Don’t Work So Hard! Let Law Ruler Legal CRM and Client Intake Software Lighten the Load!

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Attracting and signing new clients is the primary goal for small to mid-sized law firms in the effort to succeed! Traditional marketing tools such as print (newspapers and magazines), TV, and radio deliver fractured reach and is quite costly.  Social media presents an innovative marketing tool to your arsenal to reach prospective clients, but again, standing out from the crowd is difficult and challenging.  Nationally, there are over 1.2 million attorneys. Potential clients connect with a multitude of law firms in their search for legal services, with the average person reaching out to four or five lawyers as they hunt for legal representation.

The presentation of your law firm to potential clients that contact your office carries even more weight given the high cost of advertising and marketing. The initial interaction a potential client receives can easily determine their desire to hire your law firm. Regardless of how a potential client “finds” your law firm, or they were a referral, IF they contact you, it is imperative to put your best foot forward and secure them as a client!

    That’s where Law Ruler allows your firm to operate efficiently and professionally! Law Ruler is a cloud-based legal case intake and conversion CRM system that will help your firm connect your referrals and leads from incoming phone calls, websites, or social media. Integrating a quality intake software program with your law practice’s phones and website is easy, and within seconds you can ensure that ANY incoming call creates a new lead from the very first ring of the phone! An innovative legal CRM system is the key to a highly successful legal practice!   

The automation of your intake process streamlines paperwork, minimizes the work of your staff, delivers expediency to your prospective clients, and most importantly, provides an affordable tool to improve your ROI. Law Ruler is a turnkey, easy-to-use solution that will convert your marketing efforts into signed clients. Without a solid lead conversion software for your legal practice, your firm stands to lose 90-95% of new potential clients! The ability to remain connected with current clients or the ability to immediately engage with those seeking out your legal services, it is imperative that your CRM provides you with the necessary tools. Successful law firms across the nation have turned to Law Ruler’s top-rated legal case intake software to improve their client-attorney relationships and retention rates. Law Ruler’s Marketing Cloud can increase your conversion of leads and referrals up to 50%.    

Discover How to Increase Your Sign-Ups – more clients, exude professionalism, and ultimately, succeed!  Let Law Ruler help get you there. Increase your sign-ups of new clients by 20-30% or more from your existing marketing and make your team the best they can be. Please click here to start your live demo now or call +1 954 371 2300.


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