Never Lose an Opportunity Again: How to Win More Clients

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Loosely borrowing from an old saying, law firm growth happens when opportunity meets preparation. If the preparation is off, you can miss out on valuable opportunities to gain clients and drive profitability. 

This post is all about preparing your law firm for growth and profitability. By following these actionable steps, you can leverage every chance to win more clients for your law firm.

Prioritize Communication

Legal clients want a law firm that makes them feel heard and valued. That requires a high level of responsiveness to their questions and concerns. Law firms that prioritize communications recognize that these individuals may be facing the most challenging dilemmas of their lives, so they put systems in place to ensure that leads and clients stay updated and never wait unreasonably long for a response.  

Consistent communication promotes reliability by centering transparency and keeping expectations realistic. Leads want to know the true status of their legal matters, even if their odds are less than ideal. By prioritizing communication, your law firm can build the level of trust needed to turn potential clients into paying clients.   

Stellar law firm communication should take place in a variety of ways, including:

  • Immediate responses to website contacts, phone calls, and messages  

Once a lead reaches out to communicate with your firm, the follow up can make the difference between a missed opportunity and a new client. This is why it’s important to maintain systems that provide an immediate response. Automation makes this a much easier task. With automated client intake software, you can ensure that leads and clients receive a timely and comprehensive response every time. 

  • Various communication options 

While some leads and clients may prefer in-person meetings, others may find the process of coming into the office inconvenient and troublesome. That’s why your firm should offer numerous communication options. Tools like text automation software, smart dialers, and HelloSign can facilitate communications while providing your clients with the convenience they prefer.  

  • Consistent Follow Ups  

One of the quickest ways to miss an opportunity is to stop communicating with leads before fully nurturing them. Your firm should routinely make between three to five communication attempts for each viable lead. This is all part of the legal client intake process, which involves guiding a lead through the sales funnel to conversion.  

With Client Relationship Management (CRM) software, your firm can use features like law office contact management software and email drip campaign marketing automation to ensure consistent communications. These tools can help you track attempts, timing, and communications methods to leverage each communication.  

Never Lose an Opportunity Again

Watch our webinar to learn how to win more clients for your law firm. By nurturing leads and streamlining your client onboarding process, you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what actually gets you paid. 

A Strong Law Firm Marketing Campaign

Another important part of preparation is calling attention to your law practice in a landscape filled with competing law firms. Most legal representation decisions start with an internet search. As such, you need to ensure that your firm’s online presence is strong and filled with valuable content that drives search engine results. Some proven law firm marketing strategies include:  

  • Search Engine Optimization uses keywords to drive potential clients to your law firm. Phrases pertaining to practice area or geographical location can be used to optimize your firm’s placement within search engine results.  
  • Email Drip Campaigns can be automated to send targeted emails at customizable times with minimal effort by staff members. 
  • Video is a positive addition to online content. It catches the viewer’s attention quickly and allows you to provide a lot of information in a condensed amount of time. Video is also a great tool for establishing your firm’s brand and sharing its culture with potential clients.  
  • Always ensure that your online marketing includes a clear and easy to follow call to action. You never want to leave potential clients wondering what steps to take next. With a prominent call to action, you significantly improve the chances of turning a website visitor into a viable lead, and ultimately, a paying client.

Law Firm Technologies 

The glue for all law firm growth preparation is the use of effective legal technologies. You need functioning systems in place to streamline work processes and properly manage legal client intake. CRM is one of these necessary technologies. Its numerous lead tracking features help your firm manage every step of the legal client intake process from initial contact to conversion. 

Legal CRM systems arm law firms with the capability to do all the following:  

  • Store, organize, and manage data on every prospect, lead, and client. 
  • Enhance productivity and increase process efficiency through legal client intake automation tools.  
  • Manage successful lead and client relationships.  
  • Automate drip email campaigns 
  • Analyze customizable data to determine the best legal marketing strategies and craft effective marketing plans. 

Maximize Every Opportunity to Win More Clients

Winning clients is key to law firm growth and success. And to win those clients, your firm must be prepared for every opportunity. With these actionable tips, your firm can craft a legal marketing strategy that gets results.  

There are many advantages of client intake and CRM software for your law firm. Law Ruler is the leading CRM software for law firms seeking to take advantage of all opportunities for greater profitability. Are you ready to win more clients for your law firm?


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