How to Prioritize the Mass Tort Client Relationship with a Legal CRM

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The complexity of mass tort legal representation requires organization and consistent communications. Both potential and existing clients expect informative content, transparency, and regular updates. Meeting these expectations takes a substantial amount of time and effort, which can place a heavy burden on your firm. But with the right technology in place, your law practice can surpass the expected by providing excellent client service and establishing a strong mass tort client relationship.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) for law firms is a must have tool for mass tort law firms as they navigate the client relationship. With a host of organizational features and time saving techniques, CRM helps your firm center clients from the top of the marketing sales funnel to the completion of representation. Keep reading to learn the many ways that legal CRM helps law firms prioritize the mass tort client relationship.  

A Personalized Experience 

Mass tort cases involve numerous parties, and they each come to the table with their own experiences, unique circumstances, and individual expectations. But even with the many differences in your mass tort clients, they still have one very important thing in common – they all want your firm to respond in a way that makes them feel valued, appreciated, and heard. 

With a law firm CRM system in place, firm members have important client and lead data at their fingertips for quick and easy access. As such, they can send communications that target particular client needs, which is extremely important with mass tort cases. One matter may have individuals in various stages of the legal client intake process, so targeted emails can be extremely effective for meeting clients where they are in the decision-making process.  

Regular Communications 

With the many ebbs and flows of a mass tort case, law firms need to keep clients informed at all times. From prospect inquiries and lead conversion to mass tort settlement offers and trial updates, it is your firm’s responsibility to maintain open lines of communication.  

CRM software for mass tort law firms can help you streamline the countless communications of a client journey. Law Ruler provides a leading CRM experience, with communications features such as:  

  • A Built-In Softphone offers a click-to-call feature that automates the dialing process and provides comprehensive call detail reports. 
  • Text message marketing allows firm members to quickly send and receive texts, emails, and pictures from any device. 

With the communication tools of legal CRM, your mass tort law firm can more easily maintain consistent client communications. 

Automate the Processes 

Mass tort client relationships involve countless tasks from beginning to end. While these processes are necessary for successful case outcomes, many of them are administrative in nature and nonbillable. Unfortunately, the tedious and redundant nature of these tasks can lead to errors or missing data, which can frustrate the mass tort client relationship.  

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Legal CRM software gives law firms the ability to automate a lot of these tasks for strategized workflow, time savings, and an enhanced client experience. With automated communication, your mass tort law firm can easily collect client data and integrate it into client files for greater accuracy and timeliness.  

These platforms can also be utilized to keep clients informed about case developments or important deadlines. Even the challenges of sharing settlement offers can be made easier with CRM as the system disseminates the information quickly and collects signatures electronically.  

Prioritize the Mass Tort Client Relationship with the Right Legal CRM Software 

A comprehensive CRM software for law firms is key to managing a successful mass tort client relationship. Law Ruler offers the features your firm needs to keep clients adequately informed and updated from the intake process through the outcome. Law Ruler’s benefits include:   

  • An easy-to-use report builder that can create detailed reports in seconds.  
  • A settlement-ready platform that can be customized for efficient communication about settlement offers. 
  • The ability to ‘warehouse’ cases for the duration of longer mass tort matters while still sending automated client communications.   
  • A streamlined start to your mass tort cases through the ability to order and receive medical documents directly from the platform, including those that go through the National Records Retrieval System.  

With its one-click integration with various Client Management System platforms, Law Ruler helps you easily prioritize your mass tort clients. To learn more, click here for a free demo.  

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