How to Prepare Your Law Firm to Succeed with New Mass Tort Cases

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The prevalence of mass tort cases has significantly increased in recent years. This equates to greater opportunities for mass tort law firms, as well as personal injury lawyers who want to increase revenue and grow their practices. But the intricacies of mass tort cases require an elevated level of strategy and resources. The volume of plaintiffs can quickly become overwhelming if firm members are struggling to keep everything moving and in order. To successfully manage mass tort claims, a personal injury law firm needs well thought out plans, organization, and useful tools.   

This post will explore some useful steps that your mass tort or personal injury law firm can take to successfully handle new mass tort cases. With the right tools and resources in place, these matters can result in big wins for your firm and your clients 

Maximize Your Infrastructure  

Taking on a mass tort case is no small feat. Of course, it requires skill and expertise to meet the complex legal needs of the clients, but it also requires a background infrastructure that can adequately support the countless administrative and support tasks. Even one tort case can create volumes of documents, so an entire mass tort file can easily take over an entire office. For that reason, it is essential to have systems in place to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.  

An effective Case Management System (CMS) is a must for mass tort claims. These software platforms help mass tort law firms efficiently manage all aspects of these complex cases, including documents, clients, and task workflows. Consider these CMS benefits:  

  • Mass tort cases can have numerous deadlines and appearance dates. There may be hearings, filing deadlines, and discovery requirements. Case management software typically includes a comprehensive calendaring system that keeps everyone informed about what’s to come and on track to get it all done on time. Dates can be automatically added to the firm calendar during the client intake process so that nothing is missed or forgotten.  
  • Personal injury law firms sometimes collaborate when working on particularly large or complex mass tort claims. They do this to share resources and give clients the best possible chance at a successful outcome. When these co-council arrangements involve firm members working in different locations at different times, collaboration can become challenging,  The document management tools of a CMS allow all appropriate parties to access and work on documents no matter where they are located. These systems can store voluminous files virtually, which increases productivity, organization, and security. Your mass tort law firm can also share documents with clients more easily through the document management system. Everyone working on the matter can create notes, control versions, and share documents as necessary.

How to Market Your Mass Tort Law Firm with Automation

Learn how automation can revolutionize your mass tort law firm’s marketing strategy by helping you reach and nurture more potential clients in less time.

Maintain Consistent Communication  

One of the most common complaints made against mass tort law firms is a lack of communication between attorneys and clients. While this may be understandable considering the large number of people who can be involved in a mass tort legal claim, it is still unprofessional and unacceptable by ethical standards.  

Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for law firms keeps communication consistently handled in the most efficient way possible. The right CRM software can be integrated with your CMS platform to truly elevate your mass tort workflows. For example, legal CRM systems can be programmed to automatically send communications to clients at predetermined times. Whether you want to inform them about new case developments, remind them of a looming deadline, or provide information about a settlement offer, law firm CRM can help you get the word out to all mass tort case members quickly and easily.  

Law Ruler offers a top CRM software with all the features you need to set your mass tort law firm apart from the rest and successfully move clients through lengthy case processes. Designed to handle the unique challenges of mass tort cases, it gives you the features your law firm needs in a usable platform, without the training and usage complications it does not. Consider these innovative features:  

  • The DIY Report Builder helps firm members create detailed reports in a matter of seconds. This makes the platform settlement-ready instead of limiting you to the one big block of text that other platforms allow. You can move quickly and efficiently when mass tort settlements occur.  
  • With a fully customizable client communication platform, you can essentially run your mass tort firm on autopilot. This feature allows you to easily ‘warehouse’ cases, even for multiple years, while still consistently communicating with clients through automation technologies. 
  • Streamline the start of your mass tort cases by ordering and receiving medical documents directly from the Law Ruler CRM software, including those that go through the National Records Retrieval System. 
  • One-click Integration with various CMS platforms gets your mass tort firm quickly up and running with Law Ruler CRM.  

Strategize Your Marketing Plan 

Before your personal injury or mass tort law firm can begin working on mass tort cases, it first must attract the attention of potential mass tort legal clients. That starts with a strategic marketing plan.  

With so much competition within this practice area, your firm cannot afford mistakes like targeting the wrong clients or offering insufficient incentives. You need to attract the right leads, effectively nurture them through your law firm sales funnel, and convert them into clients as quickly as possible.  

Marketing studies show that 78% of legal customers go with the first firm that responds to their inquiries. With Law Ruler, you can greatly improve your firm’s chances of being the first to respond. The Built-In Smart Dialer helps members call new web leads immediately upon receiving a communication. It is also extremely valuable for calling existing clients and even rebooting cold leads. 

Set Your Mass Tort Law Firm Up for Success  

A successful mass tort law firm is all about planning every stage of a mass tort legal case, from marketing to preparation and conclusion. To learn more about Law Ruler mass tort features, click this link for a free demonstration.  

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