Managing the Unique Needs of Social Security Disability Client Intake

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When people initiate contact with a Social Security Disability (SSD) law firm, it is typically during a very difficult time in their lives. They have recently experienced some type of disabling event leaving them financially challenged, and – in many cases – their initial application for SSD insurance benefits has been denied by the government. They are often confused, overwhelmed, and in desperate need of assistance.  

Meeting the needs of the SSD client requires a thoughtful process right from the start. From initial outreach to the engagement meeting, firms must balance a host of tasks in a way that makes SSD claimants feel heard, valued, and confident in the firm’s abilities. Keep reading to explore what it takes to make that happen.  

Make a Great First Impression  

For many SSD claimants, the initial contact to a law firm takes place in response to a denied insurance claim. Emotions are high and they are desperate for assistance. The last thing they want to feel is devalued, or like a number in a pile of prospects. 

That is why your law firm’s first impression matters so much. A negative first interaction can leave claimants feeling dejected, once again, and looking for representation from your competition. For an SSD law firm, a successful first impression starts with an automated follow up system that ensures no initial contact goes unanswered. Whether that happens through a comprehensive chat bot, a telephone call, or a messaging system, making claimants feel valued is the first step to converting an SSD lead into a client.  

It is also important to ensure that the follow up has a personal tone to it that makes claimants feel seen and heard. Tailor your follow up process to address some of the more specific SSD claimant concerns. Also, make sure that all communications have a tone of empathy and concern.

Why Your Social Security Disability Law Firm Needs a CRM

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Explain the Process Clearly 

A new SSD claimant may be completely confused about the reasons for their initial claim rejection. They know that they feel disabled and entitled to SSD insurance, but they have no idea why the government does not agree. Your law firm provides the bridge between the claimant and a successful claim, so it’s important to clearly explain what that bridge requires.  

Once prospects are qualified into viable leads, consider sending a checklist and/or roadmap that explains what the appeal process looks like and what will be needed from them along the way. This is a great way to manage expectations, while also promoting an organized legal client intake process. Your firm’s SSD client intake checklist may contain items pertaining to:  

  • Explanation of the SSD appeal process and timeline 
  • Legal representation fee details  
  • The process for gathering medical records  
  • Review of their initial SSD application  
  • Information about potential meetings with SSD officials  
  • Developing arguments in preparation for the appeal  
  • Gathering additional evidence or witness statements  
  • Preparing for the disability hearing  

An organized intake process streamlines the tasks to save your firm time. Education and preparation provide the claimant with a clear understanding of the process, which encourages confidence in your firm. Together, these small steps can increase the likelihood of a successful claim.  

CRM Meets the Needs of SSD Client Intake 

Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for SSD law firms is the technology to keep your client intake process organized and focused on the needs of SSD claimants. Through its automation features, CRM gives your firm the ability to automate tasks for streamlined workflow, time savings, and a better SSD client experience.  

Follow up happens automatically with a comprehensive legal CRM platform. These automated communications offer a time saving way to collect and organize necessary details from the lead so that a comprehensive vetting can take place quickly. CRM software can also be programmed to send out the checklists and task reminders that keep your law firm client intake on track.  

Law Ruler Social Security Disability Law Software  

Law Ruler’s CRM software offers SSD law firms the technology to manage the unique needs of SSD client intake by providing innovative features like:  

  • A Built-In Softphone with a click-to-call feature that automates the dialing process and provides a complete audit trail of all call activity. 
  • Customizable online forms let you build intuitive, mobile-friendly intake forms  
  • Automated email drip campaigns and text messaging capabilities to maintain communications with SSD leads.  

Law Ruler is the legal CRM technology your SSD law firm needs. To learn more, click here for a free demo. 


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