Here’s How to Simplify your Law Firm’s Process for Managing Negotiations with 1-Click

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Whether your firm manages leads from television, digital media, incoming referrals or was seen on a highway billboard, Law ruler solutions will drive better results making your team even better. Law Ruler’s approach is unique since they ensure that every client has a solution that will weave effortlessly with their workflow and the way they do business.

As a lawyer, retaining information for your clients while keeping everything as organized and as accessible as possible is critical when it comes to providing the best legal service while also maximizing billable hours. Keeping paper records is incredibly inefficient as is storing a jumble of collected data locally on a computer. To improve your ability to store, access data and secure your legal firm’s information, it’s time to start using a CRM. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system serves as a centralized hub for storing information about clients and prospects.  CRM is a new concept for the legal industry, which traditionally has not been concerned about sales. However, with today’s competition getting increasingly more fierce and more competitive by the day, adopting a CRM is important to create a structured, smooth, and seamless client intake process that will keep you connected with new and existing clients to maximize both your client satisfaction, sales and conversion rates. Across the board, Law Ruler’s legal CRM system is designed to accommodate even employees with marginal technology skills while providing a secure and productive way to store information. Law Ruler will also assist with billing and move you from client intake to a successful close.

The challenges facing law firms in today’s market are formidable, but the good news is that there are many positive steps that can be taken to tackle them. Over the last few years, there has been mounting evidence that law practices that proactively address the needs of their clients by pursuing flexible pricing models, embracing work process changes, and making better use of technology and mobile platforms, can achieve significant success and revenue generation. By breaking away from traditional and often outdated strategies and associating themselves better with client expectations, firms can increase their investment in business development and workflow technologies. This willingness to make transformative changes is essential for ensuring enduring success to grow your practice.

There are several CRM options available on the market today. Legal case management software is the primary database of client information. It includes contact information, documents and files, bills and invoices, calendars, communications and appointments. With so much at stake, it’s important to choose a premier legal case management software that will make your practice more efficient and profitable. For a law firm, the payback begins with the understanding that repetitive, time-intensive tasks can now be automated, and paper can be eliminated from the process.  Another benefit? The ease and simplicity of implementation supplied by a top-rung legal automation software solution. The best type of legal software will integrate seamlessly with a law firm’s practice management platform, and many of the other applications its staffers already rely upon. Simple interfaces will allow staff to design, track and manage a case management workflow with ease.

Each case management workflow is customizable to the needs of specific practice areas or a specific case. The most popular system available for small firms and solo attorneys, is Law Ruler. Law Ruler emerged in 2013 after the achievements of an app known as the Oil Claim Calculator™, designed from the ground up by the engineering team at IT Strategies Group and tailored to the needs of groups and individuals  affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and the legal, claims and accounting pros that supported them. This idea metamorphosed over time, forming the core of what would soon become Law Ruler. The most prominent features of Law Ruler are designed to help with the business aspect of both large and small legal practices. The cloud-based system runs via the web taking advantages of Google Chrome plug-ins for agentless softphone (no extra software is required) to get the most out of the app’s powerful intake system. By browsing the company site, you will see that pricing is provided in several ranges depending on the number of features and users chosen. There is also a 14-day free trial available that allows prospective users to try out Law Ruler’s top-rated features and world class support and to discover why many Law Ruler clients experience a 20% increase in revenue by boosting their firm’s intake workflow.

Law Ruler’s feature list for managing negotiations includes:

  • Automation with that personal touch:
    Every client interaction should begin with a personal touch that includes, text messages, emails, text e-signs, invoices, and documents created with powerful automation. Automation that is your silent partner running quietly in the background.
  • Track and Grow:
    With legal CRM software, you can track, market and concentrate your efforts like the leader you are to make every month a winner with complete integration of your firm’s websites, online marketing, calls and social media available with one click of the keyboard.
  • A-Rated Security:
    Law Ruler provides enterprise -grade security, every day, all year round. All your data is hosted at the highest quality tier 4 data centers.

Using the most  advanced, secure Microsoft Azure cloud-based technology with the latest software designs, Law Ruler has rebranded itself as a platform for growing practices. Launched in 2015, Law Ruler has been evolving and innovating its feature sets to accommodate the constantly changing legal environment. The most recent version makes their features simple and easy to use for all legal professionals. Never has it been this easy to use legal practice management and billing software.

Software is revolutionizing the way businesses operate in 2020, and your law practice is no different. Whether you like the changes or not, you can’t deny that a good legal CRM can transform your firm’s processes and add massive efficiencies to the way your practice operates. Law Ruler software combines powerful practice management and intake features to keep you more organized, more efficient, and more profitable! Now it’s easier than ever to create and send secure online intake and case forms to your clients.

When asked about Law Ruler, most legal technology pundits say that it makes the average workday at a law firm 100% better, allowing you to simplify your law firm’s process for managing negotiations with just one click. Opportunity is knocking at your door. Answer it today  by calling 1(866)609-5105 or visit Law Ruler’s Facebook page or website for more information.


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