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Today’s digital environment calls for engaging multimedia content sources. Often, many law firms fall into the trap of believing that their reputation and skill set alone is enough to keep a steady stream of clients coming through their doors. While there is no substitute for a good public image and reputation, in many cases a law firm’s ability to attract and retain more legal clients can be vastly improved when they incorporate a strong and solid online presence.

Strategic online marketing will help your law firm set itself apart from the competition and attract new clients. It can give your firm a significant boost in search engine traffic and ranking, build rapport with potential clients, and allow your law firm’s website to resonate with your target audience. Utilizing video and other multimedia sources for marketing will help ensure that your firm stays ahead of the pack in today’s digital age.

Modern consumers are accustomed to connecting via videos, therefore, leveraging video marketing will help your brand stand out while also assisting in educating and converting qualified legal clients. Video marketing strategies can help you grow your legal practice, build brand awareness and deliver credibility. With video, your firm will not only exude professionalism, but you will also become more personable in a potential client’s eye – a valuable attribute that can assist clients in selecting legal counsel.

 The use of a multimedia strategy can also generate more leads and revitalize law firm marketing campaigns. By utilizing a multimedia strategy, attorneys can strive for useful, informative content that gets a point across quickly while engaging the viewer. All these efforts do not take that much time, but they do take proper planning to be sure a three-minute video effectively reaches the target audience. A lawyer needs to convey his or her professionalism and compassion in their tone in order to make the videos successful and engaging.

Useful types of video to include on your website or YouTube channel should include:

Interview Videos

A potential customer looking to hire a lawyer will usually want to know a bit about that person before they pick up the phone. He or she will want to hear their potential lawyer talk about their practice area, the types of people they’ve worked with, the cases they’ve won, and how they approach cases. Through video interviews with some of the key lawyers in your firm, you can demonstrate experience in your practice area, strategies for handling cases personally address common customer concerns, and so on. This will help to build the trust your audience is looking for as they approach the decision stage of their search for a law firm. The effect of this? Anyone looking for a lawyer will feel like they already know and trust the firm. They will be more likely to pick up the phone and call.


A Vlog is a form of blog using video as its medium. It usually combines embedded video with text, images and other types of metadata. The wonderful thing about them is that they do not need to be highly polished. They can be shot from your smart phone and the prevailing standard is that it’s OK if they are a little rough around the edges. A vlog can be kept quiet and real. It is designed for sharing thoughts and insight; to show the vlogger in action or in a period of reflection and to be focused on a topic.

For instance, you can highlight:

  • Current or recent courtroom experiences
  • Pertinent cases
  • Interesting client experiences
  • Opinions on your practice area
  • Tips for your target audience

 For the more adventurous lawyer, vlogs can help set you apart from the competition with an inside look at how you can help a potential client by helping to break down any perceived barriers that legal firms often face from new clients. And, the more successful your vlogs are, and if they do indeed hit your target audience, you can build a strong and loyal following.

Use a call to action in your video

 Very few law firms include a call to action at the end of their videos. But you should get into the habit of doing that every time whether it’s for FAQ videos, testimonials, branding videos, vlogs, etc. Just like with law firm’s landing pages, they always need a call to action. Some lawyers cringe at this aspect of video marketing but your call to action doesn’t need to be a sales gimmick at all. Your call to action should be based upon the stage your viewers are at on their journey and should help them take the next logical step. Never assume that the viewer knows what to do next. Simply inserting a slide that says “The Law Offices of XYZ Law Firm” at the end of your video is not enough. Examples of calls to action you can use:

  • Click the link below for more info
  • Visit our website to find out more about (insert topic): URL
  • Need help right now? Give us a call on XXXXXXXX
  • Book a free consultation: call XXXXXXXX

Plan video content based on your objective

 Content is the heart of a successful video ad campaign–by keeping it concise, visually compelling, and focusing on the storytelling to drive your point home you will create a successful media campaign. It is important to remember to identify your objective before creating content, so that your video aligns with the type of success you want to drive. Here are key content types for each objective. For brand awareness and consideration:

  • Position yourself as a thought leader
  • Tell your brand story
  • Share stories of customer success

Remember, the best practices for creating successful multimedia campaigns for your law firm will deliver what you want your audience to see in the first 10 seconds of the video. View attention usually drops after that point so it is important to capture and maintain your audience’s attention with visual storytelling by delivering your message with graphics, people, and text that will extend viewer attention span.

When creating your masterpiece, think like a silent film director: a large portion of potential clients will watch your ad with the sound off. Images speak louder than words – a look at Law Ruler‘s video campaigns illustrates how a well put-together multimedia message can spotlight your brand and increase customer attention and engagement. Check out their Facebook or YouTube channel for inspiration.


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