FAQs, and information relevant to specific practice areas.

Email marketing can be a valuable tool for keeping firm leads engaged, even when it appears that other contact methods have failed due to a change in circumstances or the lead choosing a different firm. Consistent email communications can help your firm continuously stand out should their needs change in the future… but be sure to make it one aspect of a well-rounded follow-up strategy.

#2 Target your Content

Unless your law firm only practices a very specific area of law, your leads are likely to come with a wide variety of concerns, interests, and questions. So generic content simply will not cut it. Leads want targeted content that addresses their unique concerns. This is what builds their confidence in your firm over your competition.

Effectively targeted content starts with understanding the needs and expectations of your leads. Think about the common questions or concerns of a lead when seeking representation for a particular type of case. For instance, if you operate a personal injury law firm, a client who is seeking to bring a slip and fall claim will have different questions from a client injured in an automobile accident. Think about these different concerns and craft various types of content to meet those concerns.

The automation of a Client Relations Management system (CRM) can be extremely useful for this task. Targeted content can be easily sent to leads with minimal input and effort from firm members. This promotes consistent nurturing while freeing valuable firm time for more profitable tasks.

#3 Time Is of The Essence

The importance of timely communications cannot be overstated. The minute a lead submits that contact form or sends that email, the clock starts ticking on their final decision, and a timely follow-up is the best road to a successful conversion. Clients see quick response times as a preview of the quality of service they would receive as a client of your firm. As such, this is an opportunity to demonstrate strong client relations.

When leads reach out, and their communications go unanswered, there is no guarantee that they will reach out again. In fact, it increases the likelihood of their looking elsewhere for their legal needs. Don’t take your firm leads for granted. Nurture them with a timely follow-up before your competition beats you to the finish line.

#4 One is Not Enough

The journey from prospect to paying client is a progression, and your law firm should view it as such when nurturing leads. One contact is seldom enough for a conversion, so your firm needs systems in place to easily provide every viable lead with multiple contacts.

These contacts nurture your leads by guiding them through the stages of their journey by answering questions and addressing concerns. Reasonable persistence is the key and that can usually be accomplished with three to four contacts. Remember to mix up your methods, but it’s also helpful to ask leads for their preferred method of contact. Make it a part of the website contact form, and always include the client’s preference among your multiple contacts.

#5 Qualify Leads

In the interest of your firm’s reputation, it is useful to follow up on all inquiries for service. However, spending a lot of time on the wrong lead can prove to be a drain on firm resources. That’s why it is important to qualify your firm leads to differentiate between those that are viable and those that are not. Use pre-screening strategies to determine whether a lead’s legal needs are compatible with your law firm.

The online contact form is the perfect avenue for this task. Go beyond the collection of basic information. Ask questions that provide insight into the client’s legal needs, as well as their expectations. Armed with this information, your firm can make an informed decision about which clients to continue nurturing and which to direct elsewhere.

#6 Personalize Communications

A big part of lead nurturing is relationship building. Potential clients want to get to know a little about your firm and its members. They want a feel for your firm’s culture so they can ascertain whether or not it’s a good fit. The best way to build these relationships is through personalized communications.

Whenever possible, use the leads’ names within the communications they will receive. Also, use inclusive language like “we” and “our” to set the tone. Clients want legal expertise, but they also like a little personality, so don’t be afraid to show a little during the nurturing phase.

Lead Nurturing is Key to Conversion

In a successful law practice, lead nurturing is not an option. To maximize conversions and promote profits, your law firm must make the effort to move prospects from leads to paying clients. Implement these simple techniques for a lead nurturing strategy that gets results.


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