New! 2-Way Real-Time Text Messaging

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Legal Software | 0 comments

New feature! Live chat with your clients with 2-way real-time text messaging conversations in Law Ruler. Share pictures and collaborate in new ways never imagined before. Great for intake, sign-ups and case questions! Coming March 7.

New Features for Law Ruler’s Contingency Settlement Wizard:
  • Contingency Settlement Wizard for Personal Injury and Mass Tort Firms
  • Fully Customizable Settlement Worksheet for Each Settlement
  • Support for 1 or More Clients in Each Settlement
  • Real-Time Calculation of the Client Settlement Amount as Adjustments are Applied
  • Complete Expense Management to Add, Edit, Reduce Expenses on-the-fly
  • Automated Attorney Fee Calculations for 1 or More Firms on Each Settlement
  • Real-Time Attorney Fee Adjustments if the Client Payment is Not Favorable
  • Lien and Hold Tracking and Management to Ensure Compliance with Client Obligations
  • Legal Heir and Estate Representative Features
  • Accounting Controls to Prevent Disbursement Until All Stakeholders Approve Each Settlement
  • Automated Disbursement of Client, Vendor, and Firm Payments After a Settlement is Approved
  • Tracking of All Deposits, Payments and Disbursement Transactions
  • Automated Payment Reminders via email and text message
  • Closing Statements are Printed After Approval for 1 or More Clients
  • E-Sign, Email, Text Message, or Printable PDF Closing Statements
  • Integrations with over 1,500 Legal Industry Vendors
  • All-in-One Platform (Intake, Marketing, Legal Billing, and Case Management)


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